I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 53

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Translator: Sheng Chen

Editor: Arya

Chapter 53: The Batter-Body Trick!

Late at night, after invading the apartment of Qin Wenhui and covering the security door, the 3 American agents began to search madly.

But unfortunately, after searching every room and floor, they couldn’t find the book that recorded the complete Kunlun secret martial arts.

“Damn? Does this Chinese kid keep the book on his body? Or did he hide it in other places?”

“Possible! After he comes back, don’t kill him, we should find the book first.”

Since living alone for a long time, he was a special agent in the past, every time Qin Wenhui left the house, he would gently tie a short thread that could barely be detected by the naked eye on the security door.

Although too cautious and suspicious, Qin Wenhui felt that only this could make him rest assured.

Taking out the key as usual to open the security door, suddenly Qin Wenhui was stunned.

The short thread wrapped was missing!

He knew clearly that even if the wind was too strong in the hallway, this thread couldn’t disappear.

Unless someone had invaded his house, there was no other reason!

Thief and burglary?

Still staying in my house?

Quietly leaving the hallway, Qin Wenhui immediately called 911 to report that he had suffered burglary.

Hanging up the phone, Qin Wenhui was ready to inform the security guards.

But walking a few steps, he suddenly felt that he was now much stronger since practicing the martial arts, so he shouldn’t be weaker than the burglars!

No need to be so scared!

On the first floor, he took a wooden mop from others and pretended to open the door without knowing it.

“Little thief, where are you going?”

Opening the door, three black pistols with silencers showed up in front of him.

“…” Holding the wooden mop, Qin Wenhui was stunned as he was just about to show his talents.

As a special agent for many years, Qin Wenhui could tell the real guns from the fake ones, so he knew that the firearms of these 3 foreigners were 100% the SIG series of pistols!

“Are you Qin Wenhui?” One guy took his mop, whispered in blunt Mandarin, and closed the door.

“What do you want?”

“Don’t move, otherwise we can’t guarantee that we won’t shoot you.”

2 foreign agents had their guns attached to his head, and the other one began to undress him and search quickly.

Soon, Qin Wenhui only wore a pair of shorts, and everything on his body was taken out and placed on the coffee table in the living room, including his wallet, mobile phone, key, ID card, bank card, banknote, pen….

But there wasn’t any book.

Picking up the ID card from the coffee table, one foreign agent repeatedly compared it with Qin Wenhui’s face and then nodded to his companion.

The other 2 knew confirmed that they had caught the right target.

“Where is the book that records the complete Kunlun secret martial arts method? Hand it over, or you will die.”

Qin Wenhui now understood everything, then scornfully looked at the three, and sneered. “It turns out that you are here for this! Kill me! I am not a fool!”

Seeing that Qin Wenhui didn’t cooperate, he wasn’t annoyed, but took out a white cloth and over Qin’s face.

Before it came close, Qin Wenhui had smelled a pungent smell.


Qin Wenhui, who pointed at the head without resistance, immediately fell into a coma.

Three foreign agents held Qin Wenhui and drove away quickly.

After 15 minutes, when the police arrived at the scene, they saw Qin Wenhui’s messy apartment, and there was nobody.

“Informant? Where is the owner of the apartment?”

“Was the burglar discovered by the owner, so he violently killed the owner?”

With anxiety and embarrassment, the police reported their guesses and the situation.

If this happened in the apartment of an ordinary person, it might take 24 hours to file the investigation.

However, after Qin Wenhui, who was involved in the Kunlun secret martial arts, was reported that he had disappeared less than an hour, it immediately alerted the organization, and the special team was set up.

They commanded. “Must find him, no matter dead or alive!”

To this end, the entire Beijing also declared martial law from this moment. At night, a large number of police officers guarded various intersections and rigorously searched for people looking like Qin Wenhui.

In Qin Wenhui’s apartment, the team also began to analyze the case.

“There is no trace of fighting. We can infer that the informant probably didn’t have a fight with the suspects? Or, the informant was controlled by the suspect and couldn’t struggle?”

“Although all the rooms are messy, but there are no traces of fingerprints, footprints, blood, etc. of others, so that the suspect must be a veteran.”

When they had no ideas, the police in charge of asking other residents in the apartment suddenly had amazing discoveries!

“Report! The little girl in the room 304 has witnessed that 3 strange uncles in black suits with big noses have gone upstairs and stayed there for a long time…”

Upon hearing this news, everyone became excited.

By asking the professionals to outline and summarizing the clues provided by the little girl, the sketches of the suspects of the 3 foreigners were also completed.

The mysterious disappearance of the informant Qin Wenhui? Did it involve foreigners?

Considering Qin Wenhui’s special membership, the team couldn’t help but naturally guess. 

Are they international spies?

With the assumption of the team, the searches in Beijing tonight became greater!

Foreign embassies, abandoned unfinished buildings, and unmanned air-raid shelter…

A large number of staffs of National Special Bureau and National Security Bureau in Beijing were also temporarily notified that they had to be responsible for a small area to search tonight.

