I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 44

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Translator: Sheng Chen

Editor: Arya

Chapter 44: Trivia

It seems that everyone is dubious just like me!

Pondering, Liu Tao left the forum and directly logged in to QQ.

99+ group message! Unread message 710!

Liu Tao read the messages in these groups, almost all of which were speculation about Kunlun Secret Martial Arts and Meng Jingyu.

Some people thought that the so-called Kunlun secret martial arts was a kind of qigong art, which directly changed the cell activity, otherwise it was impossible to rejuvenate one’s body.

Some people also raised objections and thought that there was no Kunlun secret martial arts at all, and it was impossible that Meng Jingyu was 97 years old. In fact, the country had researched genetic medicine. Because of the strategy of fooling the United States, they faked the reports.

Some friends were confused, if they lived in a materialistic world then why there was Meng Jingyu. They couldn’t understand why the media directly under the national government and the online platforms promoted it together.

More netizens neither trusted the news media nor denied the existence of the so-called 97-year-old Kunlun secret martial artist Meng Jingyu.

All the arguments had nothing to do with them, they were simply rubbernecking.

At the same time. 

In the restricted military area where Meng Jingyu resided in, Director Guo rushed over with several subordinates.

“Master Meng, the idea that you want to hold a press conference three days later to announce that you want to challenge the fighters has already been passed.”

Director Guo went straight to the topic.

Director Guo signaled his subordinates to hand in the identity certificate and the fake account.

After reading these documents, Hu Feng couldn’t help but smile.

The country actually explained the fictional non-existent martial arts sect Kunlun as a secret martial arts sect which was stationed in the Kunlun Mountains.

The names of the masters of each generation were also written in the documents.

In the documents, the 97-year-old veteran who was the only disciple of Kunlun, had a wonderful life, including joining a war, participating in the founding of the country, retiring to practice the secret martial arts, reaching the realm where no one had ever reached before, and rejuvenating his body.

Waving the documents, Hu Feng couldn’t help but smile and asked Director Guo. “Do you think that I really look like an elder who is almost a hundred years old?”

Director Guo nodded seriously. “Three Liars Make a Tiger!”

“Master Meng, it doesn’t matter whether you believe it or not. Our propaganda machine will promote for you day and night. Even if the general public doesn’t believe it at first, they will gradually accept it…”

Hu Feng understood what he meant.

The top leaders of the country planned to keep a secret of the fact that Kunlun was actually the galaxy M82 12 million light years away from earth.

To this end, they would rather fabricate the Kunlun sect that didn’t exist and his various glorious deeds, on his head.

“It seems that the Chinese Academy of Sciences were really shocked by the lovers lamp. The state has already believed it, otherwise it would have been impossible to do so…” Hu Feng secretly speculated.

When he was satisfied with his own plan.

“Master Meng, you said that you want the country help you publicize and broadcast, to the masses of the people in the country, when challenging the other masters from various countries, we are authorized by the superior…”

Director Guo said. “The shooting teams who completed the first season of ‘China on the tip of the tongue’ and the ‘Life String’ late night food documentary, currently have more than 200 people, and they’re staying in the Beijing Hotel. Master Meng, your every fight will be broadcasted live by them in 360 degrees.”

Suddenly, Director Guo added. “In view of the signal problem of the global live broadcast, our special national government has arranged two meteorological remote sensing satellites, which can serve as the receiving source of the transfer station. As long as you don’t go to places like the Bermuda Triangle, any place can be perfectly synchronized for the domestic transmission!”

“As for the press conference that you want to hold the day after tomorrow, we have already notified the reporters of the major media channels. You can hold it in the bird’s nest.”

“As for famous martial artists and fighters all over the world, the state has already issued a letter of challenge to the embassies of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in various places, and the pressure from various channels will force them to accept.”

“Three luxury cruise ships are in place. Now they are docked at Qinhuangdao. The state has also drawn a formation of warships from the Navy to protect you for a long time to avoid unnecessary troubles…”

These preparations mentioned by Director Guo were trivial.

But if no country prepared them in advance, Hu Feng would have felt it undoubtedly extremely troublesome.

If the country didn’t arrange all this, he might have even used his fudge values.

Now that the country was willing to serve, Hu Feng didn’t have to be personally involved.

“I am very relieved by the work done by the national special bureau!”

Hu Feng laughed and then said a sentence that shocked Director Guo.

“After I challenge the global martial artists, I will come back to help the country in guiding 30 people to practice the secret martial arts. I feel that it’s necessary to add two additional students, I will let the national special bureau choose freely.”

“Ha! Thank you, Master Meng!”

According to Director Guo, though the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee didn’t say it clearly, everyone knew that 30 precious places that could accept the guidance of Meng Jingyu personally on the secret martial arts had long been allocated according to different factions.


As a rising star, what should the national special bureau compete with the military and CPPCC with?

But now, Meng Jingyu was still willing to give extra places to the national special bureau. It was simply a blessing!

Director Guo, who laughed gladly, immediately began to repay him. “Master Meng, you have to travel around the world and challenge the martial artists from all countries. If there are no few state banquet chefs on the way, can you even sleep well?”

“I know some people at the State Banquet Hotel. It’s definitely not a problem to arrange 8 chefs to accompany you on the cruise ship!”

Hu Feng directly smiled.

Director Guo then talked about a key issue.

“Master Meng, as for the Kunlun Secret Martial Arts you’re going to hand over to the country, what is its name?”

Director Guo looked at him awkwardly. “Today, major domestic news media organizations have sent inquiries to our special national bureau… They want to find out what the specific name of Kunlun Secret Martial Arts is, otherwise it might have a negative impact on the promotion.”

“We need a specific name when introducing to the public!”

Hearing this, Hu Feng couldn’t help but smile wryly.

If it wasn’t for Director Guo’s reminder now, he seemed to have forgotten about it.

He actually hadn’t given the Kunlun Secret Martial Arts any name!

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