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I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 34

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Translator: Sheng Chen

Editor: Arya

Chapter 34: Best Actor!



In order to ensure the search was of Meng Jingyu was successful, tens of thousands of soldiers temporarily transferred to the National Special Bureau, dressed up as plain cloth police at various traffic intersections.

Considering that Meng Jingyu was a martial arts master, barbed wire and searchlights were set up everywhere in Beijing that was close to nature. Signs such as ‘road maintenance’, ‘military restricted zone’, and ‘mountain collapse’ were set up to prevent others from approaching.

Four outer space satellites, which was originally used by the military, were granted to the National Special Bureau to monitor the ground near the Beijing Bird’s Nest.

All the religious people and martial arts masters were the special agents of the National Special Bureau, they created the environment in order to attract Meng Jingyu coming to the bird’s nest.

Even the swarming tourists inside and outside the bird’s nest were also the disguised armed police officers.

In fact.

When those real religious people and martial arts sects arrived in Beijing, the staff of the Ministry of Culture of the People’s Republic of China claimed that the Bird’s Nest had been ineffective for a long time, so they temporarily changed the venue and quickly transferred them.

If there were real tourists entering the nest with tickets, the staff members at the entrance and exit would register and photograph them with military and government personnel.

If they didn’t sign the Level A confidential file, they weren’t permitted to leave.

The security forces were arranged and the online public information system was blocked.

Under the mobilization of the huge power of the state machine, everything was ready. The network specifically aimed at Meng Jingyu had been set up, waiting for the target to appear.


Hu Feng, who knew all the plans of the country, checked his own outfit and confirmed that he wouldn’t be spotted. He then embarked on his way to the Bird’s Nest.

Using the system’s stealth transmission function, he directly consumed 1,200 fudge values, showing up in an unoccupied room not far from the Bird’s Nest.

The spiritual sensitivity of ‘train’ was activated. All the camera equipment within 10,000 meters, plain clothed police pretending to be passerby, agents wearing monitor headphones and patrolling the command…were all detected by Hu Feng.

As for the satellite monitoring ground that might appear over his head, Hu Feng chose to consume 3,000 fudge values, and permanently strengthened multiple buffs — that was, optical invisibility, immune electromagnetic waves, satellite sensor neglecting, and so on.

“The best actor debuts!”

He walked in a leisurely manner toward the bird’s nest.

The plain clothed police and agents in the streets and lanes only felt a gust of wind, but they saw nothing but the air in all directions.

Finding no suspicious people, they couldn’t naturally report to my superiors.

Walking all the way smoothly, Hu Feng had come to the Bird’s Nest.

 He stood on the top of the flagpole tens of meters above the ground, slightly inhaling and accumulating power, and his voice resounded in all directions. “I, Meng Jingyu, hearing that major religious people and martial arts masters gathered here, arrived to meet each other! My partner, Lin Qingxue disappeared…”

The figure that suddenly appeared on the flagpole and his loud voice, showed that the accident suddenly happened!

In an instant, the ‘religious people and the martial arts masters’ from the special national bureau were simply stunned. Everyone looked up and saw Meng’s face.

In the command center miles away, Director Guo and other high-level leaders were also surprised.

“What happened? What are those responsible for patrolling doing?”

“Also the satellite monitoring office, useless!”

Director Guo, who had quickly come out of his trance, hastened to check his subordinates everywhere.

What had irritated him appeared!

Though he showed up in the bird’s nest, those in the periphery of the department reported ‘all normal’ every minute!

 What was even more unacceptable was that those monitoring personnel who had four outer space satellites. They reported – ‘All normal, there’s no passerby in line with the appearance of Meng Jingyu’!

“Director Guo, calm down.”

Noticing that Director Guo was furious, others were comforting him. “This martial arts master is as fast as light. It’s easy for him to cross over a dozen meters per second. If he really wants to get through, maybe it is possible.”

“Director Guo, think about it. If this situation happens, the staff sent out may not be able to accurately find out.”

“Yes! Director Guo, now that the target has already appeared, we should proceed to our next step.”

Hearing his peers, Director Guo reluctantly calmed down and began to inform Qin Wenhui, who was waiting for the attack and mastering the customs of the Republic of China in the Bird’s Nest.

“Roger that.”

From the bird’s nest staff channel, Qin Wenhui glanced at the target standing on the top of the flagpole – Meng Jingyu.

At this moment, since all the religious figures and the martial arts sects in the Bird’s Nest were special agents of the National Special Bureau, even if the Meng repeatedly shouted, no one stood up to answer.

At this time, Qin Wenhui used the machine to amplify his own voice. “Master Meng, I have heard about your partner Lin Qingxue. If you don’t mind, please come here and chat with me.”

Meng Jingyu looked at Qin Wenhui on the ground, and said curiously. “I don’t know who you are?”

Considering that it was impossible to analyze what his attitude to the current national government was.

 Qin Wenhui immediately followed the background provided by the bureau to clarify.

“I’m one of the 80 million members of the huge domestic force. We have strong financial resources, many people, and the people of all walks of life have involved. We like to meet heroes like you.”

Meng Jingyu was obviously moved, and he floated up and landed on the ground.

Step by step, the distance of several kilometers between them completely disappeared.

Qin Wenhui suddenly found Meng Jingyu actually came to him within less than a thousandth of a second.

“Test him immediately. If he has a bad feeling against the state, you will contact him with the background of civil power. On the contrary, you confess the truth, show the country’s emphasis on him, and the willingness to help him find people…”

With the secret earphones under the cover of Qin Wenhui’s hair, the orders from the command center came over.

Hu Feng deliberately resisted the smile and pretended to be completely ignorant. Under the guidance of Qin Wenhui, he entered the closed room in the bird’s nest to chat.

They sat down.

With the miniature camera and recording equipment in the secret room, Director Guo and others in the command center could clearly witness every move of Meng Jingyu and hear their voices.

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