I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 71

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Chapter 71: The Forewarning of Hyakkiyakou

Coming out of his trance, the police director quickly asked.

“Sumika, what does ‘servant’ mean? What’s this about ‘the blessing of gods of Takamagahara’? What’s the meaning of the term ‘ancient evil that cannot be called directly’? Can you elaborate?”

Sumika slightly frowned as she repeatedly pondered.

She felt that if the ancient evil was about to appear, they wouldn’t be able to resist since currently the power of the onmyoji organization was still too weak.

As she pondered, she understood that they would be able to get a lot of help from the government by revealing the truth……

At this point, Sumika made a decision.

“The servants are the black lucky cats. As far as I know, every onmyoji will have a personal black lucky cat. They will answer all kinds of basic questions for onmyojis and guide them when using their ‘Endowing notebooks……”

“Endowing notebooks?” The police director was confused and couldn’t help but ask.

“What is that?”

Sumika solemnly said. “It is not something ordinary. According to the servant, it is a wonderful artifact created by the gods of Takamagahara, before the departure of the gods. It is specially used by the onmyojis to enhance their growth!”

“We onmyojis have long forgotten the glory of our ancestors, as well as Tenmondou, Rekisuudou and Onmyodo……”

“If it weren’t for the magical endowing notebooks created by God, I wouldn’t be called an onmyoji at all!”

At the beginning, Sumika said gently, but as she continued, she couldn’t help but talk with her head held up high since she was obviously proud of her identity as an onmyoji.

Looking at the police director who was already stunned, Sumika changed the topic. “As for the ancient evil that cannot be called directly, I don’t know its specific identity……”

“But according to the servant, at present, the horrible ghosts that rage all Japan at night have a close relationship with the ancient evil.” Sumika told as much as possible about the information she knew to him.

“Given the fact the ancient evil hasn’t woken up yet, these ghosts are also in the projection state of immortality, their intelligence and combat power are only a fraction of their true bodies.”

The police director and the parliamentarians became completely speechless.

In particular, some elderly parliamentarians kept wiping the cold sweat on their cheeks and speculating about what this ancient evil exactly was and why it had had such a great power.

Many parliamentarians were also wondering how much odds did they have of winning if they had their self-defense forces in Japan fight against these so-called projections of ghosts?

If they couldn’t win, they would have to spend a fortune to ask the US military stationed at the military base in Japan to maintain law and order.

But if that was the case, wouldn’t it cause a lot of bad events and chaos leading to robbery?

Or they could simply hide the fact, not announcing the news to the public. Anyway, they were just a few ghosts. As long as they strengthened the patrol police force nearby, it would be fine.

When the parliamentarians were in a dilemma, Sumika suddenly talked to the police director as she seemed to think of something. “I almost forgot, in fact, there are more onmyojis, not just us……”

“I have seen the number of a trainee onmyoji reaching more than 90,000 on the forum of endowing notebook pages. Usually each onmyoji has one number, that is, there are at least about 90,000 onmyojis……”

In an instant, the police director became dumbfounded as he heard the news!

At the same time in the National Assembly Hall, the parliamentarians looked at each other as everyone could read the shock and panic in the eyes of others.

“Assuming that she did not lie, the gods of Takamagahara really blessed the world and created more than 90,000 onmyojis……”

“How many ghosts are there?”

“Millions? Or more? Even if they’re only projections with weakened power, so many ghosts raging in the country, how can thousands of US troops stationed in Japan play a role?”

A parliamentarian said in a frightening tone.

His voice even echoed, since the parliament hall was so quiet.

Other parliamentarians gasped as everyone was at risk!

On the other side, Hu Feng was pondering about the largest and most notorious cult organization in Japan, Aum Shinrikyo.

Hu Feng considered that the ghosts arrived as projections, which didn’t cause any casualties. The 100,000 onmyojis would be underestimate as the ghosts and soon the Japanese government wouldn’t care about it.

A large part of the reason for people’s fear of extraordinary ability was because of the fear of extraordinary creatures with great power.

If the ghosts Hu Feng designed were always that weak, even an ordinary Japanese person would look down on these ghosts sooner or later. Moreover, it was possible that the ancient evil would become a joke!

After all, if the servants of the ancient evil were so garbage, their boss couldn’t be really strong!

Therefore, it was necessary to engage in a major event that sensationalizes Japan, especially with casualties, so that the public and the onmyojis would deeply understand their power.

Hu Feng wasn’t the kind of person who killed innocent people, therefore, he decided to take advantage on the Japanese cult Aum Shinrikyo, which was dedicated to terrorist attacks and was proud of burning themselves.

He wanted them to be ‘inspired by God’ and thus organized the modern edition of Hyakkiyakou!

Hu Feng planned to let go of those who were fooled by the cult or the disciples who had not committed murder.

But as for the leader and the high-level heads of Aum Shinrikyo and those who had presided over the crime of murder, he did not intend to let them go.

In his plan, the sinners of Aum Shinrikyo would be tempted by the evil spirits, get enlightened and dance in the public places, then would summon numerous tsukumogamis who are full of resentment, with their own flesh and blood, turning Japan into a dark world and starting the Hyakkiyakou.

Then the tsukumogamis would started attacking all living things.

The tsukumogamis were the old stuff, which people hadn’t used for a long period of time.

They accumulated resentment, became alive and would retaliate against the living.

In the plan, he would give orders to all the onmyojis, claiming that a great number of real and more powerful ghosts that survived from the Heian Era would come to life, if the onmyojis couldn’t eliminate all the tsukumogamis.

He believed that such a message would not only frighten 100,000 onmyojis but also make the people and parliamentarians panic since the sky would suddenly turn dark!

At the time, Hu Feng felt that he could make Sumika, who was currently in contact with the Japanese government, tell them that the three artifacts of the Japanese Emperor’s collection – Kusanagi Sword, 8-footed Jade, 8-footed Mirror, in fact, had infinite power and could be used to suppress Hyakkiyakou with psychologically suggestive means.

When Sumika would obtain the three artifacts, they would shine with endless brilliance and trigger her unawakened origins of onmyojis, making the world mistakenly believe that it was the power of the three artifacts.

Hu Feng had already completed his plan.

He wanted to make Sumika a descendant of Abe no Seimei, the first onmyoji in the Heian Era!

Considering that currently onmyoji organization was too weak and no one could handle it when the big boss ‘Orochimaru’ showed up.

Since Abe no Seimei was once ordered by the Emperor to eradicate the nine-tailed fox, he decided to set that the top shikigami ‘Nine-tailed Fox’ as sealed in the 8-footed Jade, so that Sumika had a shikigami which could help fight against Orochimaru and convince all Japanese people to recognize the existence of onmyojis more.

In addition, Kusanagi Sword would have a special effect on Orochimaru as Hu Feng had set it up according to Japanese folklore.

8-footed Mirror, as a symbol of legendary Amaterasu, had the ability to connect with the sun.

Hu Feng intended to let the soul of Chiyou, the descendant of Emperor Yan, openly steal the sun power of Amaterasu for his own use in front of the whole world, as the key weapon to kill Orochimaru.

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