I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 42

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Translator: Sheng Chen

Editor: Arya

Chapter 42: Amazing Imagination

To put it bluntly, the reason why Hu Feng asked the official to cooperate with the propaganda and challenged martial artists and fighters around the world partly because he wanted fudge values.

After all, from the policy of maintaining stability, his attempt to let everyone practice martial arts had just been halted by the state.

Even if the country was willing to compromise and let millions of soldiers practice martial arts, the amount of fudge values they could provide couldn’t be compared with those from hundreds of millions of Chinese people practicing martial arts.

Hu Feng was feeling very uncomfortable!

“You won’t let me spread the martial arts to all the people of the country? Fine!”

“I should ask the media to cooperate fully, and madly promote my behavior. I want to be the top martial artist among billions of Chinese people, and fool the people all over the world to believe in the existence of secret martial arts!”

In order to vent his inner feelings and earn more fudge value, he left after declaring that he would challenge the world.

As for how much trouble he would cause and how many think tank analysts would hold an emergency meeting due to his reckless behavior, Hu Feng didn’t care about it at all.

Though with the magical system, he created the spiritual mobile game and the secret martial arts masters who came out of the grave, but the seemingly far-sighted and cautious Hu Feng, was essentially a teenager who just obtained the system!

Normal teenagers, at the age of Hu Feng, were often rebellious and naughty. They especially liked to show off in front of people like a male peacock, or do some stupid things…

Due to the environment and their own abilities, most teenagers won’t have much impact on the society.

But Hu Feng wasn’t the same!

With the system that could easily change the world, he could realize any of his idea. At present, it was just a beginning that he demanded the Chinese government to cooperate and help promote the first martial arts game in the world, so that he can challenge the martial artists all over the world.

Hu Feng had made up his mind.

In the future, he would not only make troubles behind the scenes, but also change his identity, an ordinary high school student. He could be a top figure in the world!

“What should I design for myself? Once exposed to the country, how can I explain my experience?”

Holding his chin, Hu Feng fell into an interesting meditation.

Anyway, he had time, so he didn’t have to come up with an idea in a short time.

After venting his inner feelings, he was relaxed.

However, after Director Guo reported the news, the top leaders of the country gathered up.

“Meng Jingyu really likes to make trouble!”

A head of the central government holding a photo of Meng Jingyu in his hand shouted in anger. “Did he ask all domestic media and online platforms to broadcast his games, and also required the country to interfere and contact the martial artists all over the world, so that he can take the initiative to challenge?”

“How can he do this? So many rude requests, does he think he’s the emperor?”

The other heads of the central government either paid attention to the face of the head No. 1, or calmly smoked, or even simply stayed quiet.

No one answered him.

Feeling that the atmosphere was weird, he was a bit stunned. Then he continued to criticize and eventually sat down, as if nothing happened.

Although the head No. 1 didn’t express any words on Meng Jingyu, but sometimes silence still meant something.

“Actually, I think, Meng’s request is nothing but a trivial matter.”

The head No. 2 stood up since he knew it. “The key is to understand what Meng Jingyu is thinking now?”

“When the public security department handles the murder case, it is key point to understand the motive of the murderer! Is it for love? For money? Revenge? Usually, as long as we find the motive, the chances of finding the real murderer will increase greatly.”

Circling the face of Meng Jingyu with the red pen, the head No. 2 knocked on the conference table. “Did he really want revenge as he suddenly asked to challenge? I don’t think so!”

He immediately analyzed meaningfully. “The lovers lamp is indeed made by the galaxy M82, Kunlun, which is 12 million light years away. With the current level of technology, we cannot reach this galaxy.”

“But is his lover, Lin Qingxue, was she really missing mysteriously? Or has she died naturally? Or has she quietly returned to the galaxy M82?”

“Maybe, he wanted to challenge the martial artists all over the world this time because he doesn’t fully believe in the power of the country to help him find people, so he took the initiative to take this opportunity to deal with it.”

“He believes that as long as Lin Qingxue is still on the earth and witnesses his deeds of challenging, it’s impossible for her, not to come and meet him!”

Shaking his head, the head No. 2 boldly hypothesized. “In the name of challenging the martial artists, in fact he still can’t trust the national government, so that he wants to find her through media channel…”

“And he should be sure, even if we know his true intentions, because he hasn’t handed over the promised Kunlun secret martial arts, we must cooperate with him!”

“This is a conspiracy! No matter how we think, the result is the same… Meng Jingyu is really crafty and scheming. It will be a big mistake if we treat him naively!”

The head No. 2 really had amazing imagination.

After his speech, many central leaders in the conference room couldn’t help but sigh, and everyone was very scared.

The head No. 1 said slowly. “I command all members of the General Staff to analyze the true intentional motive of Meng Jingyu overnight, watch all the video files of Meng Jingyu, and study whether he has a hidden meaning in all his words… At the same time, fabricate the origins, the inheritance of the martial arts, and other information, and arrange a proper identity for him.”

“Order the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to immediately dispatch the personnel of the embassies to contact the famous martial artists in all countries, and make sure they accept the challenge against Meng Jingyu…”

“In addition, arrange major entities, online news media channels to unconditionally cooperate with Meng Jingyu’s domestic propaganda, make public opinion, and speculate on his behavior in all aspects…”

“Didn’t Meng Jingyu threaten to hold a press conference after three days? Arrange the Bird’s Nest to close and clean now, so that it’s easier for him to hold a press conference there.”

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