I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 70

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Translator: Sheng Chen
Editor: Arya

Chapter 70: The Movement of the Parliamentarians

The high-definition video of onmyojis fighting against demons at night, captured by the journalists in Tokyo at close range really blew out the Japanese parliamentarians’ minds!

When seeing it for the first time, many parliamentarians considered it as the latest onmyoji movie produced with modern technology of computer synthesis.

However, after the technicians repeatedly checked the frames one by one, they found a sensational fact – the video wasn’t fake!

Even then there were still some young parliamentarian who were deeply influenced by science and atheism, they were determined not to believe in it, but they became deeply shocked after they were brought to the scene by the senior police inspector of the Metropolitan Police Department to see the traces of the battle and the magic circle on the ground that had not yet disappeared.

As for the 47 young onmyojis arrested and detained in the police station, the parliamentarians were very much inclined to maintain contact with them after repeated discussions.

After all, these onmyojis had mastered extraordinary abilities. Although they seemed no different from ordinary people, no parliamentarians dared to guarantee that they wouldn’t control their shikigamis for revenge.

Thanks to onmyoji legends in Japan, the parliamentarians were also awe-inspiring about the so-called onmyojis who controlled shikigamis and possessed great talents.

Sometimes it was also necessary to pay attention to the way of controlling a person.

The Japanese parliamentarians naturally wouldn’t threaten the onmyojis by blackmailing them with the safety of their parents, ruthlessly, like the gangsters.

The parliamentarians, who controlled the vast majority of Japan’s resources, wanted to draw them to their side, making them feel the goodwill of the Japanese government and become willing to serve the government.

Through a detailed investigation, the parliamentarians got all kinds of information concerning all the onmyojis with great speed, including family, personal preferences, behaviors, online dating lists……

They got everything that could possibly be found.

Next day, in the interrogation room of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, the parliamentarians secretly contacted the director of the police department and asked him to separate those who hadn’t said anything resolutely, from others.

As for those onmyojis who valued family relationships, the parliamentarians contacted the consortium to promote or raise the salary of the family members of the onmyojis, even better they simply transferred them to a government agency with high pay and light work and then allowed the onmyojis to chat with their family for a short time, informing them of various changes in the family.

As for the tramps or those who lived in rental houses and had normal jobs, the parliamentarians straightforwardly promised to give them villas, sports cars, beautiful female stars and other financial resources if they could serve the government.

As for the individual onmyojis with ambitions or who had left remarks against the parliament online, the parliamentarians asked the police officers, who were good at torturing the criminals without leaving any traces to violence, to deal with them!

For example, they tied the feet of the onmyojis higher than their heads, covered their faces with towels, and poured water on their faces. The onmyojis would suffocate, but they were unable to struggle, totally helpless.

After the onmyojis took the initiative to ask for mercy, the police officers, who were instructed by the superiors, would turn a deaf ear to them and tell them that this was the result if they didn’t cooperate with the government, trying to play bad cop to the extreme.

However, the police director would come in and scream at those bad policemen at that moment.

He would immediately order them to untie the shackles on the onmyojis, comfort them and played as a good man who was completely unaware of the bad behavior of his subordinates in order to earn the trust of the tormented onmyojis.

Those parliamentarians who were expert in controlling others easily manipulated this behind the scene and simply made all the captured onmyojis surrender.

Even when a few unyielding onmyojis still refused to cooperate with them even after the tortures like water punishment, the parliamentarians didn’t care at all.

They felt as long as the extraordinary power of an individual onmyoji couldn’t resist 5 combat tanks of self-defense forces, it wasn’t a big deal to send them directly to the secret prison for a lifetime!

Inside the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, the real interrogation began quietly.

Among 47 arrested onmyojis, Ono Sumika, as a young girl with no social experience but hospitalized for many years, became the target of the parliamentarians as they planned to start from her.

They arranged the hidden camera and other devices in advance so that the parliamentarians could get to know the scene live.

Playing as an amiable image of an old man, the police director took the lead in starting a conversation with Ono Sumika. Although they chatted with various topic, he never mentioned the investigation of the onmyojis.

“Sumika, you should know my identity. I’m the police director of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, Kenichi Fujita. I’m responsible mainly for some criminal civil cases……”

“In fact, really, I have never believed that there were actually onmyojis in the world! I always thought it was a stupid folklore or something.”

“If it’s okay, Sumika, can you tell me how you became an onmyoji? Were you instructed by a famous teacher? The shrine inheritance?”

Hearing this, Sumika shook her head. “Well, what should I say? I actually became a trainee onmyoji less than a week ago.”

“A few days ago, I was still a patient suffering the late stage of acute leukemia and I was forced to be hospitalized and waiting for the end of my life……”

Unpretentiously telling her past, Sumika seemed to be recalling her good memory. “When I was about to give up completely, the servant who represented the gods of Takamagahara in the world showed up!”

“It came to my side, not only sent the blessings of the gods of Takamagahara, but also pointed out that I was actually a descendant of the ancient onmyojis, so that I can now become a trainee onmyoji to protect the love and the hope of the entire Japanese land, fighting against the ancient evil that cannot be called directly in the near future!”

Although she just said it easily, but to the police director and the parliamentarians behind the scenes, it was a crazy amount of information!

Gods of Takamagahara actually existed? Were there also servants who served the gods in the world? What kind of blessings had been sent, so that this girl has become an onmyoji with extraordinary ability in less than a week?

Sumika was still a seriously ill patient in the late stage of acute leukemia last week. Now her face looked fair and she could even run and jump. It was completely impossible for her to be a dying patient. Was this also an additional reward for the onmyojis?

Assuming that an ordinary person had accepted the blessings of the gods of Takamagahara, could he become an onmyoji?

What was the so-called ancient evil that cannot be called directly?

All kinds of thoughts came to their minds.

No matter if it was the police director or the behind-the-scenes parliamentarians, everyone was confused.

In addition to being shocked, they were also extremely worried.

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