As the new manager who was responsible for training agents, Li Wei was also unable to escape this responsibility, so that he had to patrol from K1 to K3 area of Fengtai District.

Although he personally ordered his 3 coworkers to go to Qin Wenhui’s place tonight, he had great psychological condition, and now this mission was just a piece of cake, so he still kept calm.

But seeing a car not far away, Li Wei was shocked!

Nothing else, this car turned out to be the vehicle of his three coworkers, and he couldn’t forget the license plate number.

Hell, what are the three idiots doing?

If you succeeded, you should immediately flee according to the planned route.

If not, you can makeup and hide in the embassy. Why come out on the road?

Li Wei decisively contacted the other side.

When approaching, Li Wei saw Qin Wenhui with bruises on his face, who sat in the back, as well as his three agents.

Pointing at Qin Wenhui, Li Wei said angrily. “Why don’t you kill him? Do you want me to teach you how to kill him?”

“We have searched his residence, but we couldn’t find a book that records the secrets of Kunlun.”

“And we’ve tortured him for a long time, but he never tells where the book is. Can we kill him without getting anything?”

The agent in the main driver’s seat smiled. “Now that the Chinese government has been searching strictly, our planned route is completely blocked, and we can’t stay in the embassy now. We can only desperately drive to the suburbs to look for a remote place to hide.”

Li Wei frowned. “Can he hear us talking?”

“Dragon Slayer, you can rest assured.”

The agent next to him turned and slapped Qin Wenhui’s face, but the latter still had no reaction, just like a dead body. “We first knocked him out with ether. After torturing and getting no results, we gave him a high-concentration anesthetic, so he won’t wake up within 8 hours.”

“What are your plans for now?” Li Wei relaxed slightly.

Looking at each other, the 3 agents had no choice but said. “If you can, we hope that you help us find a safe place and hide us. Beijing is too dangerous.”

Three idiots, why do you still want to involve me?

One hundred ordinary agents like you are still worse than me.

I must find a way to get rid of these guys, and the remote bombs on my body may come in handy!

Right! I have to find a way to fool them to hand over Qin Wenhui, and along the way cause a gunshot wound on me.

The double credit of the batter-body trick and the rescue of the hostage will enable me to be promoted!

Li Wei was sneering in his mind, but his expression on his face was still solemn, as if he was thinking wholeheartedly for the other side. “I am not safe here. I have lived in military place arranged by the National Special Bureau for a long time. If you three foreigners go in, aren’t you turning yourselves in?”

“What should we do?”

The three agents were a little anxious. The search in Beijing made them fear and worry that they couldn’t retreat.

Li Wei thought for a moment, then he said. “Hand over Qin Wenhui to me, and then shoot my arm. I will tell the organization that I found your trace, though I couldn’t stop you, I accidentally saved the hostage.”

Not waiting for the three agents to answer, Li Wei took a small bomb out and handed it to the other party. “This is the time bomb that I have already scheduled, as long as the countdown starts, it will explode after 20 minutes.”

“Drive to the gas station 5 kilometers west of the city, and then escape to the remote area to hide. Remember to detonate the bomb there since you must destroy this vehicle…”

“I will give Chinese officials fake information so that they can’t find you… Also, immediately contact the Intelligence Bureau to arrange a formal passport status from the US Embassy. You can be completely safe within up to 24 hours.”

“You should know the supreme authority of mine. If I ask, the intelligence service will definitely help me.”

The three agents were speechless, and the scene was silent.

Although the plan proposed by Li Wei was very urgent and had many loopholes, the 3 special agents had no choice now.

“Well, I give the hostage to you. Should I shoot your left hand or right hand?”

Putting the ‘small time bomb’ into the pocket, the three agents placed Qin Wenhui on the ground and turned to look at him.

“Shoot my left hand, but not now. Get on the car and shoot me when you’re dozens of meters away from me. Try to make everything real.”



A bullet hit Li Wei’s left hand accurately, causing him to fall to the ground.

Resisting the severe pain, Li Wei saw the three agents leave, and immediately notified the National Special Bureau.

“I am the person in charge of from the K1 to K3 area and found the targets!”

“I killed all the targets with a grenade and succeeded in saving the hostage Qin Wenhui, but I was also shot…”

“Copy that! The medical staff will speed up to support…”

Before the car of the three agents left far, Li Wei hung up the phone and pressed the button on the remote bomb controller.


With a loud bang, the thick smoke and flames last for a long time.

Needless to say, the three agents and the car had been blown into ashes, and even the brilliant doctors couldn’t see anything.

“Sorry, I forgot to tell you.”

Li Wei destroyed the controller and threw it into the sewer. He took a long breath. “It is not only a time bomb, but also a remote-controlled bomb.”

“If you get caught alive during the escape, who can guarantee that you won’t sell me out?”

“Don’t blame me, since I only believe in one thing.”

“Only the dead can keep a secret.”

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