I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 55

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Chapter 55: Re-create the Mobile Game!

“Congratulations, Li Wei.”

“Given your consistent attitude, and the performance when the foreign agents invaded and kidnapped Qin Wenhui, you took the lead to fight boldly, even if you were shot…the organization agrees that you are a good party member!”

“To this end, your work will be transferred to others for the next 3 weeks.”

“2 days later, that is, next Monday, you and the other 3 comrades in the bureau will head to the secret base in Beijing to study the full set of Kunlun secret martial arts – Dragon Elephant Wave!”

These were the original words of Director Guo, which were announced in public.

When hearing the good news, Li Wei couldn’t believe his ears!

He worked so hard before, but he still got nothing about the so-called Kunlun martial arts.

Now only by killing his 3 coworkers and the batter-body trick, he successfully let the core executives think that he was loyal, but also got the chance to learn the martial arts!

No, he even knew the complete name of the Kunlun secret martial arts.

Dragon Elephant Wave!

It was a ridiculous but a great fact!

Without hesitation, after leaving the National Special Bureau, Li Wei quietly sent out the news, and then waited for a reply.

Just one day later, the response from the CIA came.

Try to capture the contents of the full set of the Dragon Elephant Wave with a miniature camera, and then transfer them to the other side of the ocean through encrypted satellite signals.

Li Wei accepted the order with pleasure.

Inside the secret base in Beijing, though there was no longer Meng Jingyu, the student Liu Meng, who had the fastest progress, had already reached the 19th layer, and now became a tutor to teach others under the authority of the state.

Li Wei and other four people seemed to be his first class.

Although he had no such ability like Meng Jingyu, Liu Meng still tried his best to explain all the steps of his own cultivation in detail.

After working all day, at night, Li Wei took out the miniature camera from his personal belongings and started the operation in his single bedroom.

In the faint light, Li Wei looked at the big book that recorded the Dragon Elephant Wave, he had a big smile on his face.

This is another major victory for the United States!

Star Spangled Banner!

Long live the United States!

Stupid Chinese, can’t you think of my true identity?

Our father in heaven, may everyone honor your name as holy…

Praying, Li Wei smiled like a child very proud and happy.

In the main control room, Director Guo and others looked at Li Wei on the monitor screen, and laughed.

“I can’t imagine that Li Wei is actually a spy! But since he meets us, he’s so unlucky!”

“Ha-ha, it seems that he still wants to send the information out? Unfortunately, he doesn’t know that the entire secret base is covered by EMP (electromagnetic pulses), so no signal can be transmitted!”

“A prayer of excitement? I’ll send you to hell!”

Everyone laughed more happily, and many were even more eager to discuss what they would say to mock this spy.

Someone couldn’t help but look at Director Guo. “Director Guo, should we act now?”

Waving his hand, Director Guo shook his head slightly. “Don’t worry, Li Wei, as a senior spy who kept lurking in foreign countries, will definitely choose to commit suicide when arrested.”

“As far as I know, such agents always readily prepare poisonous drugs in the gums, or in underwear, armpits, and a**s…”

“When Li Wei and other people take a bath tomorrow morning, he will be naked, then we can release the anesthetic gas from the ventilation duct of the bathroom and faint him. Check his gums, armpits, a**s, and make sure he won’t commit suicide. After that, we will start the interrogation.”

Next day, inside the bathroom.

“I was discovered?”

Li Wei had this last thought when he passed out in the bathroom.

Opening his eyes with difficulty and looking around, Li Wei found that his hands and feet were tied up, the poisonous drugs hidden in his body were also confiscated, and he was in a strange interrogation room.

“Li Wei? Or, the senior foreign spy lurking in the National Special Bureau?”

Li Wei looked up and saw the smiley faces of Director Guo and others.

Li Wei knew that he had no way to escape. As a senior spy, the only ending after exposing his identity was death.

Of course, it didn’t rule out the chance that his value would be drained out, and he would stay in the prison for decades. When he became old, the two countries would exchange spies, hence he might have the opportunity to be buried in the American land.

Even if the Dragon Slayer faces death, he must raise his head nobly and not yield to the evil red dragon.

Keeping silent, Li Wei turned a deaf ear to everything.

“Do you think that silence can make us helpless?”

Director Guo stood up and got out with others.

At the same time, a group of personnel in the National Security Bureau, who waited for a long time, walked in.

To stimulate Li Wei deliberately, Director Guo walked very slowly and talked loudly.

“Interrogation requires professionals to conduct. We at National Special Bureau are okay to handle supernatural events, but now, we need the National Security Bureau to open the mouth of the enemy.”

“Director Guo is too modest. If you didn’t lure him out, we couldn’t have guessed that this guy was actually a senior spy lurking for decades.”

“Mr. Li Wei, please enjoy the greetings of the iron fist of the communist dictatorship.”

When closing the door of the interrogation room, Director Guo and others said the last sentence very slowly in unison.

“We, will never see again!”

When the government was busy arresting and interrogating the foreign senior spy, also defending the precious book that recorded the Kunlun secret martial arts, Hu Feng, who had already given up the image of Meng Jingyu, didn’t waste his time.

He was busy calculating his fudge values.

“The total number of currently available fudge values is 3,890,317.63…” Hu Feng quickly sorted out. “That is, nearly 3.9 million fudge values.”

“With so much fudge values, it may not be possible to create supernatural phenomena that permeate the entire 9.6 million square kilometers of land in China, but if the scope is reduced to one or half province, it should be more than enough.”

Looking away from the system panel, Hu Feng began to think about his new plan.

In Hu Feng’s plan, he couldn’t limit the area in China, instead, the vast world would be his own playground.

It is always the most interesting thing to modify the whole world!

“Well, I have been working on 2 fudge projects in the motherland – the spiritual mobile game and the secret martial arts master coming out of the grave who kept looking for his lover.”

“As for the spiritual mobile game, I didn’t have enough fudge values at the time, so I couldn’t have a thorough plan. If I have time in the future, I must work on the plan again. Since there are black and white mages, it’s best to involve the underworld government, and enlarge the area to all of China.” Hu Feng whispered.

“The next new fudge project will be carried out in a foreign country.”

Opening the world map, Hu Feng looked over.

Eventually, he eyes stopped at an island country that was closer to China and also belonged to the East Asian cultural circle.


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yup china novel always targeting japan, so racist 😀

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