I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 35

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Translator: Sheng Chen

Editor: Arya

Chapter 35: Once Bitten, Twice Shy


“Master Meng, we are a wealthy organization with resources. It’s absolutely nothing for us when it comes to search for a person.”

After sitting down, Qin Wenhui stressed that the background of his representative forces was strong, and he added at the same time. “However, we must have her characteristics. Can you please explain appearance or some features of your lover, Lin Qingxue?”

Listening to Qin Wenhui’s inquiry, Hu Feng seemed to be reminded of something, he turned his head and stared into the distance. He began to recall emotionally. “In my mind, she’s always the white moonlight.”

“She always likes to wear cheongsam embroidered with peony, a little cinnabar in her eyebrows, and there’s always sorrow in her smile, which makes me feel sad…”

“I am really sorry, please pause a bit.”

Wiping the cold sweats on his forehead, Qin Wenhui couldn’t help but interrupt. “The appearance of your lover Lin Qingxue is really too general. It’s difficult to find your lover in China with such characteristic.”

He took out a fine white paper and a polished brush.

Qin Wenhui tentatively tried. “If you can, our organization hopes that you can draw your own lover’s appearance, or tell us some stories about how you got along with your lover.”

Hu Feng smiled. “Sure.”

 He held the brush and started drawing.

In a very short period of time, a woman wearing a cheongsam, with her hair tied up showed up in the drawing.

Carefully holding this portrait, Qin Wenhui immediately gave it to his subordinates to ‘organize’, claiming that they wouldn’t hesitate to immediately search for her in China at all cost.

At the same time.

Looking at Qin Wenhui’s careful appearance, and a large number of high-level officers behind him, Hu Feng suddenly had a bad taste.

He deliberately pretended to recall his past and lover with infatuation, and began to elaborate the pledge with Lin Qingxue.

“I still remember…on the broken bridge of West Lake, Qingxue and I enjoyed the view on the bridge. Under the stars as a witness, we vowed that we would be together for a hundred years…whoever dies at 97 should wait for 3 years on the bridge…”


He sighed, as if the long-term thoughts were concentrated.

Hu Feng quietly smiled wryly. “Now I feel like as if it all happened yesterday… It’s like yesterday…”

 It was completely what Hu Feng expected.

At the moment, in the command center of the national special bureau, Director Guo was excited like a child. He almost jumped on the table and shouted. “Comrades! We really caught the big fish this time!”

“Everyone heard his vow, right?”

“As far as I know, this is the folk vows in Henan and Hubei!”

“What does this mean?”

“This means that Meng Jingyu might have grown up in Henan and Hubei! Or his lover Lin Qingxue spent her childhood here!”

Jumping off the table, Director Guo was energetic. “Hey, you! The intelligence investigation department, go investigate right away. No matter what means, I just want the result!”

“Within the shortest time, check and search for all the historical information of Meng Jingyu and Lin Qingxue in these provinces.”

However, everyone in the National Special Bureau didn’t know that they were destined to be done in vain.

 They continued to talk.

Qin Wenhui began slowly guiding the topic to how he viewed the current national government.

“It seems that he is testing me.”

Hu Feng was pondering.

Anyway, he had already wanted to fool everyone that martial arts really existed with the power of the state. Now he simply stopped beating around the bush.

“Master Meng, according to the investigations, you seem from the Republic of China a few decades ago. I wonder if it is real.”

Considering the words, Qin Wenhui asked.

Hu Feng smiled. “Sure enough a national party with 80 million members can investigate everything well. What else can I say? Ha.”

“Brother Qin, should I call you Court Eagle?”

In an instant, the atmosphere in the entire room became weird.

In particular, the polite smile on Qin Wenhui’s face became stiff.

Looking at his eyes full of horror and fear, Qin couldn’t believe that his identity would be exposed.

Noticing that Meng Jingyu, seemed to have noticed the true identity of Qin Wenhui in the secret room, the command center was busy sending new orders. “Immediate evacuation, everyone evacuates!”

All the special agents of the National Security Bureau, who wore secret earphones on the sidelines, subconsciously wanted to pull out their guns and rush towards Meng Jingyu with hot weapons.

“I didn’t know it.”

 Hu Feng sharp eyes focused on Qin Wenhui’s ears, then he smiled, and nodded his head meaningfully. “You may not know, I am a person with great sensibility. I can even notice an earthworm creeping at 100 meters underground with ease…”

“Even if there’s thick hair covering, the delicate little machine in your ear can’t escape my observation.”

Hu Feng gently exhaled some air, and dozens of light blue diamond-shaped ice crystals shot out.


Before the special agents could pull out the firearms, the ice crystals had hit their guns, and the honeycomb-like holes showed up on the holsters, which was shocking!

As for the guns in the holsters, they were naturally severely damaged and couldn’t be used.

What made these agents even more afraid was that the small ice crystals even stopped moving forward after penetrating the holster, hence they didn’t hurt their bodies.

Exhaling ice, it was so shocking and amazing!

The force attached to each ice crystal was exactly enough to penetrate the holsters. If he had not a great control over small things, how could this be done?

Thinking of this, these agents looked at him fearfully.

“You…you…Master Meng, what do you want?”

 Looking at the guns of the subordinates behind him being shot through, Qin Wenhui was afraid.

“Don’t be nervous, Brother Qin… After all, you are from the government, and there’s no enmity between us. Why bother with me to fight?”

Hu Feng sounded elegant.

In the face of Qin Wenhui’s uneasy questioning, he raised his fingers and shook slightly. 

“Seventy years ago, I wasn’t trained yet. I challenged the Japanese, but was seriously injured by a gun.”

Saying, Hu Feng’s looks became gradually firm.

He played the role of a martial arts master who was ‘Once bitten, twice shy’ vividly. “From that moment on, I swore!”

“I will never let anyone point their guns at me. The space here is so narrow. Your partners still aim at me with their guns. I had to make a decision.”

“If you don’t believe it, you can ask your colleagues behind you if anyone is injured.”

Qin Wenhui swallowed and barely calmed his inner feelings.

After checking his subordinates personally, he found that it was exactly the same as what Meng Jingyu said.

No one was injured and killed except that the guns were destroyed!

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