I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 63

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Translator: Sheng Chen
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Chapter 63: Eight Trigrams Pattern

As time passed by, Sumika would immediately move down the next floor as long as she noticed that the movement of Bone Girl over her head got closer, in order to ensure that there was a floor of separation between her and Bone Girl.

But it didn’t take long for Sumika to retreat to the first floor, and she had almost nowhere to go!

“Do I really have to hide in this abandoned elevator?”

Listening to the moving sound getting closer and closer, even if Sumika kept comforting herself that this was just a novice mission, she couldn’t help but feel terrified and nervous!

What should I do?

I can’t leave the apartment or face her on the second floor.

Do I really want to gamble and hide in the elevator?

Anxious and uneasy, Sumika held a light stick, suddenly noticed a small irregularity on the poster of Takakura Ken on the wall of the elevator.

“What is this? Is it the hidden way out!”

With the expectation, Sumika got close to the poster with the light stick.

Looking carefully, it was a capitalized word ‘qian’.

When seeing the word, Sumika felt really upset since she had never read the metaphysical books that the onmyojis needed to learn, so that the implicit metaphysical decipherment caught her off guard.


As Bone Girl was already close above her head, Sumika could even imagine the picture – Bone Girl with human skin walked down the stairs like an ordinary person and quickly approached her.

“I can’t give up, I have to think about what it means.”

Sumika anxiously walked back and forth inside and outside the elevator and racked her brain.

“Qian? What is it? In the metaphysical books, qian symbolizes different things in different environments!”

“Since it is a novice mission, even if it is related to metaphysics, it shouldn’t be too difficult.”

Relying on Japanese folk customs and dramas, Sumika thought about it as much as she could.

In the meantime, she suddenly thought of the layout of the abandoned apartment.

This was a 9-story building with eight rooms on each floor.

Sumika hit upon an idea. “Eight trigrams! If so, it should be qian, kun, li, kan, zhen, gen, dui and xun!”

“Qian refers to the number one.”

“Since qian is on the poster in the elevator on the first floor, it means the way out is the room numbered 1 on the first floor!”

At the same time, the Bone Girl’s movement sounded like she was about to go downstairs, hence Sumika rushed to the room numbered 1.

She closed the door, closed the windows, pulled the curtains, etc. in one go.

After finishing all this, Sumika, ​​who was nervous, desperately tried to shrink her body against the wall, and then put her ear on the wall, hoping to hear the sounds outside.



Bone Girl seemed to be kicking on every door, and then went in to see if there was any person living.

Room numbered 8, room numbered 7……room numbered 2.

Extremely fast!

Sumika heard it very clearly that Bone Girl had already come out of the room numbered 2.

She was just outside the room where she was hiding!

Although the mission introduction stated that Bone Girl only had visual ability, Sumika, who was extremely nervous and fearful was shivering and couldn’t help but hold her breath and concentrate to avoid making any sound.

If possible, Sumika even wanted to stop her heartbeat.

1 second.

2 seconds.

3 seconds.

Staying outside for a moment, Bone Girl didn’t hesitate to move on.

Repeatedly confirming that she wasn’t outside, Sumika, who was soaked in sweat, finally opened her mouth and breathed fresh air.

However, unexpectedly, after Bone Girl found nothing, she didn’t seem to leave the first floor immediately, but went straight to the elevator.


Quietly pulling the curtains, Sumika witnessed Bone Girl, the upper body wore the beautiful skin of a woman, and the lower body was like a ghost, that she walked straight into the elevator.

“Too scary!”

“Fortunately, I didn’t hide there, otherwise I might have been discovered now!”

Noticing the Bone Girl come out of the elevator to return to the original path, Sumika immediately released the curtains nervously.



Bone Girl returned and once again passed the room numbered 1, where Sumika was hiding, then went upstairs to search again on the second floor.

Waiting for a few minutes and confirming that Bone Girl was really far away, Sumika came out.

She began to sort out all the information she knew. “She likes to change her skin. Every 30 minutes, she will return to the initial landing floor and spend 3 minutes replacing the new human skin……”

“Burn any human skin, then you can eliminate her……”

“There are a total of 9 floors, according to the Eight Trigrams, there should be no word in the elevator on one floor!”

“That is to say, that floor is the initial landing place of her? Or, when she searches on that floor, there’s no safe room to hide.”

“No, I can’t be completely sure about it. I have to go to the elevators on other floors and check them one by one.”

Analyzing the information, Sumika boosted her courage and headed towards the elevator on the second floor.

Anyway, Bone Girl was now re-searching from the lower floors to the higher floors, so she was absolutely safe since she was on the lower floor.

In addition, she personally witnessed that Bone Girl showed up no lower than the sixth floor, so the lower five floors had safe rooms which she could hide at any time even in the event of an accident.

In the elevator on the second floor, as predicted, Sumika found a small word ‘kun’ on the poster Yamaguchi Momoe.

The word ‘qian’ in the elevator on the first floor referred to the room number 1, which was an absolute safe point that won’t be broken into by Bone Girl.

Then the word ‘kun’ in the elevator on the second floor naturally referred to 2, which symbolized that the room numbered 10 on the second floor was also the safe point.

From then on, Sumika went safely all the way to the elevator on the top floor – the ninth floor.

As she imagined, there was no word on the elevator poster.

“No word means that there’s no safe spot on the top floor.”

Sumika pondered. “That is to say, this floor is the initial floor where Bone Girl arrived, and all of her skins should be on this floor!”

Sumika hurriedly searched in the 8 rooms on the top floor.

In the room numbered 71, Sumika saw many beautiful skins with different looks and temperament, like designer dresses, were hanged in a beautiful manner.

Looking around again, unexpectedly, Sumika found that the corners of the house were filled with petrol barrels, and a long lead stretched out.

Lighters and matches were placed on the table with great conspicuousness.

Sumika suddenly realized that this should be the rewards given by the endowing notebook for those who solved the metaphysical riddle on the elevator posters!

Without hesitation, she took a lighter to ignite the lead, then quickly left and rushed to the safe point on the eighth floor.

After a while, with the rise of the raging fire, Sumika clearly heard the cry of Bone Girl downstairs.

At the same time, the old apartment began to collapse and everything disappeared…..

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