I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 73

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Translator: Sheng Chen
Editor: Arya

Chapter 73: Crazy Cult Believers

 “All the believers here I am the Sacred Emperor, the resurrected Christ, the new Savior…… The end of the world is close at hand and only those who convert their belief in me can live in the ruins of the doomsday……”

Looking solemn, the leader, Asahara Matsumoto, began to predict the approaching catastrophe.

Usually, the cadres would create various realistic illusion effects with technology after receiving the notice from the leader, so that the believers below would become obsessed with it and admire the magical power of their leader.

But today, before the leader could communicate with them, something incredible happened in the hive!

The vast Milky Way shower slowly descended and the endless meteorite rain appeared above their heads. All kinds of unbelievable exotic flowers bloomed in all directions. One middle-aged man draped in the Aum Shinrikyo flag, with infinite radiance illuminating from behind, stood in the void and walked down step by step.

Adapted to the light, thousands of believers in the room saw the face of this middle-aged man and everyone started screaming in unison as they couldn’t believe it.

“……The former Sacred Emperor Asahara Akira?”

“How is it possible?”

Although Asahara Matsumoto had never seen the corpse of her father, she was sure that her father, who had a distorted mind and creepy behavior, had already died!

Is it a new illusion created by other high-level cadres?

Are they fighting with me or trying to take over my power?

Thinking of this, Asahara Matsumoto couldn’t bear it, so she stood up and pointed at the middle-aged man, screaming. “Get out!”

The middle-aged man gently reached out his finger and sang emotionlessly. “The world is suffering, who can call themselves the Savior? Asahara Matsumoto, your father has changed, why are you still obsessed?”

In an instant, water-like ripples began spreading from his finger in the void.

Everyone who touched the ripples were trembling and all the crimes they had committed in the past were floating in front of their eyes. Everyone kneeled down and started confessing.

Since normal believers had no crimes, so they confessed a few seconds and fell asleep.

As for the leader, Asahara Matsumoto, other high-ranking cadres and those who committed murder, all got up and said that they must immediately rush to Tokyo to inform the police and the reporters, then have a sacrifice ritual in front of everyone. They wanted to create an illusion for the world. With the sacrifice of their own flesh and blood, they would summon ghosts in the world.

Watching Asahara Matsumoto leaving, the middle-aged man Asahara Akira, or accurately speaking, Hu Feng, erased all the illusions and calmly disappeared.

From the beginning, Hu Feng never thought about convincing the wicked and evil cultists.

Therefore, as soon as he came, he consumed tens of thousands of fudge points, directly covered the scene with illusion and controlled thousands of people with subconscious hypnosis, so that the cultists, such as Asahara Matsumoto, would have a sacrifice ritual until they got exhausted and died.

Of course, considering that the Japanese police may rush in to arrest them since so many cultists were gathering, Hu Feng also prepared a figurative air shield, which was specially used to temporarily shelter these cultists from any outside interference.

“Hello! This is the Metropolitan Police Station……”

“My name is Asahara Matsumoto, the current leader of Aum Shinrikyo. I am currently having a sacrifice ritual with 30 members in Taitung District…”

“Hello, here is TV TOKYO…”

“Today is the day when we Aum Shinrikyo take action in the major districts and the major towns of Tokyo and will perform sacrificial rites collectively. The world will always remember this date……”

“Beep, beep……” The phone was hanged up by the cultists after informing the respective authorities.

Similar notifications were still happening all the time.

Under the subconscious control of Hu Feng, a group of Aum Shinrikyo cultists headed by Asahara Matsumoto, appeared at various parts of Tokyo. They communicated with the Metropolitan Police Department and informed major media organizations on the other side so as to make troubles as big as possible.

At 8 o’clock, in Shinjuku area.

Stopping over the police car temporarily, the police officer Aoki Miyuki and his colleagues were having a random chat.

Inexplicably, Aoki suddenly saw dozens of people wearing the uniforms of Aum Shinrikyo run over with a resolute face.

“What? These wanted Aum Shinrikyo members dare to come out in the daytime?”

Repeatedly confirming their identities, Aoki Miyuki immediately contacted the police department to report his amazing discovery.

However, those who received dozens of reports from the Aum Shinrikyo cultists themselves in the police station were shocked and speechless at the moment.

“Director, can we believe the reports that indicate the scale and the location of those cultists?”

Looking at the police director, the policeman scratched his head with distress, obviously not knowing whether to believe it or not.

“In view of the comprehensive report by the frontline patrolling officers, it is very likely to be real. Immediately mobilize the police force and go to the locations and arrest these cultists!”

On the other hand, the Aum Shinrikyo cultists in Tokyo also began to scream and started a weird ritual in public.

“See! The mountain is blue…… Oh! The sea is yellow! ……Join…join us! ……Let’s come…come on!”

Inexplicably, a large group of people wore the same uniforms, shouted grotesque words that people couldn’t hear clearly and a uniform ritual spread everywhere.

Soon, many curious passers-by gathered around and some journalists rushed over.

“What happened? How can there be a wall in front of me, I have no way to approach to interview?”

“What is this? It’s obviously air, but why can’t we get in?”

The strangeness that everyone on the scene didn’t expect appeared!

Around those whose were dancing and yelling crazy words, there seemed to be a transparent air wall.

Whoever wanted to break and approach with any means ended up in vain.

“Big news!”

“Editor, it’s going viral!”

Now, the onlookers and journalists were even more excited.

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why they perform it in the day and not in night? are not ghost and demon supposed weak against the sun?

Thx for the chapter ^^



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