I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 36

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Translator: Sheng Chen

Editor: Arya

Chapter 36: Relief!

“Master Meng, you ruined so many guns, what do you want? If you try to take us as hostages against the government, you won’t succeed!”

Although all the weapons were destroyed, Qin Wenhui was only slightly stunned.

He still subconsciously pretended to be angry and shouted loudly.

This was his experience by working in the government of Guangzhou, before he was transferred to the National Special Bureau.

As long as he mentioned the government, most people would hesitate.

Even though a small number of people weren’t afraid, that was because they also had the background in the government. Everyone was the same.


Today, what he got an unprecedented alternative answer.

A careless smirk!

“Brother Qin, don’t try to threaten me.”

Hu Feng stood quietly.

Under the bright light in the secret room, his shadow was quite upright. He talked slowly but extremely firmly and powerfully.

“I just think that since everyone wants to know each other, it should be fair and open.”

Looking around Qin Wenhui and others, Hu Feng looked proud and self-confident. “I don’t like the way that your boss doesn’t show up, but send you, these little pawns to talk to me. This is the behavior of fear and prevention, but also an expression of your lack of self-confidence.”

 “If you are sincere on behalf of the country, Director Guo should talk to me in person.”

Qin Wenhui and others were silent.

Before coming, the top officials of the national special bureau had told Qin Wenhui that he must control the rhythm of the conversation. It was best to quietly explore all his information.

But now.

He suddenly discovered that not only Meng Jingyu controlled the rhythm, but they had to listen to him no matter whether they wanted to leave or to stay here!

As he was pondering.

In the command center, Director Guo commanded him. “Do whatever he asks. Take him to our administrative building, and I will personally talk to him.”

“Don’t repeat. I know he must have heard the conversation between us.”

Qin Wenhui looked up subconsciously and saw Hu Feng’s fearless, smiling face.

“Brother Qin, please take the lead.”

“Whether it was the Republic of China decades ago or the new China, I haven’t stepped inside the government agencies yet.”

Looking at him, Hu Feng looked as gentle as usual, but Qin Wenhui always felt that he was playing with them, which made him feel sad.

“Please follow me.”

Seeing the figure of Meng Jingyu gradually leaving, the special agents, whose guns were all destroyed, couldn’t help but reveal the expression of relief.

 “Finally gone. I had cold sweats.”

“His gaze gave me a feeling of looking directly at the top predators. I even thought that I was not in a big metropolis, but looking straight at a white tiger alone in the wild.”

“Mine was different. I had a blank mind and I couldn’t breathe!”

Undoubtedly, this martial arts master brought them mass psychological pressure!

They were silent all the way.

Inside the administrative building of the National Special Bureau.

“Master Meng, hello.”

Trying his best to smile, Director Guo strode over and shook hands with him.

Greeting, Hu Feng also had a warm and gentle smile.

However, in the view of the top officials of national special bureau, no one dared to overlook him.

After the greetings, the two began to change the topic.

As a host, Director Guo seemed to want to take the lead.

Just sitting down, Director Guo stared at him, and asked with great concentration seriously. 

“Master Meng, according to the information we collected…”

“The tombs in the Qinling area of Shaanxi Province were exposed because the natural disasters that caused the land to crack and the local villagers excavated them and opened the coffin. You seemed to have woken up from the coffin, right?”


 “I wasn’t trained, but I challenged the Japanese invaders. I was shot by a gun. I fainted due to serious injuries. I don’t know what happened next…”

Hu Feng seemed to be caught in memories. “Probably my lover Lin Qingxue took out the bullets from my body and sent me to the ancient tomb for recuperation. She is a female disciple of Kunlun, so I had the chance to come to life again.”

Saying, Hu Feng pretended to think of something, and took out a small and exquisite bronze lamp with the palace lantern from his clothes.

When Hu Feng put it on the table, Director Guo and others came over to look at it curiously.

Seeming to be extremely reminiscent of the past, Hu Feng became emotional. “This lamp is called lovers lamp. It’s the treasure given by her teacher. It’s said that once this lamp is lit up, it will be lit infinitely! ”

“Of course, the tears of true lovers can only be used as lamp oil, light the fire in the lamp, give full play to the lovers lamp.”

“When I woke up from the coffin, I saw that the light was going to burn out…”

Gently touching the lamp, Hu Feng looked anxious. “I think she lit this lamp to protect me. Otherwise, even if I was still alive after decades, it’s impossible for me to be so young, not to mention the fast progress of my martial arts…”

 “…The lovers lamp protected me. Without this personal treasure, how can she be?”

Hearing this, Director Guo and others couldn’t help but repeatedly look at the lamp in his hand.

“Master Meng, excuse me.”

Director Guo said. “According to our recent investigation of all domestic religions and the martial arts sects, we also read a large number of ancient books.”

“And we sent a number of mountaineering teams to the snow-capped Kunlun Mountains for scientific research… We generally guessed that Kunlun, where your lover Lin Qingxue is located, doesn’t seem to exist.”

“Doesn’t exist?”


Hu Feng made a posture that he seemed to hear the most ridiculous joke in the world.

Director Guo and others were stunned by his sudden laughter.

Everyone was astonished.

He laughed for a while.

Coming out of his trance, Hu Feng questioned Director Guo directly. “What do you think of my secret martial arts? What about comparing to the martial arts masters in China today?”

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