I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 48

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Translator: Sheng Chen

Editor: Arya

Chapter 48: Who’s My Opponent?

On the next day, even though the ticket price was more than 10 times higher than usual, tickets were sold out.

Many smart businessmen even temporarily started scalping tickets to make profits.

Those who hadn’t yet bought the tickets could only watch it on mobile phones, or could watch the live broadcast on TV.

In mainland China, in accordance with the national hype of promoting Meng Jingyu, all HDTV channels, including CCTV1 to CCTV18, all simultaneously would broadcast the event at Tokyo Budokan to the audiences.

The major website platforms in China had chosen to arrange the staff stationed in Japan to promote the activities of Meng Jingyu and his opponents in the Tokyo Budokan.

As for the interactive live broadcast platforms, they also set up a special live broadcast room to provide the netizens with a super-definition live broadcast of the Tokyo Budokan.

U.S., U.K., Germany, and France also sent out photography teams that broadcasted to their citizens.

The President of the United States, Trump, also posted a tweet that those who missed the matchup between Chinese Kung Fu and Japanese martial arts might be fools!

At 8:30 am., Meng Jingyu and the 12 famous Japanese martial artists walked in to meet all the audiences under the flashes of photography.

For the competition, the Japanese staff temporarily built a classic-style duel square platform with a length of about 30 feet (approximately 100 meters) in the center of the Tokyo Budokan.

The platform was six meters high. The competitors needed to get to the stage using the stone steps.

The commentators were 2 people, from both China and Japan, and they were 2 men and 2 women respectively.

The 4 commentators gave full play of their outstanding eloquence and stimulated the audiences’ emotions. They also claimed that today’s competition would be a great event in the history of Eastern Asian martial arts world!

It symbolized the harmony between China and Japan, and even if anyone between them lost, then it promoted the communication of folks and culture between the two countries.

Hu Feng, in a white tight-fitting Kung Fu suit, smiled and began to salute 12 opponents one by one.

Although he felt that the opponents were no match for him, but since respecting the opponents meant respecting himself, Hu Feng didn’t mind pretending to be modest before the duel.

The duel began.

Hu Feng skipped and leaped off, setting a foot on the corner of the central platform of the Budokan.

The cool summer breeze blew over, Hu Feng’s silky smooth hair fluttered, and flaming fires seemed to be burning in his eyes.

In an instant, not only hundreds of thousands of Japanese people watching the duel were stunned, but even the 4 commentators couldn’t help but rub their eyes!

This is not a magic show

Compared with the audiences in the Tokyo Budokan, the four commentators were undoubtedly much closer to the high platform.

They clearly saw that there was nothing to step on between the central high platform and the ground!

“Kung Fu? Chinese Kung Fu? My God, am I dreaming?” Someone in the international photography team that was authorized to work in the front row of the Budokan couldn’t help but exclaim.

As for the netizens watching live broadcast on the Internet, they also flooded their screen crazily!

At this moment, even the skeptical Chinese people had to admit that Meng Jingyu was really talented, no wonder the national government did their best to promote him!

Unlike some traditional martial arts, he really lived up to his reputation.

At the same moment when a large number of netizens in China believed in the existence of secret martial arts and recognized him as the master, Hu Feng, standing in the platform, immediately perceived countless notifications from the system, all of which were good news that a certain person contributed spiritual power to him and provided some fudge values.

However, Hu Feng thought it wasn’t the time to view this news.

Standing on the edge of the platform, he looked around the 12 Japanese martial arts elites, slightly opened his mouth, and said loudly. “Who is my opponent?”

With number 1, Dashan Bida, who was called the ‘King of Karate’ by numerous karate practitioners in Japan, was about to get on the high platform for the start. Every day, he insisted on practicing 3,000 punches under waterfall.

Although Dashan Bida also wanted to have a dashing entry, but he couldn’t leap off 6 meters in the air like Meng Jingyu, so he could only choose to walk the steps.

But at this moment, the number 2, in the Japanese Kendo art, Kuniyi, the kendo master known as the ‘Contemporary Miyamoto Musashi’, reached out to stop Dashan Bida, looking up at Meng Jingyu.

“I heard about the rules you stated before the duel!”

“Any venue, Any number of opponents, and any weapons for the opponents. Is it still valid?”

With a slight smile, Hu Feng nodded his head. “Of course!”


Kuniyi bowed seriously, and then looked up sharply like an eagle, as if to shock Meng Jingyu.

“Well, for the first challenge, I intend to fight side by side with Dashan Bida against you. I wonder if you can accept it.”

Suddenly, the audience became quiet!

After all, in the eyes of the Japanese people at the site of the Budokan, the elite of Japanese martial arts, Dashan Bida, also known as the king of karate, wasn’t weaker than Meng Jingyu!

If Dashan Bida and Kuniyi fought side by side, didn’t it mean that they couldn’t defeat him alone?

Fear before the duel?

It was too unpleasant!

At this moment, on the Internet in mainland China, more than 2 million people were watching the broadcast. Many even protested that the matchup was unfair, and they flooded the screen, which overwhelmed the broadcast platforms!

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