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I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 26

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Translator: Sheng Chen

Editor: Arya

Chapter 26: Depressed


What is martial arts?

In the Warring States Period, people called it ‘fighting skill’.

From the Western Han Dynasty to the end of the Ming Dynasty, it was called ‘martial’.

After the Qing Dynasty, it was renamed ‘martial arts’.

At the end of the Qing Dynasty and the beginning of the Republic of China, with the awakening of the people’s wisdom, the national patriotism was growing, and it had a new name – ‘National Skills’.

Huo Yuanjia, Huang Feihong, Liu Zhensheng and other national masters were therefore known to the people.

Now in China, the name of martial arts was no longer limited, but varied too.

Martial arts, martial skills, kung fu, national art…

No matter how you called it, ordinary people would know what you meant.

In real life, martial arts couldn’t be practiced with any internal force and instinct, there was no qi, and martial arts masters couldn’t fly.

But with the promotion of writers of martial arts novelists such as Jin Yong, Gu Long, Liang Yusheng, the TV shows, and the online games, internal strengths, boxing, leg skill, swordsmanship, knife skill, stick skill, and light work were widely known.

Many ordinary people were convinced that there were such martial arts in the world.


So looking at Hu Feng who was dressed in the ancient wind gown and recalling his deafening and emotional speech, a large number of tourists around the Lingguan Hall felt that they were really lucky that they bumped into the legendary martial arts master.

Some people who were very obsessed with martial arts games were quietly discussing what kind of martial arts he used?

“It’s deafening when he talks, but you still feel his infatuation in his mind… This must be Lion Roar!”

A college student wearing glasses and a white shirt said.


In order to convince his friends, he showed Baidu’s dictionary to them.

“Lion Roar, deafening and thunderous!”

“No, no, it should be Heavens Voice, attacking with voice!”

“Are you an idiot?”

They were about to fight.

“Master, what I said was real! Can you ask the teachers who master the eight diagrams or Lo Shu Square to help me find my partner?”

Unlike the tourists, Priest Qi, who was stared at by Hu Feng, had sweat on his nose.

He didn’t know what to do.

After staying in Chongyang Palace for so many years, Priest Qi knew well about the ability of other priests.


All of them were experts in praying and rituals.

But it was difficult to find a master who was proficient in eight diagrams and tortoises!

After all, in this modern society, the monks and priests were almost normal occupations.

They worked from 9 to 5.

They could even get married and have children! It was a bit different because it was related to religion.

Looking at Hu Feng’s hopeful looks, Priest Qi wanted to confess that there were no such masters in the Chongyang Palace.

But taking the tourists around into account, Priest Qi really didn’t want to destroy the reputation of Chongyang Palace in front of so many people.

He then muttered. “Mr. Meng, I can understand the mood that you are eager to find your partner… But we…”

“What? Please tell me…”


Hu Feng was doubtful, but seeing that Priest Qi refused to tell the reason, he thought of something. His figure flashed.

Hu Feng had already stretched out the middle finger and index finger, and accurately put them on the wrist of Priest Qi.

A violently heat flow appeared from his fingertips, and it went around Priest Qi’s body at extremely fast speed.

When noticing it was finished, Hu Feng immediately put on an incredibly shocked face.

“Are you really the disciples of Chongyang Palace? Why I can’t feel your qi, like an ordinary person who has never practiced Tao?”

“As far as I know, the Chongyang Palace is a big school. If the disciples practiced the mastery of the Eight Diagrams and tortoises, there should be a sense of qi inside their bodies. it is absolutely impossible to be as empty as ordinary people!”


Hu Feng’s voice was not as deafening as it used to be.

However, his voice accurately went into the ears of every tourist, and it was still clearly audible.

In an instant, the entire Lingguan Temple was silent.

A large number of tourists simply felt unacceptable!

If Meng Jingyu, the martial arts master, incarnation of Hu Feng, wasn’t here today, the tourists wouldn’t care about whether there was any practice in the Chongyang Palace.

Because this seemed to be feudal superstition and fiction to them.

But now, all kinds of incredible actions of Meng Jingyu showed that he was a really martial arts master!


Moreover, this extraordinary martial arts master had always firmly believed that they taught eight diagrams and tortoises!

In this case, how couldn’t the elder priests in the Chongyang Palace know nothing about it?

It was really puzzling!

Since this martial arts master Meng Jingyu said that they had disciples, was there any possibility that they had two divisions?

Inside the Chongyang Wanshou Palace, and there were a group of well-trained, martial arts disciples!

Priest Qi was already old, so he was just an ordinary person in charge of mundane affairs.

It seemed to be justified.

Many tourists were spontaneously thinking about it.


As if verifying the guess for the tourists, Meng Jingyu, after testing the remaining dozens of Taoist priests with very fast speed, he finally couldn’t help but sigh again and shake his head.

He frowned and asked.

“Priest Qi, all of you are the ordinary people who don’t practice…”

“I wonder if you have two divisions. Can I meet the disciples inside?”

“My partner Lin Qingxue is also a disciple of Kunlun. It is not difficult to track each other for the disciples, right?”

A lot of Chongyang Gong disciples, including Priest Qi, almost cried!

They had been in the Chongyang Palace for more than ten years.

They were all the members.

How did they have two divisions?

Let alone the martial arts, even they had never seen people practicing qi!


In the face of many tourists, Priest Qi looked uncomfortable.

“There are no divisions. There is no practice of eight diagrams and tortoise.”

Hu Feng immediately put on a disappointed and painful look. “Well, I’m sorry….. I should look for someone else. I should leave now.”

Hu Feng wanted to show off in front of the tourists, emphasizing that he was really a martial arts master.

At the moment, he didn’t return in the same way, but rushed straight toward the southwest corner.

However, the tourists saw that there was only one waterfall that flowed down.

There was no cable car or a stone path down the mountain.


Hu Feng stepped on the rushing waters and slightly exerted the power of ‘train’.

His whole person wasn’t sinking on the surface of the water.

He walked on the water surface of the waterfall toward the deep pool below.

“Oh my God!”

The tourists at the scene were shocked.

Even some of them rushed over and took pictures with their mobile phones.

Just taking a look, you would know that this was really a waterfall with rapid waterflow!

“What is this martial arts? Floating?”

“Impossible! Am I dreaming? How can he walk on the water?”

“Ha, I took it all! I want to upload the video of this martial arts master. I will definitely get tons of subscribers!”

In the shocked, awed, worshipping, and longing looks, Hu Feng’s figure disappeared quickly.

There were only tourists, priests, and staff left in confused mood on the cliff.

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