I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 39

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Translator: Sheng Chen

Editor: Arya

Chapter 39: Swindlers


Hu Feng solemnly said. “Director Guo, since my second demand isn’t mature enough, then I would like to slightly modify it.”

“I will change it to promoting the secret martial arts in the new Chinese army, that should be possible for the government.”

“In addition, I also hope that I can challenge the martial arts masters from Western countries, even the countries from all over the world in front of the entire Chinese people!”

Hu Feng deliberately pretended to be unknown of it and continued. “I want to prove that the Chinese are not weaker than anyone in martial arts, with my victory!

“Please help me, Director Guo!”

Looking at Meng Jingyu bowing, Director Guo couldn’t help but shake his head with a smile. 

“Master Meng, but your revised request only poses slightly lower impact than before.”

“This is a big deal. I still need to ask the chairman again.”

After a while, talking with the chairman through the internal network, Director Guo went back to him.

“Congratulations! After consideration, the chairman roughly agreed with your request.”

Director Guo added. “But for promoting martial arts to the army, the chairman hopes that you can personally instruct them, what do you think?”

Hu Feng pretended to be unhappy and frowned. “If I have to give guidance to millions of soldiers, how long will it last? It is too time-consuming.”

“Master Meng thinks too much. How can the country waste so much of your precious time?”

Director Guo laughed. “You only need to teach twenty or thirty soldiers personally, and then let the latter teach others.”

 “Very good.”

Hu Feng smiled, took out the lovers lamp, placed it on the table, and pushed it to Director Guo 10 centimeters forward. “I can lend you this lamp now.”

Director Guo carefully picked up the lovers lamp and smiled. “Master Meng, please rest assured, we will return it undamaged! Please come with me, we will immediately go to the Chinese Academy of Sciences…”

At the end, Hu Feng glanced at the lovers lamp with deep affection, then walked side by side with Director Guo, and headed to the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

In Research Center for Biophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Accompanied by Director Guo, Hu Feng researched on the lovers lamp with a large group of condensed physicists together.

Material analysis, nano device scanning, topological quantum calculation, physical radiation synchronous ray test, gravity-free space test…

In the various research observations, the strange textures on the surface of the lovers lamp were also photographed and analyzed by the supercomputers.

Taking advantage of the break time, Director Guo took back the lovers lamp and showed Meng Jingyu the results of the investigation submitted by his subordinates.

“Master Meng, please take a look.”

 “The data of everyone in China, whose name is Lin Qingxue, and whose appearance is similar with what you drew, is here. No matter the life story, family background, and age, they are all recorded. There are a total of 59 files.”

Hu Feng took over the 59 archives from Director Guo and quickly flipped through.

After a very short time, Hu Feng deliberately pretended to be disappointed and sighed “Ah, she’s not here.”

Director Guo immediately clapped his hands.

In a blink of an eye, a large number of national Buddhist and religious figures who were originally sent by the Ministry of Culture, under the leadership of the special agents of the National Special Bureau, all came out from the elevator.

The huge crowds filled the research center of the Institute of Biophysics. There were at least six or seven hundred people.

“Master Meng, please check if there are any religious people you wanted to find.”

Hu Feng picked up one kasaya from a monk and shook it hard to turn it into hundreds of threads.

Hu Feng then threw out hundreds of long silk threads, all of which were entangled in the right hand of everyone.

“Master Meng, well…” Although it wasn’t Director Guo’s first time to witness his magical ability, this scene still amazed him.

Hu Feng said indifferently. “The ancient doctors could observe the threads to feel the pulse, in order to diagnose diseases…”

“I’m not a doctor, but I can inject my inner qi into the silk thread, allowing me understand the situation inside the person.”

“If any of these Buddhist monks and Taoists priests understand eight diagrams, there body will be different from ordinary people, so that I can find out easily.”

Many religious people felt a warm current coming from the end of the silk thread, quickly passed through their own internal organs, and left.

 After a while, Hu Feng pretended to laugh wryly and shook his head at Director Guo.

The latter was shocked. “Master Meng, they’re the elites of the country’s Buddhism and Taoism! There’s no one that you’re looking for?”

Hu Feng threw up his hands. “Director Guo, though I don’t want to say more, I still have to tell you.”

“No one has the real ability since there’s no trace of cultivation in their bodies.”

“My goodness!”

Director Guo was obviously shocked by this news. Then he immediately reminded the agents to send these religious people away quickly.

In an instant, there were only two people, Hu Feng and Director Guo in the research center.

Retrieving the lovers lamp from Director Guo, Hu Feng gently touched the lamps, and at the same time, his eyes looked blank. “Sometimes, I think Qingxue might have already returned to Kunlun, because she was not allowed to see me…”

“What happened?” Director Guo was confused.

“Qingxue left me this lamp, I don’t know if she could stay young…”

Hu Feng pouted and said. “Time passes, and people get old… If she has already died, how can I find her in the world?”

Staring at Guo Director, Hu Feng said something amazing!

“Director Guo, if you can, please find those who can enter the underworld, they can help me check if Qingxue has been reincarnated?”

In an instant, Director Guo was puzzled by his request.

 Looking for someone to go to the underworld to inquire about the news?

Are you kidding me?

But thinking that Meng Jingyu promised to hand over the Kunlun secret martial arts after accomplishing his 3 demands, Director Guo immediately promised him.

“I will arrange it right away.”

Today, those swindlers who claimed to be able to travel to the underworld had back luck!

A large number of policemen came to their doors with red-headed documents.

They asked these swindlers to prove that their performances was real, or they would be detained on the charge of feudal superstition.

Even they honestly admitted that they were lying, the policemen still insisted that they wanted to see their performances.

After all the swindlers had performed, the staff of the special bureau sorted out the materials submitted by the local authorities and suddenly discovered a fact!

More than 95% of the swindlers were using superficial chemistry and were bluffing to make their performances look real.

The remaining swindlers took a lot of hallucinogenic substances before entering the underworld, and deceived themselves before deceiving others.

No one really knew how to enter the underworld!

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He will boast his martial arts as chinese when he just said that its from aliens? thats a plothole!

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