I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 46

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Translator: Sheng Chen

Editor: Arya

Chapter 46: Press Conference

 Time flew by as two days passed.

Early in the morning, inside the Beijing Bird’s Nest.

Along with a large number of special agents of the National Special Bureau who maintained security and discipline at the scene, reporters from the major international and domestic news and media rushed on the scene with interview permits on their chests.

Some of them were arranging a variety of photographic interviewing machines in advance, and some were preparing for interviews. They were waiting for the protagonist of the press conference, the 97-year-old revolutionary veteran Meng Jingyu.

Thanks to the propaganda of the vast domestic news media, and the curiosity about the Kunlun Secret Martial Arts, the Bird’s Nest which could accommodate 80,000 people was full quickly after it was opened!

Even after the National Special Bureau temporarily arranged another 30,000 seats, it was simply not enough for the crowds.

As a last resort, the staff of the Bird’s Nest, who were actually from the National Special Bureau, could only declare that the venue was full and temporarily closed, so most of the people had to leave unhappily.

However, there were still a small group of people who insisted on standing outside the nest and watching the upcoming press conference with their mobile phones.

At 9am., Hu Feng stepped on the red carpet, entered the scene from the special passage, enjoyed the attention of the 110,000 people in the Bird’s Nest, and even accepted several bouquets from the girls arranged by the National Science Bureau in advance.

It could be said that Hu Feng fully enjoyed the focus of the crowd under the spotlight, before walking to the center of the stage slowly.

 When he got on the stage, the reporters kept taking photos and the live broadcast of the entire platform was also started simultaneously.

Almost at the same time, the staff in the Bird’s Nest, who were actually from National Special Bureau and specialized in serving him, followed the original plan and raised an unusually attractive banner behind the highly anticipated platform of Meng Jingyu.

On the wide banner, there were some eye-catching words, exactly what Meng Jingyu showed to Director Guo on that day.

– Sweep the world, the best martial arts!

Hu Feng also began to give a speech.

“Countries all over the world have misunderstood China. They mistakenly believe that its citizens are too modest, too afraid to express themselves, and not good at showing off.”

“In the following month of traveling around the world and challenging the martial artists, I will use the Kunlun secret martial arts Dragon Elephant Wave to completely break this prejudice.”

“The martial artists all over the world are destined to lose!”

“I don’t talk nonsense. I will challenge the famous Japanese martial artists first!”

With the sound reinforcement equipment, his voice echoed in countless people’s ears and was clearly audible.

In an instant, the audiences were shocked.

Obviously, thanks to the publicity of the news media, these audiences knew that Meng Jingyu was going to challenge the famous martial artists without rules that limited the venues, weapons, or the number of opponents…

But they really didn’t expect that he would be so arrogant today. It could be said that he had absolute confidence in his own strength!

Although there were very few live audiences cheering up for Meng Jingyu, most people still thought that he underestimated the martial artists all over the world.

The reporters from all over the world keenly surrounded him and stopped him with the microphones.

“Mr. Meng, I am an invited reporter from Thailand. Muay Thai is very fierce and the most suitable for actual combat. When are you going to challenge the Muay Thai master?”

“Hello, Mr. Meng! I am a reporter from the United States. Today, I hope I ask…”

“Mr. Meng, please stop! I am a reporter for the China Times. I just want to ask you 3 questions…”

In the face of these crazy reporters, Hu Feng put on an indifferent face and raised his hand to look at the time. “My time can’t be wasted, and the cruise will soon head out to Japan. My agent will inform you everything.”

Pointing to a special agent of the national special bureau, Hu Feng left through the special passage.

After the end of the ultra-short press conference, countless netizens also expressed various comments.

“Cool! Whether Meng Jingyu can challenge successfully or not, I will support him! At the press conference, he was so cool!”

“Is he really a revolutionary veteran who is almost a hundred years old? Why is he so crazy?”

“Dragon Elephant Wave? Isn’t this in the TV shows? Really? Is there really such a thing in reality? According to the introduction, he can have the brute force of ten dragons and ten elephants. Is Meng Jingyu already successful in this technique?”

“Strongly demand that Meng Jingyu make public the Dragon Elephant Wave, we also want to learn!”

“Savage! Is it funny? Meng Jingyu thinks he is the contemporary Bruce Li? Funny!”

However, from the perspective of the national network, many enthusiastic young people still liked to support the style of Meng Jingyu. They had regarded him as an idol, and they admired that he was really a revolutionary veteran!

And with the end of the 2018 World Cup, there was nothing on the online gambling platform.

They also took advantage of the challenge of Meng Jingyu to make alternative gambling bets on the homepage of the website!

On the first challenge, will Meng Jingyu lose or win?

How many games can Meng Jingyu win in a row?

How many games can Meng Jingyu win in Japan?

For the first Japanese martial artist who challenged him, is the total number of words in his name singular or double?

All his deeds that could be brought out to attract the attention of netizens have become the bets of these gambling platforms!

However, in view of the country’s high concern for Meng Jingyu, these online gambling platforms were immediately found by the network police department.

A large number of police officers arrested them, and those platforms became extinct in a very short time.

Leisurely staying in the cabin of a luxury cruise ship heading to Japan, Hu Feng wanted to rest quietly.

Naturally, no one came to bother him.

Lying freely, Hu Feng secretly contacted the system and asked about the amount of fudge values he had earned.

” Director Guo and other high-levels of the National Special Bureau believe that Kunlun exist in the galaxy M82 12 million light years away from earth, and contribute fudge value +5911.04…”

“The netizen Zhao Wei recognizes the Kunlun secret martial arts and contributes fudge value +13.15…”

“Netizen Kong Yueyu believes the existence of Kunlun Dragon Elephant Wave and contributes fudge value +21.63…”

“The total fudge value you have is 478932.”

Sure enough, it was easy to earn fudge values with the power of the country!

He planned a mobile game before but only earned 100,000 fudge values.

Nowadays he not only attracted the attentions from all over world, but also earned nearly 500,000 fudge values before challenging the martial artists with the publicity of the national news media, and it took no effort!

It was conceivable that when he defeated the martial artists with the Kunlun Dragon Elephant Wave, he would definitely convince the public to recognize the Kunlun secret martial arts, in order to earn more fudge values.

Considering that the country still wanted him to personally guide the 30 people to practice the Dragon Elephant Wave, and intended to promote it in the army of the People’s Liberation Army, Hu Feng seemed to amass fudge values coming toward him!

Thinking of this, Hu Feng couldn’t help but applaud for himself. It was really awesome to earn fudge values with the help of the country.

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