I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 40

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Translator: Sheng Chen

Editor: Arya

Chapter 40: 100% Similarity!


The national special bureau tried for nearly a week in China, but still couldn’t find anyone who could communicate with the underworld, hence they finally decided to tell Meng Jingyu the truth, so as not to cause unnecessary barriers in the future.

“Master Meng, we’re really sorry.”

As the head of the special national bureau, Director Guo still apologized to him personally.

“As for the folks who can talk with ghosts…”

“Except those swindlers who use magical mushrooms to fool people, we found nothing even after using the enormous resources of the state machine.”

Hu Feng had a helpless smile. “Director Guo, don’t blame yourself. I believe in the sincerity of the government. This is probably my life…”

“Qingxue and I, after all, are like the cowherd and the vega in this galaxy. Even if in the folklore, there will be no chance for us to meet again.”

In the past week, in the eyes of many special agents of the National Special Bureau, the learning ability and cognitive ability of Meng Jingyu were almost comparable to God. He could master every knowledge easily.

In a few days, Meng Jingyu knew about astronomical geography, recognizing that ‘the earth was round’, ‘there was no water in the universe, but the galaxies’ and other common sense.


Director Guo, who knew everything about Meng Jingyu from the agents, didn’t feel strange when he behaved like a modern youth.

What Director Guo was more concerned about was his sorrowful sentiment.

He wasn’t sure if that would change his mind and make him not hand the Kunlun secret martial arts to the country due to failing to find Lin Qingxue.

“Master Meng, don’t worry, you must believe in the country and the party!”

Unable to believe the result, Director Guo was busy comforting him. “We definitely won’t stop here. No matter how much time and energy it takes, we will find out the whereabouts of your lover Lin Qingxue!”

Not waiting for him to say anything, the researchers of the Chinese Academy of Sciences at the Biophysics Research Center suddenly took out the lovers lamp, and they were excited to gather around. They claimed that they had a major discovery that would shock the whole world.

“Look at the observations of the Hubble Space Telescope, that is a galaxy cloud map 12 million light years away from Earth!”

“Director Guo, you must look carefully, believe us! The discovery will definitely crush the world view you have had for a long time!”

“Right! This is an important piece of evidence that can make the world’s astronomers call it the greatest discovery of the 21st century.”

They handed over the tablet to Director Guo. The researchers immediately played a video.

Listening to the researchers of the Chinese Academy of Sciences claims solemnly, Director Guo was highly focused.

In the universe, a galaxy cloud image with the English name M82 appeared on the screen.

Obviously, it was the observations recorded of Hubble Space Telescope in the space station.

This process lasted only a few dozens of seconds.

After Director Guo replayed several times, the Chinese Academy of Sciences researchers also carefully handed over the lovers lamp to him.

“Why did you end the research so early today?”

Director Guo was puzzled when looking at the many researchers in front of him.

He then looked at Meng Jingyu. “In this case, you can keep it now…”

Several researchers close to Director Guo simply laughed. “We want you to see this lamp!”

Some researchers didn’t beat around the bush, but shouted. “Director Guo, haven’t you found that the texture of the surface of this ancient lamp is 100% similar to the galaxy cloud image in this video?”

“In nature, it’s just a coincidence when the similarity of items in different regions is less than 30%…”

“But at the moment, we believe that the 100% similarity between the two is definitely not a coincidence, it can’t be like this without reason!”

Staring at Director Guo, the director of the Chinese Academy of Science stood up and shivered when he talked, since he was obviously so excited. “In short, the owner of this copper lamp either has seen the same the cloud map of the galaxy M82, or is the aboriginal of the galaxy M82.”

“It’s just like how we know our own planet, otherwise it’s impossible to make this ancient lamp perfectly engraved with the panoramic view of the galaxy M82!”

“Moreover!” A researcher who seemed to be a child prodigy in his early 20s. He was excited to hold a document in his hand to show it to Director Guo.

“Look at our material inspection analysis report!”

“The surface of the lovers lamp looks like bronze, but behind the copper plating on its outermost layer, the internal material isn’t any known substance on earth!”

“After the sampling analysis, the material which is dark green, and looks like bronze, is not bronze. It is the extraterrestrial material discovered in Xinjiang in 200, which is codenamed ‘Glass Meteorite’.”

The prodigy shouted hoarsely, and his face was looked overjoyed. “Generally, there is no such material on the earth to make this ancient lamp!”

“It is a non-earthed product. It must have been made by the alien life system! The alien life has come to Earth and left it!”


At this moment, Director Guo was puzzled and confused.

He was shocked by a series of surprising news, so he could only make gestures and stuttered. “Please…please repeat it again. I am so confused now…”

These researchers of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, who had shocking discoveries, repeated the explanation to Director Guo.

After a very short time.

In the meeting room of the administrative building of the central head.

During this period of time, all the research and analysis news about the lovers lamp from the Chinese Academy of Sciences were submitted by the Secretary-General.

Compared with the analysis results heard by Director Guo, the data obtained by the head No. 1 was undoubtedly more rigorous and comprehensive, and more nuanced.

Inside the quiet office.

The head No. 1 slowly lowered the data report on the desktop, lit a non-nicotine cigarette dedicated to refreshing up, took a sip, stood up, and looked at the Chinese map hanging behind him.

His gaze fixed in the Qinling Mountains and Rivers where Meng Jingyu was unearthed.

He remained silent for a long time.

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