I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 41

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Translator: Sheng Chen

Editor: Arya

Chapter 41: Fooling Around!


And regardless of the fact the lovers lamp buried with Hu Feng was made of the meteorites, the cloud image of the galaxy M82 perfectly displayed on the surface of the lamp gave the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the National Special Bureau, and even the heads of the central government a great impact!

Currently Meng Jingyu, also took the initiative to find Director Guo, to state something.


“Master Meng, you’re going to take away the lovers lamp now? And you’re not going to wait like this and let the country look for her? You want to act yourself?”

In the national special bureau building, Director Guo was greatly shocked by his sudden statement.

But he didn’t directly ask Meng Jingyu about the promise of handing over the Kunlun secret martial arts and training 30 people personally.

As if he had understood what Director Guo wanted to say.

“Director Guo, don’t worry, I will live up to my promise!”

Hu Feng smiled. “But I can’t stay here. You kept me here to so that the country could find Qingxue. I can’t stand wasting so much time. I’d better find her myself.”

Director Guo relaxed a bit and he thought.

The study of the lovers lamp, along with the report of galaxy M82, which stated that it was clearly from outer space, had been submitted.

At this moment, if he returned the lamp to Meng Jingyu, though he might feel sorry about the researchers of the Chinese Academy of Sciences who wanted to research deeper, but it was not unacceptable.

When he was pondering, Hu Feng mentioned another thing in a candid manner, which the country had long promised him.

“There is one more thing that requires the national special bureau to help me.”

Director Guo heard it and looked at him with a slight confusion.

Hu Feng solemnly said. “In the past, China was poor and weak, so it was nicknamed ‘the sick man in East Asia’. I haven’t practiced martial arts before challenging the Japanese invaders. I was shot and seriously injured. I was almost dead on the spot!”

“It’s not too late to revenge.”

“I currently plan to take the initiative to challenge the famous martial arts of other countries. It is not only for the country, but also for my personal vengeance. I hope the country can help me communicate with these opponents in advance and promote my behavior in the country.”

Speaking of which.

Hu Feng shook his body, and the modern jacket dropped on the ground.

Instead, he was wearing a tight-fitting white kung fu suit, and there were some blood-red words on his front and back.

Hu Feng slightly turned sideways for Director Guo to see the words on his kungfu suit.

On his chest.

“Best Martial Arts!”

On his back.

“Sweep the World!”

The font was bright and blood-red, and it looked arrogant and confident.

For a moment, Director Guo couldn’t help but get stunned.

Obviously, he wanted to fool around!

And it was definitely trivial. He wanted to dominate the martial arts world?

Noticing that Director Guo was shocked by his own actions, Hu Feng was happy.

He still pretended to be serious and talked proudly and arrogantly.

“I know that the new China is now in peace and prosperity, and the national strength is only weaker than the United States of America. But for me, I can never forget the pain and humiliation. If I can’t get revenge, I can’t sleep, I have no inner peace, and I have no face to see my ancestors!”

Director Guo wanted to discourage him, but Hu Feng simply didn’t give him any chance.

“Because of this, I want to take actions!”

“In the upcoming days, I will challenge the world’s famous martial artists and fighters. I will create a road to the top martial arts master in the world, which will cheer and inspire the unyielding spirit of China for five thousand years.”

Seeing Director Guo frowned, Hu Feng continued seriously.

“Don’t limit the number of opponents, nor the opponent’s weapons or the fighting style, I have only these 3 rules when challenging martial arts fighters at the global level.”

Hu Feng looked persistent. “My first opponent will be the famous Japanese martial artist who almost killed me.”

Director Guo couldn’t help but remind him. “Master Meng, do you actually want to try to kill the martial arts masters and fighters? This…this will have a bad international influence…”

Hu Feng answered. “Please don’t insult my martial spirit. I can guarantee that in all competitions, none of my opponents will die!”

Director Guo was stunned.

What do you mean?

You mean that they may have a serious injury or a mental breakdown?

Although he thought so, he didn’t really say it out.

What’s more, at present, the national special bureau can’t help him with the international game and the national promotion since they were to act secretly.

Thinking, Director Guo began to play the most common trick, which was ‘pass the buck’.

“Master Meng, it’s extraordinary if you need the endorsement of the country. I need to ask my superiors, please wait patiently…”


Hu Feng wasn’t buying it!

Passing the buck?

Don’t even think about it!

Frowning, Hu Feng put on a serious look and shouted. “I have decided it, don’t pass the buck!”

“After three days, I will hold a press conference in public, and invite international journalists to come and publicly announce my intention to single-handedly challenge the world’s famous martial artists and fighters…”

He slightly glanced at Director Guo.

Sure enough, Director Guo’s face looked bad and almost cried.

“Master Meng…why so urgent? Your idea of challenging the global martial artists is very good, but the details can be discussed!”

Director Guo quickly added.

“For example, in what name do you want to challenge? You have no father, no mother, no sect, you can’t challenge as a nameless person? The country can arrange a fake identity for you. There are many details that can be studied here…”

But how could Hu Feng waste his time and play a word game with him here?

He turned and left.

Only in the whistling wind, his last sentence could be vaguely heard.


There was only Director Guo left alone in the office.

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