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I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 57

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Translator: Sheng Chen

Editor: Arya
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Chapter 57: The Boss

Taking out the pen and paper, he started the inference.

Since it would be the soul of a famous figure of Chinese legends, it meant that he should be a loser, otherwise he wouldn’t have been killed to become a soul!”

This key condition was still not enough, so Hu Feng bit the pen and continued to think.

“Secondly, since he left China, it implied that his enemy was too strong in China, so he must have left.”

Hu Feng wrote down the third condition. “He is far from the history of modern China.”

Before writing down the fourth, Hu Feng was shocked and stood up.

Because he suddenly recalled one perfect match!


The descendant of Emperor Yan, he was the God of War in ancient Chinese mythology.

More than 5,000 years ago, Chiyou, the grandson of the former Emperor Yan, attacked the West. The new successor of the Emperor Yan was defeated and moved to meet the tribe of Emperor Huang.

Emperor Huang joined the tribe of Emperor Yan, and he fought against Chiyou.

Chiyou was defeated and died, and his tribe was dissolved and merged into the Emperor Huang’s.

In view of the great ability of Chiyou, Emperor Huang worried that Chiyou might be resurrected again, so he buried his corpse in different areas.

Chiyou met every condition that Hu Feng had set!

“Chiyou should be the soul that possesses this Japanese teenager, and guides the latter to become a ‘modified samurai’.”

“Maybe I can arrange the soul to be hidden in an antique. The Japanese teenager finds it and has an adventure, then the Japanese teenager will be convinced.”

Hu Feng had initially set up the plan of the Japanese onmyojis and the Bushido, so he naturally had to finalize the villain!

“In Japanese myths and legends, the most powerful and notorious one is Orochimaru.” Hu Feng whispered and frowned.

He didn’t like the setting of Orochimaru because this villain had nothing to do with the onmyojis, samurai, and the soul of Chiyou.

He then read the description of Orochimaru.

– Eight heads and eight tails, bright red eyes, moss on the back, rain clouds over the head, the body looks like eight peaks……

“Big snake? Eight heads?” Hu Feng seemed to remember a similar introduction in the Shan Hai Jing.

He started searching it quickly, and soon the drawing and text of a monster caught his attention.

“Xiangliu, the ancient beast, the snake’s body with nine heads, eats numerous people. Wherever it goes, it brings flood. It likes to eat the soil. It can easily eat numerous peaks at a time…… The water it spat out is bitter and undrinkable…… Dayu decided to expel and kill it…… Its flesh is stinking and poisonous, not edible.”

Shan Hai Jing was really the ancient Chinese mythology recipes, in every three sentences, there would be an introduction of food, which made Hu Feng sigh.

“This is it! I can set the true identity of the snake as Xiangliu, who escaped from ancient China and traveled to Japan.” His words were full of joy and excitement.

“The reason why Xiangliu had only 8 heads was because one head has been cut off by Dayu!”

“Xiangliu, who fled to Japan to continue to make troubles, was sealed by the gods of Takamagahara deep in Mount Fuji. As time passed by, the gods of Takamagahara have already left, and the seal had gradually weakened, so Xiangliu was about to wake up and break through the seal.”

Hu Feng went on to have a rather ridiculous deduction. “Since Chiyou is the descendant of Emperor Yan, Xiangliu naturally knows some of his deeds.”

“So, in the final battle between the two, the plot must be played like this.”

“A large number of onmyojis had a low attacking effect, so Xiangliu didn’t care about it. He not only wanted to swallow the whole of Japan, but also wanted to control the tsunami and sink Tokyo.”

“When Japan was about to be destroyed, the Japanese young samurai who was possessed by the soul of Chiyou, stood out alone and stopped him. Then, because they knew each other, they had arguments and spread my fictional mythological history to the whole world.” Hu Feng walked around the room happily.

“The Japanese young samurai fought with all his efforts, but he still lost.”

“At the critical time, the soul burned its own strength, completely took over the body of the young warrior, and fought against Xiangliu with great techniques. In the end, it seriously damaged and drove away Xiangliu, but the soul fell asleep due to over consumption.”

“The twists and turns, the ups and downs of the plot, sure enough will make all the Japanese people……no, the governments and people all over the world who witnesses this, nervous and anxious!”

“And by that time, I, who played the role of the soul, can easily get out……”

“After all, the time when the soul recovers and wakes up, isn’t up to me. I have to arrange for the further future! Ha-ha-ha!”

Thinking of this, Hu Feng couldn’t help but cheer for himself.

It was a wonderful idea!

But before going to Japan, since the summer vacation was about to end, Hu Feng communicated with the system and consumed 5 points of fudge value, creating a humanoid muddy body that was completely consistent with his blood, internal organs, appearance, personality, and eating habits, to replace him to go to school.

It could handle his ordinary daily life very well.

However, considering that there might be accidents such as fires, car accidents, earthquakes, etc., Hu Feng wrote an alarm program on the core of the body.

In the event of an accident, he would receive a message right away, and immediately switch his mind back to the core and control his body to handle these.

With millions of fudge values, Hu Feng directly consumed thousands of fudge values to create a space door, so that he could instantly come to Tokyo, Japan after using stealth.

The bright sun in the early September was hanging in the sky of Tokyo.

Formerly called Edo, Japan’s most important city since the Tokugawa Shogun era, had 23 special districts, 26 cities, 5 towns, and 8 villages, and it was a mega city with a population of 40 million……

Looking down from the sky and watching numerous pedestrians between the high-rise buildings, Hu Feng couldn’t help but fall into confusion and contemplation.

Which Japanese people should he choose to become the onmyojis?

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