I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 54

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Translator: Sheng Chen

Editor: Arya

Chapter 54: A Great News

Then, Li Wei used up all his ammunition and tore off his clothes to bandage his arm.

Now Li Wei’s left arm was bloodstained, like a very hero who tried his best to rescue the hostage!

Pretending to lie on the ground and exhausted, Li Wei began to make final preparations – in his mind, he was thinking about how he killed three foreign agents and successfully rescued the hostage, in case the organization asked him.

The ambulance, the police, and the personnel of the National Special Bureau came one after another.

Seeing burnt car, the ashes of the foreign agents, and Li Wei, who was shot and had successfully rescued the hostage, people became impressed by him.

Along with the compliments and praises, Li Wei’s actions were successfully recognized.

He was sent to the intensive care unit together with Qin Wenhui, who was still in a coma.

However, this didn’t mean that it was over.

When Qin Wenhui, who recovered consciousness, woke up, the first sentence he spoke caught the attentions of several high-level officials in the ward.

“It’s weird! These three foreign agents took the initiative to ask me to hand over the book that recorded the complete Kunlun secret martial arts. It’s impossible for outsiders to know the existence of the book of the Dragon Elephant Wave!”

“Those who know that I am practicing the martial arts are either the staff of the secret base, or the members of the National Special Bureau.”

“If a staff member in the secret base is the spy, I should have been attacked on the first day I started the cultivation, and it would have been impossible to stay safe.”

Director Guo couldn’t help but frown. “What do you mean? Are there spies inside the National Special Bureau? They leaked information to outsiders, which led to the invasion tonight?”

“I am not sure whether there is any traitor in our bureau.”

Qin Wenhui shook his head slightly. “I just think that isn’t it too much of a coincidence?”

“Director Guo, we only left the secret base for less than one day, and foreign agents came to me. If it hadn’t been for that I called the police in advance, the consequences would be really unimaginable…”

Qin Wenhui’s face looked sorrowful. “Before you found me, I might have been drained of all the values, put in sack, and gotten thrown into the bottom of the river!”

Director Guo remained silent, then he whispered with several other senior officials.

After that, he decisively told Qin Wenhui. “We can’t forget what happened tonight. Take a rest, and I will report to the superior immediately.”

“As for traitors, I fully believe in the comrades of the bureau. But if there is such a traitor, I must not turn a blind eye to him.”

“Director Guo, what do you want to do?” Qin Wenhui asked with his eyes wide-open.

“Very simple.”


“I have discussed with several other deputy directors. The traitor definitely had a good understanding of your work habits. We will consider the staff in the bureau first, and we have to test everyone who has inquired about you or contacted you in the past 3 months.” Director Guo frowned and bit his teeth.

“Inquired about me or contacted me? That is, to investigate all the friends around me?” Qin Wenhui was a little embarrassed since he had lots of weird friends, and it was a bit embarrassing to be investigated openly by the organization.

Qin Wenhui suddenly thought of something, and then looked up to Director Guo. “By the way, Director Guo, should we test Li Wei? He just saved me from the 3 foreign agents tonight. Moreover, he was just transferred from the National Security Bureau, and he didn’t know me before, so he shouldn’t be the traitor.”

“Also, we got along well recently, and never had conflicts. He must be a good person.”

“No, I said it!”

Director Guo didn’t buy it at all. “We can’t let go of anyone who you have been acquainted with in these 3 months. You don’t have to worry about it.”

Qin Wenhui shrugged with helplessness. He wanted to repay Li Wei and help defend Li Wei.

But at present, it seemed that Director Guo would suspect everyone.

With the internal investigation, Director Guo was shocked to discover that Li Wei had secretly entered the archives several times by the reason of sorting the files, and he stayed several hours there every time.

Director Guo was very clear that he had never asked anyone to do that.

There are secrets! Li Wei must have a secret!

Even if he is not a traitor, he must have a big secret.

Out of curiosity and with doubts, Director Guo took more efforts to investigate and analyze the traces of Li Wei, then a more shocking discovery came!

Before Qin Wenhui was kidnapped by foreign agents, Qin Wenhui had a meal in the cafeteria.

Li Wei seemed to have deliberately approached Qin Wenhui, calmly inquiring about Kunlun secret martial arts!

Not only the video footage of the monitor could support this doubt, but also Qin Wenhui’s friends knew this.

Li Wei supervisor was very likely to be involved in the case, who might be one of the main key figures behind the scenes.

Catch a big fish!

Director Guo excitedly muttered.

But soon he found that he had no direct evidence.

Touching his chin, Director Guo was immersed in meditation. “If Li Wei is really the man behind the scenes, he is absolutely eager to get the book that records the secret martial arts of Kunlun!”

“Maybe I can lure him out with this bait!”

“But I must wait a while to eliminate Li Wei’s own sense of vigilance.”

“I should keep it secret from Qin Wenhui. He now trusts Li Wei, and doesn’t know his real identity. His trust can relax Li Wei and let him feel that he isn’t exposed yet.”

After the treatment in the intensive care unit, Li Wei, who was injured in the left arm, could also leave the hospital.

Returning to the National Special Bureau, Li Wei found that the National Special Bureau launched an intensive investigation during his absence.

It seemed that the superiors believed that there was a traitor who leaked Qin Wenhui’s personal information.

Otherwise, there should have been no foreign agents attacking immediately.

The investigation had been conducted for a while. In addition to finding a few corrupt officers, the National Special Bureau hadn’t found out the spies, and gradually the wave of unrest passed.

After that, Li Wei was somewhat worried about his identity. He secretly tested Qin Wenhui several times, but the latter always had a high degree of trust in him.

His expression was real, even with the psychology that Li Wei learned in the United States, micro-expressions were also hard to escape Li Wei’s eyes.

Time passed by, Li Wei gradually relaxed his mind.

But after the high-level meeting held for discussion, a sudden and good news came to Li, which made him feel that everything went so smoothly!

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