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I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 61

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Translator: Sheng Chen
Editor: Arya

Chapter 61: Tenmondou, Rekisuudou and Onmyodo

“I can!”

Sumika looked firm and persistent, and promised loudly. “Thank you for telling me, Mr. Lucky Cat No. 1! Even if there’s only a hint of hope, I am willing to give it a try, because the value of my personal life not only belongs me, the last thing I want to see is the tears of my parents and friends at my funeral.”

Fortunately, when Hu Feng appeared in the ward, he completely cut off the sounds.

Otherwise, when Sumika exclaimed loudly, it would have definitely attracted many doctors and nurses.

“As you wish.”

Pushing the endowing notebook to her with his claw, Hu Feng gestured. “Write down your name on the first page, and you will own it and become a trainee onmyoji.”

“The endowing notebook will tell you what to do next.”

“If you have any problem, you can always ask me.”


After picking up the notebook, Sumika picked up an automatic pen and carefully wrote her name down.

She looked focused and highly serious, seeming that she was afraid of her mistakes in writing typos would tarnish this gift of the gods.

Seeing this, Hu Feng simply had a smile.

Originally, he wanted to fool Sumika and relax her mind, in order to let her accept the endowing notebook.

However, with his ingenious eloquence, Sumika took the initiative to request for the endowing notebook and stated that she wouldn’t be afraid of any hard troubles.

“Girl, it seems that you don’t understand the situation……”

Looking at her with a little pity, Hu Feng began to control the core of the endowing notebook, and issued instructions to Sumika.

“You have bound the current endowing notebook and become the owner of the endowing notebook No. 1.”

“Your personal attribute bar has appeared in the endowing notebook and can be viewed by scrolling.”

For this information flow that suddenly appeared in her mind, Sumika was shocked for a moment before realizing that the notebook was in contact with her.

Boosting her courage, Sumika began to flip through the notebook, and she first saw rows of personal attributes introduction.

Name: Ono Sumika

Age: 17

Identity: owner of endowing notebook No. 1

Heritance: (gray, unavailable, not awakened)

Consume 100,000 time points to reveal the full name of the heritance.

Consume 90 million time points to unblock the heritance and get 1 to 3 heritance spells.

Order: trainee onmyoji

Level: 0 (requires 100 experience points to reach the next level)

(Leveling up allows you to increase the maximum mana limit, the ability to restore the mana and other aspects)

Time points (currency, you can buy various props in the shop of endowing notebooks): 0

Mana value: 10

Mana restored per hour: 0.1

To become a formal onmyoji, you need to read through the books of the onmyoji heritance, such as Yijing, Hetu, Luoshu, Taiyi, Qimenjia, etc.

Without mastering the mystery of Tenmondou and Rekisuudou, you can’t unlock various spells or unlock the shikigami summoning system.

The three major departments of Tenmondou: star (gray), illusion (gray), sacrifice (dark black, the gods are permanently unavailable)

The three major departments of Rekisuudou: divination (gray), orientation (gray), face (grey)

The three major departments of Onmyodo: charm (killing, auxiliary spells), mantra (liberate, interfere mind, seal-like spells), onmyoji techniques (pure killing spells), summoning array (summon different types of shikigamis)

Currently learned spells: none

Current shikigami systems: 1 (that is, only 1 shikigami can be summoned at the same time)

Maximum shikigami level: 1

Number of shikigamis that have contracted: 0

The mana required to summon 1 level-1 shikigami in the world per second: 30

Whenever shikigamis attack, it requires the mana of the onmyoji who has a contract with it.

(The higher level the shikigami is, the more mana cost per second needed to summon it to reality.)

The high-level shikigamis are unique and limited to only 1 onmyoji.

When an onmyoji dies, the shikigamis will be released from the contract

The blessings of the gods of Takamagahara for each trainee onmyoji – after completing the first mission released by the endowing notebook, you can collect here.

The blessings of the gods of Takamagahara for each formal onmyoji – after thoroughly mastering the books of onmyoji inheritance such as Yijing, Hetu, Luoshu, Taiyi and Qimenjia, you can collect here.

