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I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 59

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Translator: Sheng Chen
Editor: Arya

Chapter 59: Endowing Notebook!

“It’s time to rest.”

Hanging the sunny doll, Sumika was exhausted.

Since she was diagnosed with acute leukemia and hospitalized, she had vaguely felt that her physical strength became worse after the chemotherapy.

Today, she went out of the ward to eavesdrop on her parents’ conversation, wrote down her wishes, and stood up to hang the sunny doll, so the amount of activity far exceeded her past physical strength limit.

Lying on the bed, Sumika could barely open her eyes.


With a loud noise, a notebook somehow fell on her head.

Waking up with pain, Sumika couldn’t help but look at it.

This was a blue and white notebook with the cover of a black lucky cat.

Under the lucky cat, there were 2 large golden words.

Sumika read the 2 words. “Endowing Notebook?”

As she read, the space over notebook began twisting like water ripples.

When Sumika gazed at the notebook in horror, the black lucky cat with its front paw stretched out walked and squatted on her pillow without hesitation.

Hu Feng didn’t intend to appear in front of patients and the disabled with his real face, but he needed to find an image for himself since he couldn’t communicate with people as an invisible man.

Since the Japanese loved the lucky cats, Hu Feng simply turned himself into a black lucky cat, symbolizing the magical power of destroying the unfortunate disasters, in order to eliminate the fear of supernatural things of the patients and the disabled. To convince them that he was the only spokesperson of the gods of Takamagahara.

As for the endowing notebook, this was what Hu Feng meticulously prepared for the patients and the disabled to help them become onmyojis.

As long as you wrote your own name on the first page of the endowing notebook, you would become a trainee onmyoji.

On the follow-up book pages, all the data information of the trainee onmyojis would be recorded.

Moreover, these trainee onmyojis will follow the procedures set by Hu Feng – challenge and solve the Japanese ghosts and mysteries respectively. With the notebook, the onmyojis could plunder the life and tame the ghosts to subsidize for themselves.

If a patient got the endowing notebook, he must keep following Hu Feng’s arrangement, fighting against the devils in various parts of Japan and plundering time from them, to slow down the onset of one’s disease, or to spend tons of his own time to get a new life and a healthy body.

Hu Feng also made the endowing notebooks serve as onmyoji shop.

Onmyojis can consume the common currency in the shop – time, to buy their own onmyoji advanced materials, low-quality shikigamis (The high-quality shikigamis are the key that Hu Feng used to lure and control the onmyojis, so that it was not possible to buy them.), onmyoji methods, onmyoji skills, onmyoji props, and the consumables to restore physical strength.

Even if it was a disabled person that got an endowing notebook, the process would be similar.

In fact, Hu Feng also specially set up many hidden magical abilities inside the endowing notebook.

For example, those who held the notebooks could team up with each other, exchange information, chat, and trade.

However, since no one had become an onmyoji, it was currently closed.

In short, the endowing notebook was like a smartphone with a larger screen and more features.

It didn’t require to pay for the data network, and it was only used to communicate with members of the internal onmyoji organization.

What Hu Feng thought now was also very straightforward.

First, he would fool Sumika to write her name on the endowing notebook, and then let her try to challenge the Japanese ghosts as a trainee onmyoji.

If he found any unreasonable loopholes, he could just fix it.

Assuming that everything went smoothly without bugs, then Hu Feng would consume a large number of fudge values to create more robot black cats with low-level Al and endowing notebooks, in order to up the scale of the project.

“Did you wake me up? In return, you will have to meet my 3 requirements.”

“I want to eat dorayaki, sukiyaki, and seven grass porridge now!”

Seeing the deep fear in the eyes of the young girl in front of him, Hu Feng began to talk very 



Amused by the black lucky cat, fear in the Sumika’s mind disappeared. She didn’t fall back, but began to observe the black lucky cat.

Looking at Hu Feng’s furry appearance, Sumika couldn’t help but want to reach out and touch it.

But after all, she was still worried about offending it, so she quickly retracted her right hand.

Looking at his eyes, Sumika whispered to him. “Mr. Cat, what are you?”

Anyway, no one else was there, and Hu Feng also wanted to perform, so he simply made a few exaggerated cat movements and said.

“Since you asked sincerely, I will tell you with great compassion.”

“In order to prevent the world from being destroyed and protect Japan’s peace.”

“The cute and charming cat that implements the justice of love and hope.”

“I, Cat Spirit Number 1 is here!”

Sumika was stunned, they looked at each other with their eyes wide-open.

After a while, Sumika couldn’t help but ask again. “Mr… Mr. Cat Spirit, my name is Ono Sumika. Although I can’t understand what you said, your name is Number 1, right?”

“You can say that again.”

In view of the fact that there would be thousands of patients and the disabled getting endowing notebooks in the future, Hu Feng didn’t intend to give names to each black lucky cats since it was too much trouble, hence he just called them directly according to the birth order. No.1, No.3, No.3……

“Wait! Maybe in the future, female onmyojis like Ono Sumika, would like to give a unique name for the endowing notebooks, so I can design a cat re-name function!”

Hu Feng thought. “As long as the onmyojis are willing to spend huge amounts of time, their black lucky cats can be renamed!”

“Not only that, as long as they are willing to spend more time, their lucky Cats can also change into different clothes, such as outdoor sports striped suits, swimming suits, winter jacket, and windbreakers…… Ha-ha! A nice way to recycle time.”

Feeling that the eyes of this black lucky cat were weird, Sumika couldn’t help but push him gently. “Mr. Cat No. 1, are you okay? You look a bit strange……”


Quickly coming out of his trance, Hu Feng put on a serious face and looked at Sumika.

“Since you and I already know each other’s names, then I will tell you that something astonishing.”

Seeing the lucky cat suddenly become so serious, Sumika became curious, and she carefully listened to him.

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