I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 25

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Translator: Sheng Chen

Editor: Arya

Chapter 25: Born Too Early!


But very soon, when Hu Feng left, people who came out of their trance started shouting loudly!

In particular, the security captain who stood up first shouted at the security guards. “Did you see that?”

“That man, no, that martial arts master didn’t even touch us, but an inexplicable force just knocked us down…”

“This must be the legendary skill! It hurts people secretly, so amazing!”

“Yes! Who knows what the name of this martial arts master is and where he lives? I want to be his apprentice. I will be willing to pay tuition!”

Although middle-aged, he still worshipped the martial arts novels. He kept jumping, from time to time, he also mimicked the classic action of Bruce Lee, making people laugh.


 “I am sure! This is definitely not an actor who is filming. No director, no crews, no cameras… For such a thin cable, let alone standing on it, I am even afraid to look at it!”

“Husband, slap my face. I suspect that I haven’t woken up yet… Really, for the first time in my life, I saw an authentic martial arts master!”

Even the manager of the scenic spot was busy calling the leader at the moment.

“Just now there was a tourist who might be a martial arts master. Not caring the dissuasion, he forcibly entered the entrance of the cable car passage, stepping on a cable upwards the mountain!”

 “What, today is not April Fool’s Day. Don’t be kidding…”

“But I am really not kidding. We have seen him. He was faster than the cable car. It is estimated that he will reach the top of the mountain in three or four minutes!”


In the Chongyang Wanshou Palace, the Taoist priests lived in the same way as in the past.

Some gave the tourists lots of notes, and some quietly meditated.

More Taoist priests gathered in the Lingguan Hall, sang poems to the tourists, presented the tributes to the table in public, and performed their rituals to God.

After receiving the news from the manager of the ticketing hall, the director of Chongyang Palace Scenic Area didn’t believe it at first, but he repeatedly emphasized it.

He took a group of staff and waited at the exit of the cable car to see if it was true or not.


“Look over there!”

“Damn, there is a martial arts master stepping on cable!”

“Wow! He has no protection on his body, and there is no protective net under the cable. He either had great skills or is not afraid of death!”

There were several workers pointing at the cable not far away and shouting.



The director was stunned. He even opened his mouth widely.

Seeing a group of people wearing uniforms at the scenic area around the entrance. They seemed to be waiting for him, Hu Feng jumped off the cable and stepped on the ground.

Before they could react, Hu Feng stepped out, and reached thirty or forty meters away.

He easily left the entrance.

Not even looking at the staff behind him, Hu Feng pretended to be serious, and he reached dozens of meters away every step straight towards the first hall of the Chongyang Palace, the Lingguan Hall, where many priests and tourists gathered!

In the Hall of Spirits, the Taoist priests had set ten directions on the altar, including east, west, south, north, southeast, southwest, northeast, northwest, up and down.


They also tied red ribbons on the altar as blessing.

In front of many tourists, the priests also posted the yellow papers on the altar, and ignited 72 paper lanterns around it…

Pigs, cows, and lambs were placed on the table.

Grains, vegetables, and fruits were piled up.

In the center of the space surrounded by people, 16 priests in Taoist vests walked.

An elderly priest holding a handwritten note which was one foot three inches long, shook his head and recited poems to pray, for God.


At the most critical time of ritual ceremony, the tourists suddenly made a loud noise and screamed over the old priests.

“What? Didn’t you see that I was concentrating?” Annoyed, the elderly priest surnamed Qi frowned in the direction of the noise-stricken tourists.

Subsequently, Priest Qi saw the shocking scene that he wouldn’t forget in his life!

Like Moses separating the sea, the dense tourists couldn’t help but squeeze to the left and right.

It seemed that people consciously gave up a path with the length of dozens of meters long.

Then, a young man stepped out, flashing to the center of the venue.


“Am I dreaming? Did this guy just teleported?”

“What? Is it a pre-arranged magic show?”

“I saw him coming and fell involuntarily. Why?”

Noticing the extremely exaggerated scene, not only were many tourists shocked, but the Taoist priests in Chongyang Palace were also stunned.

After all, these Chongyang Palace Taoist priests knew that they hadn’t invited some famous magicians to show visitors the telescopic magic!

Moreover, the priests were familiar to every inch of the Lingguan Hall of Chongyang Wanshou Palace.

There was absolutely no secret prop that could teleport people…

Simply put, they were almost certain that it was definitely not a movie stunt!

“You…who are you? What are you doing in the Chongyang Wanshou Palace?”

Priest Qi walked down the altar quickly towards Hu Feng.


Looking at the audience, Hu Feng’s sharp looks made it difficult for many people to look at him.

Seeing this elder Taoist priest coming, Hu Feng arched his hand and bowed.

He looked forward and said. “I’m Meng Jingyu. Today I come to visit because I want to ask a person who is proficient in eight diagrams or Lo Shu Square. I hope he can help me look for my wife, Lin Qingxue…”

When he said this, Hu Feng tried his best to activate ‘train’.

Suddenly, the Taoist and tourists gathered around him felt that every time he spat out a word, there seemed to be an invisible hammer knocking on their hearts.

People couldn’t help but feel his feelings.

Everyone at this moment could detect his affection that he tried his best to find his lover.

Even an indifferent person who only cared for himself couldn’t help but sigh and ask why this happened to him!


Some female tourists who were rich in emotions and usually watched Korean drama had already burst into tears.

They looked at Hu Feng with deep sympathy and regret.

They were sympathetic to his lonely figure.

They felt sorry that their boyfriends or husbands didn’t have such unreasoning passion!

There were some middle-aged woman who were still eager for love.

They couldn’t help but feel helpless.

They repeatedly sighed that they were born too early…

Just coming out for a while, the infatuated and unique image of Meng Jingyu that Hu Feng gave, deeply impressed the people.

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