I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 37

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Translator: Sheng Chen

Editor: Arya

Chapter 37: Kunlun from Nebula M82


Hearing this, Director Guo and others couldn’t help but think of all his feats in the video, including walking on the water surface inside Chongyang Palace at scary speed, single-handedly defeating more than 30 monks at Shaolin Temple, feeding the abbot with lotus pond water…

Moreover, just in the secret room, he arbitrarily exhaled ice, and instantly destroyed the guns the agents!

As for the martial arts masters of Wudang, Emei, and Taiji in China, Director Guo only felt that he could deal with them with a type 92 handgun easily at close range.

In short, these martial arts masters in China diddn’t even have the qualifications to challenge Meng Jingyu.

Thinking about it, Director Guo also said. “Compared to Master Meng, those ordinary martial arts masters only looked like they’re something, but they’re not!”


With a smile, Hu Feng looked at Director Guo and others. “Do you know how long it took for me to cultivate this?”

Director Guo and others looked at each other and no one knew why he was asking this.

Although they weren’t clear how long Hu Feng cultivated this.

However, according to the normal martial arts, Director Guo said thoughtfully. “Master Meng, you should have practiced martial arts from an early age, so it should be at least 10 years, right?”

Without any words, Hu Feng gave two fingers up. He smiled. “2 years! Only 2 years!”

 In an instant.

Guo Director and others, who heard this specific time, simply wondered if it was real.

After all, they considered Meng Jingyu’s incredible martial arts unable to be practiced in 2 years!

Or Meng Jingyu was boasting that he was a martial genius?

Just as Director Guo and others weren’t sure what he meant, they heard an even more stunning news.

“I don’t know whether you’re ignorant or not.”

Hu Feng continued. “I was taught by Lin Qingxue, but it is only one of the basic secrets of Kunlun.”

“But you are now telling me that Kunlun doesn’t exist?”

“Oh! I would like to ask you, since Kunlun does not exist, then is my strength fake?”


Everyone, every high-level officers including Director Guo was speechless.

For a while.

Director Guo, who was the first to come out of his trance, wiped his forehead with a handkerchief, and opened his mouth slightly. “Master Meng, don’t be angry. This is just a misunderstanding.”

When explaining, Director Guo suddenly glanced at lovers lamp, which was said to be given by Kunlun, belonging to the young disciple Lin Qingxue.

 Director Guo was suddenly struck by an idea.

“Master Meng, you said that this lamp is from Kunlun…”

“If you don’t mind, can we temporarily borrow this lamp to test and analyze without damaging this treasure?”

Director Guo became more eager to get the lamp. “Hence it might be possible to find the legendary Kunlun!”

“And in case your lover Lin Qingxue is in Kunlun, but Kunlun blocks her from seeing you. With the huge help of our nation, she and you can reunite again.”

“Master Meng, we’re happy to help you.”

“Allow me think more.” Hu Feng pretended to be attracted and pondered quietly.

Judging from the current situation, the state machine was very concerned about him, but was even more concerned about the existence of Kunlun that he mentioned!

In order to find Kunlun, a number of mountaineering teams were dispatched to the Kunlun Mountains right away.

This efficiency was a bit scary.

It seemed that they were concerned about the location of Kunlun.

On the surface, Hu Feng was still considering the pros and cons, but in his mind, he had numerous thoughts.

Suddenly, he came up with an idea.


Who said that Kunlun had to be on Earth?

Kunlun isn’t a small sect in the Kunlun Mountains of the earth. It is located outside the solar system, millions of light years away, and human beings cannot reach at present!

I can completely transform the mysterious patterns on the lovers lamp into a nebula map!

The giant of light, Altman, comes from Nebula M78.

Why can’t the Chinese martial art sect Kunlun come from an alien system outside the solar system?

Recalling the vast amount of knowledge of the universe in his memory, a nebula 12 million light years away from the Earth, called the Galaxy Nebula M82, appeared in Hu Feng’s mind.

He decided to let the Nebula M82 appear on the surface of the lovers lamp!

The more he meditated, the more excited he felt!

He couldn’t wait to see that numerous Chinese scientists, after analyzing and observing the concerted lovers lamp with instruments, become extremely shocked and surprised that Kunlun was actually from millions of light years away!

 Within a thousandth of a second that Director Guo and others were completely unaware of, Hu Feng quickly touched the lovers lamp.

Suddenly, the originally mysterious Oracle cloud pattern was gone, replaced by the Nebula M82!

At the same time, Hu Feng thought about another thing.

Now that he had already contacted with the special national bureau, he could fully promote the existence of martial arts to the entire Chinese people with the power of the state!

Even if only 100 million people believed and practiced martial arts, the fudge value he gained would be an astronomical number!

At this point, Hu Feng immediately communicated with the system. “Create a secret martial arts method that greatly increases the basic ability of moving speed, limb flexibility, and strength. How much fudge value do I need?”

“Host, according to the current social situation, creating the martial arts that meet your requirements requires only 10,000 fudge values, but there’s no aura that martial arts demand, in the world. Therefore, according to the principle of conservation of energy, people who practice this martial arts method must consume a large amount of daily food, otherwise their strength can’t be improved…”

Glancing at his current remaining 11,032 fudge values, Hu Feng understood that he had the capital to create secret martial arts.

As for those must consume a lot of food every day that the system mentioned, he didn’t care.

Anyway, of course those who practiced martial arts needed lot of food.

Eat more to become stronger, it was very normal!

In the view of Director Guo and others, Meng Jingyu, who had been silently considering the pros and cons, finally raised his head.

“Director Guo, if you can represent the country and implement my three requirements.”

Taking a deep breath, Meng Jingyu seemed to have made some determination. “I can not only lend you the lovers lamp for a while, but also organize the secret martial arts that I have learned into a book and hand it over to the country, allowing them to dispose of it in any place they seem fit. What do you think?”


Very quiet!

The entire national special bureau was almost more silent than the crematorium at midnight!

 For a while.

Director Guo looked at him incredulously and stuttered. “Master Meng…are you kidding?”

“This is the secret of Kunlun? Are you really willing to hand over to the country?”

Hu Feng put on a sad look. “You don’t understand…”

“I just want to stay with Qingxue. If I donate this, making the country go all out to help me find her, I would have no regrets.”

“Of course, there’s something that I must tell you in advance.”

Without waiting for Director Guo and others to say anything, Hu Feng continued to elaborate.

“The martial arts method that I am practicing now is carefully selected by Qingxue for my personal physique, and she also help me with the foundation with Kunlun treasures and the nourishment of the lovers lamp. Hence now I have this extraordinary strength.”

“If you practice the martial arts method I hand over to the country without my preconditions, it is impossible to reach my realm easily, so you must be mentally prepared.”

“Master Meng, you can rest assured. It’s fine as long as we can practice.”

“We don’t need to reach your realm, no problem!”

“Master Meng, you are too righteous! For the country, for the people!”

Undoubtedly, assuming that the National Special Bureau could really get their hand on the complete secret martial arts, it would be an unprecedented political achievement!

Director Guo and others were therefore excited.

They simply wanted to treat Meng Jingyu as solemnly as their ancestors.

Then they asked him to quickly tell the three requirements. They would help him complete it at the fastest speed, so as to obtain the incomparable Kunlun secret martial arts!

As for the lovers lamp from Kunlun, which Meng Jingyu promised to lend to the country.

The lamp was of course important, but considering the Kunlun secret martial arts method that could be practiced by hundreds of millions of people, it was really a bit inconspicuous!

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