I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 45

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Translator: Sheng Chen

Editor: Arya

Chapter 45: 30,000-layered Dragon Elephant Wave!

“What should I take for a catchy name of Kunlun Secret Martial Arts?”

Hu Feng slightly narrowed his eyes and thought about it.

He suddenly thought the martial arts TV series ‘The Condor Heroes’ in his childhood, the great villain had a powerful skill – “Dragon Elephant Wave”!

In the TV series, the limit of the number of internal layers was 10. Every time a normal person trained a layer, he could get the brute force of 1 dragon and 1 elephant. The highest was the power of the 10 dragons and 10 elephants.

This was similar with the martial arts that Hu Feng intended to hand over to the country, which greatly enhanced their strength, physical fitness, speed and resilience.

“I don’t have to completely follow the TV series!”

“I am the master of the secret martial arts I created!”

Hu Feng thought badly. “There will be 30,000 layers!”

“Every time you reach a new realm, you can greatly enhance the strength. You can increase the speed of cultivation by ingesting a lot of high-calorie, high-protein, and high-value foods.”

“Every time you cultivate a hundred layers of realm, you can get the power of one dragon. As the most common entry-level basic practice in Kunlun, of course, it can’t be the power of the real dragon. It is just the power of a crocodile! About 1.5 ton of force!”

“With every thousand layers of cultivation, you can gain not only the power of 1 elephant (the mammoth of the Ice Age, the full-speed running of the mammoth), but also the speed, toughness, endurance, physical fitness…”

“So on, and the 30,000-level realm is the limit…”

Thinking of this, Hu Feng smiled. “Mr. Jin Yong, the Dragon Elephant Wave in the novel is very good.”

“But it’s mine now!”

“Ha!” Hu Feng laughed in his mind.

Director Guo and others still thought that he was recalling the name of the secret Kunlun martial arts. They held their breath and dared not to bother.

After a while, Hu Feng looked at the people in front and solemnly said. “I have already recalled the name of Kunlun Secret Martial Arts.”

“It is ‘Dragon Elephant Wave’!”

When Meng Jingyu said the name, all the people in the National Special Bureau couldn’t believe their ears!

In particular, Director Guo, who took the lead, was shocked and stunned!

As a master of martial arts novels, Jin Yong had many works being adapted into TV dramas, which had always been popular in China.

Even after many years, the heat of ‘The Condor Heroes’ remained!

For this reason, Director Guo was also very clear about Dragon Elephant Wave, which was the skill of the great villain.

But reality wasn’t an imaginary martial arts novel!

A resident of the galaxy M82, Kunlun, 12 million light years away, could even come up with the skill from a martial arts novel on earth?

How to explain this?

Director Guo was shocked and puzzled.

Since Kunlun could let their female disciple Lin Qingxue practice on earth and fall in love with an ordinary person Meng Jingyu, then are there any other Kunlun disciples also lurking on the earth and living the same life as ordinary people?

With the pen name Jin Yong and the real name Louis Cha, he was a famous martial arts novelist who moved to Hong Kong. Was he a Kunlun disciple like Lin Qingxue?

In the ordinary life of the earth, he felt that writing martial arts novels would not reveal himself, so he enjoyed his creativity. In some secret tactics, he was too lazy to innovate and think of their names, hence he simply put the names of the martial arts he saw in Kunlun into his novels.

After all, in the view of Louis Cha, even if he did this, the people on earth who had never understood Kunlun or even arrived there couldn’t see through it!

The more he pondered, the more Director Guo felt that it was possible.

Now though they couldn’t find female disciple Lin Qingxue, if he could catch a male disciple from Kunlun, Louis Cha, the national special bureau undoubtedly would have a great achievement!

Director Guo started breathing fast.

Seeming to feel hot, Director Guo turned and pulled his tied off. He said excitedly with his hoarse voice. “Immediately inform the members of the National Special Bureau of Hong Kong, and contact the troops stationed in Hong Kong…”

“With the pen name Jin Yong and the real name Louis Cha, he is likely to be a male disciple of Kunlun lurking on the earth. We first evacuate the people around him, and then carry out the live capture plan to ensure that he has nowhere to escape!”

“If we can’t catch Lin Qingxue, it’s fine. But we must not let go this Kunlun male disciple. We need him to get more information about Kunlun!”

“Also, arrange for the military aircraft and the top hypnotist! I will lead the team to Hong Kong, and interrogate this Kunlun disciple, Louis Cha, personally!”

The other members of the national special bureau, was at first stunned, but soon understood what Director Guo meant, hence they immediately rushed out.

At this moment, Director Guo didn’t continue to stay with Meng Jingyu. He wanted to make deeds and quickly left.

Seeing the members of the national special bureau leave, Hu Feng was a little bit happy.

I just borrowed the name of the skill of the great villain in the martial arts TV series.

How can you have such a vivid imagination?

What can I say?

Is the ability of special agents strong?

25 minutes later, in Louis Cha’s house, Hong Kong, China.

All members of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region branch were armed, and each one looked nervous and couldn’t wait to start the operation.

“The radar group is ready for monitoring.”

“Evacuation of the masses has been completed.”

“The peripheral alert has been completed.”

“The bombing group is ready.”

“The emergency medical team has arrived.”

“The snipers are in place, and the data such as wind direction and wind speed are calibrated, and rubber anesthesia bullets can be fired at any time.”

“Please pay attention! This is the last time to verify the time. 30 seconds later, bomb the mansion of Louis Cha, and everyone starts the action!”

“Catch him alive, we must catch him alive!”

4 hours later.

In interrogation room of the Hong Kong branch of the National Special Bureau.

Director Guo had already taken a military aircraft and arrived with the top hypnotist to assist in the investigation.

“What is the result of the interrogation of Louis Cha?”

Director Guo asked.

The members of the Hong Kong branch of the National Security Bureau answered with wry smiles.

“He has always refused to cooperate. Not only did he ask the lawyer to sue us of breaking into private residence, but also asked us to release him immediately and unconditionally…”

“Because he is a Hong Kong celebrity, we couldn’t torture him…”

“Well, I had expected this.”

Director Guo waved his hand. “So I specially went to other department to invite the top hypnotist, and also bring the truth serum that the American FBI uses to interrogate the suspects!”

“Without the means of torture, I can still make him talk!”

“Follow me.”

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