I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 49

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Chapter 49: On His Way Home!

Some British and American journalists belonging to the photography team couldn’t help but scream and booed Kuniji, but he still remained indifferent.

From the beginning to the end, he kept staring at the face of Meng Jingyu, and it seemed that he was waiting for his answer.

After all, in the view of Kuniji, this was not a small duel in Japan, but a good time to show the Japanese martial arts in front of all countries in the world!

As long as they could win, undoubtedly not only the Japanese government but the entire Japanese martial arts world would be proud, which was worthwhile damaging a little bit of his reputation.

Considering the pros and cons, Kuniji decisively stood out.

There was no dissatisfaction or angry look on the face of Meng Jingyu, and he nodded.

Overjoyed, Kuniji immediately planned to go on stage with Dashan Bida.

But at the next second, what Hu Feng said made the opponents furious!

“I did’t mean that you two challenge me alone. I agreed to challenge 12 of you altogether.”

What Meng Jingyu said was not only inacceptable to theaudience in the Tokyo Budokan, but humiliating and overlooked the 12 Japanese martial arts elites strength.

Kuniji endured the anger, glared at Meng Jingyu on the high platform, and said. “You’re the disciple of Kunlun, but you’re too proud of yourself.”

“Do you really think that none of us is match for you?”

Looking at the other martial arts behind, they were also staring at Meng Jingyu furiously!

However, Meng Jingyu seemed to turn a blind eye to them.

Hu Feng faintly shook his head and solemnly said.

“Well, you misunderstood!”

“I am not singling you out. I mean everyone here, the so-called 12 Japanese martial arts elites…”

Speaking of this, Hu Feng deliberately said slowly. “Are rubbish!”

Hu Feng knew well about the ‘train’ which he consumed 50,000 fudge values for, was capable of destroying the city single-handedly, the 12 martial artists in front of him were definitely no match for him!

The gap between two sides was so great, so it shouldn’t be exaggerating to call them rubbish, right?

He had to save face for them, so he didn’t call them parameciums.

Standing with his hands crossed, Hu Feng said.

“How dare you humiliate me?”

12 martial artists couldn’t bear the humiliation, they jumped on the steps at once, rushed over from all directions.

Dashan Bida, who was known as the king of karate, twisted his waist and exerted his strength. He volleyed and kicked over Meng Jingyu, which showed apparently how angry the nearly 50-year-old Dashan Bida was!

Kuniji had pulled out the sword and put an impeccable posture. The fierce wind was directly torn open by the blade, and his strong offensive momentum was amazing.

The other 10 martial artists also came up with their own skills, including Sumo, Brazilian Judo, and Aikido…

In all directions, there were all enemies.

For a duel with no dodging space, and ambushes on all sides, any other martial artists undoubtedly would lose.

But they met Hu Feng, an immortal martial artist!

Suddenly, Hu Feng moved.

All the audiences at site and numerous netizens around the world witnessed 12 identical Meng Jingyu appearing, and every single Meng Jingyu quickly confronted one opponent.

“How is it possible? Doppelganger?”

“Is he a ninja? How can a Chinese be a ninja?”

Along with the screams of the Japanese people on the scene, many figures had fallen with no resistance on the platform in less than a thousandth of a second.


As the sound of iron came, Kuniji lay on the ground, and his sword was knocked away.

Except Meng Jingyu, who was in a white Kung Fu suit with no wrinkles on it, standing on the platform, no other opponents were standing.

Hu Feng turned slightly and looked at the many commentators who had been stunned. “Now, can you announce the winner?”

“Reassured, my control of the force is very precise. None of them are dead or injured. They just have muscle soreness.”

After a while, the four commentators announced the winner, and hurriedly called the medical personnel to enter the scene and quickly carried the 12 Japanese martial artists down.

After the preliminary inspection, these commentators were even more shocked to discover that the 12 martial artists were so tired, they fainted out!

Watching the opponents being carried down, Hu Feng, standing on the high platform, began to sing a song towards the camera.

“How lonely to be invincible, how bored to be invincible…”

The Tokyo Budokan was silent, and the netizens were shocked!

In the Central South China Sea where Chinese high-level officials were located.

A large number of think tanks slowed down the video of the matchup with machines and repeatedly tried to verify what happened.

After a few hours, a report was finally brought to the President of the State by the Secretary-General.

Reading this report, though the chairman was knowledgeable and calm, he now couldn’t help but take off the glasses, as he was stunned.

“These…turned out to be afterimages?”

The Secretary-General hastily affirmed. “The researchers of the Chinese Academy of Sciences also believed that they’re afterimages.”

“It seemed that Meng Jingyu moved at a super-high speed and attacked 12 different opponents. The opponents were completely frustrated, so they could only helplessly defend…”

“But facing his stormy offense, defense only lead to a chronic death…”

“Fortunately, Meng Jingyu made concessions, otherwise they won’t just have muscle soreness and strain.”

Office of the President, the White House, the United States.

Looking at the video on the screen that happened in the Tokyo Budokan in Japan, President Trump couldn’t help but repeatedly say the same sentence.

— Chinese Kung Fu? Chinese Kung Fu! Chinese Kung Fu?!

It took a while to get out of his trance. President Trump began to ask his white consultant Ye Wanghui. “Bring the document of this Chinese named Meng Jingyu to me immediately.”

After a very short time, Ye Wanghui returned and looked slightly awkward. “Mr. President, there is no such file in the FBI. Though our spy agents of CIA in China have uploaded the data, it is basically the information that the Chinese media promoted…”

“We also considered he is like a Qigong swindler in the 80s at the beginning, so we didn’t pay attention to…”

Nodding his head thoughtfully, President Trump couldn’t help but say. “If I want to know all his whereabouts with the fastest time, what should I do?”

“You need to order the FBI, the CIA agents stationed in China, or the spy diplomats, to start investigating and collecting data…”

“If he is a key figure secretly protected by the Chinese government, and his information was hidden, you need to contact the military to communicate with the Secretary of State and grant a large sum of money to set up a special investigation team for Meng Jingyu…”

President Trump started pondering.

This is awkward!

It involves the military and the Secretary of State.

It’s really tough to take money from them.

If it isn’t urgent, or unrelated to the interests of the capitalists, it shouldn’t be a matter to wait a few weeks.

Thanks to his deeds in the Tokyo Budokan, his following schedule became smoother and faster.

He originally planned to travel around the world for one and a half month, and it took only two-thirds of the time to come to an end.

None of the opponents who challenged Meng Jingyu during the period could stay on the stage longer than a single round!

Finally, in the Russian capital, Meng Jingyu once again defeated the undifferentiated combat heavyweight opponent – the Fido Emilenko, also known as the ‘Fighting Court Tsar’ with ease.

After successfully winning the match against the famous powerhouses all over the world with a record of 100 straight wins in a row, Hu Feng announced that his journey had officially come to an end, and the achievement of the top martial artist in the world had been successfully completed!

Re-boarding on the luxury cruise ship, with more than 200 members of the film crew, and a Chinese warship escorted for a long time, he finally embarked on his way home.

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Katharina Stemmer

There is a big mistake!
Trump doesn’t ask for data and he doesn’t investigate stuff!
Trump goes on twitter tmmediately to trash talk!

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