I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 51

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Translator: Sheng Chen

Editor: Arya

Chapter 51: Guiding 32 Students

On the next day, inside a secret base in Beijing, Director Guo, Qin Wenhui and 30 other people had all arrived.

Everyone held a copy of the book about Dragon Elephant Wave, which Meng Jingyu provided.

“I believe that everyone came here to get a quick introduction of the Dragon Elephant Wave. I don’t care who you used to be, you’re now apprentices to me!”

“Whoever doesn’t want to obey my orders can leave now.”

In order to facilitate his own control, he glanced at the audience. Hu Feng was ready to find a few people and showed them who their boss was, but unfortunately, none of these students from different walks of life wanted to stand up and cooperate with him.

What’s more, Meng Jingyu just challenged the martial artists of the world recently. Almost everyone knew how great he was, so how could anyone want to pick on him?

Since no one stood out, Hu Feng began teaching.

One by one, Hu Feng began to teach them the standard posture, how to control the breathing rhythm and meditate deeply.

According to Meng Jingyu, meditating and removing all the distractions from the mind was the first step in practicing the Dragon Elephant Wave.

After getting rid of the distracting thoughts, practicing the Dragon Elephant Wave would be much easier.

“Upright waist! Calm down, clear all the distractions, and keep your mind empty.”

“Keep the first 9 breaths steady as usual, but the 10th must be deep and long. Inhale and exhale strongly!”

Hu Feng walked back and forth between the 32 people. His voice was solemn and loud, that everyone felt their eardrums hurt.

In fact, Hu Feng also felt that if he was equipped with a grass-green military uniform and a whip, he would be more than enough to serve as a military training instructor in colleges.

Time passed by.

However, Hu Feng soon discovered that even such a simple breathing and meditation method had already exhausted all the students because there was no one able to really get rid of all the distracting thoughts and enter the empty realm, even if it had been for more than an hour.

Someone couldn’t stop thinking when meditating, someone even tried to force himself to count in order to get rid of the distracting thoughts, but that was still in vain.

“Teacher Meng, can we change the method to practice? We aren’t lazy, but there’s really no way to get rid of the thoughts!”

“Yes, Teacher Meng! It has been a whole morning, and we still can’t discard the distracting thoughts… It’s too hard!”

“Actually, If I think about it… The experience of modern people is too rich, and it is impossible to completely calm down.”

So many students complained together, so Hu Feng didn’t turn a deaf ear.

“Well, then, in the light of everyone’s unanimous request, then we will skip this meditation, and directly enter the cultivation steps of ingesting high-nutrition foods to accelerate metabolism.”

Hearing, the 32 students were all happy. After all, who couldn’t eat?

The staff inside the base took all the students to the cafeteria. Hu Feng began to remind the chef. “Give each of them 10 pounds of rice, then food with high-protein, high-calorie, high-fiber, high-fat…”

All the students were stunned.

Is he feeding pigs?

However, these students had no time to complain!

Hu Feng directed them to take out their own book, flipped through the pages while eating food, and made strange postures in accordance with the colorful postures on the book.

“Don’t underestimate these postures, they can help you speed up your metabolism and quickly digest the food you eat…”

“Don’t worry, time is very abundant. You eat and practice slowly.”

Looking at the poses of the students, Hu Feng held back the laughter and enjoyed it.

In fact, Hu Feng also knew that these students directly drank the nutrient solution prepared by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, or ate the high-nutrition energy bar stored in the army, which could also achieve the principle of ingesting food.

But Hu Feng still wanted to make fun of them.

In the evening, Hu Feng finally stopped.

“I just received the news that the Chinese Academy of Sciences has already configured the nutrient solution, as well as the military’s high-nutrition energy bars. You will take these in this secret base from now on.”

All of them, lying down on the ground and unable to talk, could only move their eyes to express their anger and sadness.

A month passed.

Under the guidance of Hu Feng’s ‘careful and serious’ drills, some among the 32 students had successfully entered the realm of the Dragon Elephant Wave.

For their own progress, the students were also excited to discuss the glorious future.

“Ha! My high myopia is actually cured! I only got to the 3rd layer of the Dragon Elephant Wave! Amazing, really amazing!”

“I’ve been working hard for half a month. Now I’m already working on the 7th layer. The strength of my arms is about 35 kilograms stronger than before!”

“In accordance with the introduction, when practicing to the 100-layered realm, you can master the power of one dragon, that is, the horrible bite force of a crocodile… I reached the 4th layer in 15 days, won’t it take only 375 days for 100 layers?”

“The power of one dragon? I value the power of one elephant in the 1000th layer! The full-speed running impact of a mammoth is way better than the bite force of a crocodile!”

“You’re really short-sighted! If we can reach the 30,000th layer, we can always stay young like Teacher Meng! This is the greatest value of the Dragon Elephant Wave!”

Ignoring the conversations of these students, after Hu Feng made sure that all the trainees had reached the lowest layer, he left a note at where he lived, brought the lovers lamp, and left.

On the next day, when 32 students couldn’t find Meng Jingyu, they came to his residence.

They found out that he had left.

“My wish is fulfilled, and there are no more distractions… I miss my partner, so I leave without saying goodbye… In the future, I hope I can see you again.”

The guards of the secret base checked monitors and found that Meng Jingyu had left by walking on air easily and calmly.

Even if they mobilized the satellites, it was difficult to find out exactly where Meng Jingyu went after leaving the base.

There was nothing they could do, so even if the state was unwilling, they could only passively accept the fact, since there was no clue.

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