The current released mission 1: go to Zeng Shang Temple in Tokyo to eliminate or liberate the ghosts [Natto]

Given that it is Ono Sumika’s first time to view the mission, it now provides ghost information – Natto, 40 cm tall, weighing 5 kg, very fond of eating natto

In view of the fact that Ono Sumika has not mastered any spells, it now hints you the daily commodities that can be used to attack ghosts:

—— [Salt], pure salt can cause burning effect on weak ghosts.

—— [Fried soybeans], with the help of the traditional custom of the Bean Festival, can expel the weak ghosts.

—— [Uncuttable seaweed sushi rolls], with 7 kinds of ingredients that symbolize the traditional meaning of auspicious, namely pickled gourd strips, cucumber, egg rolls, eel, meat floss, crab sticks, shiitake. After eating the seaweed sushi rolls, you will be immune to weak mob attack in 10 minutes and intimidate them.

Do you want to receive the mission 1?

Sumika read the information.

When she saw the final mission introduction, she couldn’t help but frown, and her face looked anxious as if she didn’t know what she should do.

Observing the change of her expressions, Hu Feng pretended like he knew nothing, looked at the time crowdfunding, and then asked. “Go to the Buddhist temple? Eliminate Natto? Sumika, it looks very simple. Is there any problem?”

“Lucky Cat, don’t you know……”

Sumika smiled wryly. “Since I have the acute leukemia caused by the strong onmyoji inheritance, I cannot leave the hospital.”

“Though I look very healthy, in fact, I am physically weak. I will pant whenever I walk a few steps. The onset may come at any time, and I will need a doctor to save me……”

“Well, I am useless…… Even if I get the blessings of the gods of Takamagahara, and you come to me with the endowing notebook, I can’t do anything……” Sumika sighed disheartenedly.

I actually forgot this!

Many people who are seriously ill can barely stand up. It’s like torturing when they walk a few meters. In this case, even simple missions seem impossible to them.

There are even patients who have no feelings except brain waves, I must consider them.

Thanks to Sumika’s reminder, otherwise if I had released it before testing, it would have definitely failed, resulting in many patients like Sumika, who can only hold the endowing notebook helplessly.

Hu Feng immediately decided to fix these irrationalities.

Blinking his amber eyes, Hu Feng told Sumika. “Sumika, don’t be worried and sad. Look at my eyes.”

Raising her head doubtfully, Sumika looked over.

Instantly hypnotizing her, Hu Feng easily erased her recent memory, and then began to modify the endowing notebook.

At the next moment, he put down the endowing notebook quietly, and the details had changed.

For example, even for the patients with active brain waves whose bodies were paralyzed, endowing notebooks would actively communicate with them, prompting the former to understand that they had the onmyoji heritance and received the mission.

Once receiving the missions, the patient’s consciousness would be pulled into the endowing notebook and then they began the mission.

After completing a mission, the endowing notebook would reward the patients in the name of the blessings of the gods of Takamagahara, so that they could restore part of their health and could temporarily leave the hospital.

In reality, in front of numerous Japanese people, they would fight against the ghosts, and let the world witness the existence of onmyojis!

The content of Sumika’s mission had also been changed.

The current released mission 1: close your eyes when lying on the bed, have an out-of-body-experience of soul, and destroy or liberate the projection of [Bone Girl]

As the ancient evil sealed deep under Japan, they reached a strong relationship with thousands of ghosts such as ‘Bone Girl’.

Unless you completely kill the ancient evil that cannot be called directly, the onmyojis will only eradicate the infinite projection of the ghosts.

Elimination or liberating the projection can only weaken the power of the ghosts, but not eradicate it.

Hu Feng pondered.

If he didn’t add a projection setting of the ghosts, then when an onmyoji killed a ghost, other onmyojis wouldn’t be able to meet it.

As time passed by, the number of onmyojis would increase, but the number of ghosts would become less and less……

Maybe before the final boss ‘Orochimaru’ appeared on the stage, all the ghosts would have been killed by the onmyojis!

After setting these specific details, Hu Feng blinked his eyes, and Sumika, ​​who was originally hypnotized, immediately woke up.

She only remembered that she was about to read the mission on the endowing notebook, and some sand suddenly flew into her eyes, so she took the time to blink her eyes before she discharged the foreign matter in her eyes.

She continued to focus on the mission introduction on the endowing notebook seriously.

“Mission introduction…… Close my eyes and lie on the bed?”

The black lucky cat smiled, and Sumika couldn’t wait to try it.

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