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I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 8

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Translator: Sheng Chen

Editor: Arya

Chapter 8: You Haven’t Paid!

Running all the way out of the dormitory, he arrived at the school gate.

Feeling the warmth of the sunshine, Fu Lu seemed to have a second life. He squatted down and panted. Under extreme fear, he ran so fast.

Resting for less than half a minute, he suddenly felt cold on his back, which came up from his spine.

‘She’ is watching me, and she is behind me! This thought frightened Fu Lu.

He turned and desperately looked around.

On the right, there were students carrying backpack and heading home, the listless security guard, the classroom building hundreds of meters away, and the dormitory building.

On the left, there were rows of street trees. On the football field nearby, there were two teams and the audience were shouting.

Everything was so ordinary and harmonious.

But Fu Lu understood that this kind of plain and peaceful daily life was already gone.

If he didn’t save himself in time, he suspected that the sunset above his head would be the last he would be able to see in his life!


“Since that is a ghost, then if I go to a Buddhist temple and other religious places, can I get shelter?”

Quickly finding a taxi, he opened the map, and rushed to the nearest Buddhist temple.

At the same time, Hu Feng, who continued to control the female ghost to keep up with Fu Lu, suddenly received a series of system notifications in his mind.

“Fu Lu fears the ghost. Extract spiritual power +1.”

“Fu Lu believes that the ghost exists in reality. Contribute spiritual power +5.”

Because spiritual power was equal to fudge value, suddenly the fudge value that Hu Feng had increased from two to eight.

“Though Fu Lu is a materialistic college student, he is still convinced by my fudging. It seems that there’s no problem with my fudging script.”

The first battle was successful. Hu Feng was very confident with the implementation of the next fudge script!

Now he had eight points of fudge value!

In the Buddhist temple which was decorated in retro, there were white walls and black tiles.

Spending a thousand dollars to light a fragrant incense to the Buddha and donating more money to the monk, Fu Lu was finally permitted to rest in the wing for one night.

The sky was already dark. Standing on the heights of the Buddhist temple, he overlooked the night scenes of Shanghai. The lights were bright, and the neon was gorgeous.

“I am in a Buddhist temple. It shouldn’t be possible for a ghost to have the courage to come in.” Fu Lu let out a sigh of relief, comforted himself.

In the next second, the strange feeling of being secretly peeped in the darkness inexplicably rose up again!

The gaze was mean, like a python staring at the prey.

“She is coming!” His limbs turned stiff and his heart was beating fast.

He didn’t dare to stay there. Struggling to push open the door of the wing, he ran out immediately.

Fortunately, not long after leaving the temple, Fu Lu found an empty taxi.

“Go to the nearest religious site! Fast! Money is not a problem. I don’t want a Buddhist temple!” The taxi immediately went away.

In the next several hours, Fu Lu ran all over Shanghai’s Dao temples, Chenghuang temples, and Christian churches.

But he couldn’t get rid of feeling of being peeped.

What should I do? How can I save myself? What exactly can protect me?

Running out from a religious place he found last, he helplessly looked for taxis and thought desperately. Suddenly, he thought of a legend.

【Ghosts are afraid of the wicked】

Maybe, I should find a butcher who kills pigs in the slaughterhouse, and borrow his knife, or pay him to follow me!

He was in a hurry, so he couldn’t care how ridiculous his plan was.

At this moment, a red taxi stopped by him.

Pulling down the window, the driver wearing the hat lowered his voice and said.

“Are you going to the nearest slaughterhouse?” Fu Lu was thinking about the same thing.

He nodded his head and got on the taxi.

The driver stepped on the gas pedal, and the red taxi slowly started.

“Son, it’s already 1 a.m., why do you want to go to the slaughterhouse?” The driver seemed to be very curious.

Fu Lu started talking to the driver, hoping to relax his mind. He talked about the strange story he encountered today.

The driver listened quietly, and there was only his voice in the taxi.

Somehow, the sound of Fu Lu suddenly stopped, and his eyes were widened.

He remembered one thing.

Before getting on the taxi, he didn’t tell the driver his destination…

But how did the driver accurately say his destination?

In this world, is there any taxi driver who can understand where the guests want to go without asking? Fu Lu asked himself.

Even a driver with decades of experience couldn’t have this magical power!

In the car, the face of Fu Lu became pale, and his intuition told him that he should leave right away.

“Stop!” The weird driver silently stopped at the crossroads.

The doors opened, the intersection was empty, and the dim traffic lights were flashing.

The camera’s faint red light swept through.

It was so quiet.

Although he didn’t expect the driver to be so obedient to stop, he desperately wanted to leave right away when he had a chance.

Jumping off the car, Fu Lu wanted to escape.

But a right hand in a leather glove stopped him. “You haven’t paid.”

“How much…” His nose was sweating, and his voice was trembling.

He just wanted to leave quickly.

“Not much.” The driver smiled, and all the disguise on his body disappeared.

He became a female ghost with long black hair. Her bangs covered the majority of her face, and the lower half of her body was floating in the air!

“Your life.”

Before Fu Lu could react, a slender hand glowing with green light had caught his throat and lifted high above her head.

“H-Help!” He struggled hard, but the painful feeling of suffocation was getting worse.

Fu Lu already had illusion.

He seemed to see relatives who had long passed away for many years.

The latter seemed to line up to greet him, and others discussed high housing price problem in his ear…

How could Hu Feng, who had been controlling the female ghost, really take Fu Lu’s life?

He still hoped Fu Lu to contact the police, and help him harvest fudge value with national power!

“The patrolling police car finally comes.” Hu Feng, from the perspective of God, looked at the southeast of the crossroads.

At the same time, the force that choked Fu Lu’s throat was greatly weakened, and precious oxygen quickly poured into his lungs, saving his life.

The sirens of the police car sounded at the crossroads, and the figure of the long-haired female ghost disappeared.

Losing bondage, Fu Lu was unconscious.

He fell heavily on the ground, and he became sober.

“I… ugh… I am not dead? Ha…” The Joy of escaping made him cry and burst into laughter.

In the next second, the glaring headlights of the police car shone his face. Two police officers quickly rushed over.

“What are you doing? Lying at the crossroads in the middle of the night? Don’t you want to live?”

Couldn’t care about the police, Fu Lu hugged the legs of the police and cried. “Comrade, I met a long-haired female ghost!”

“She is really not a human being. She is the ghost who came to reality from the mobile game. I almost died in her hands!”

Saying, Fu Lu regretfully slapped his own face. He really regretted that he downloaded this mobile game.

If he hadn’t downloaded it at the beginning, then nothing would happen tonight.

It was even more impossible for a female ghost to chase him!

The two police officers looked at each other.

“Leader Liu, is this kid on drugs?”

“It is possible. Take him back to the bureau for testing!”

“Different from the methamphetamine used in the past, the new popular soft drugs such as smoke and happy water on the market have a strong illusory effect as a result of oral overdose.”

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