I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 90

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Translator: Sheng Chen
Editor: Arya

Chapter 90: Jiang Li

Waving his hand, Hu Feng showed that he didn’t want to talk about it.

“Why not? At present, the Hyakkiyakou rages in the country. As a Japanese, you should take responsibility, respond to the call of the emperor and work with us to defeat it……” But Sumika still insisted and kept persuading him.

Pretending to be annoyed, Hu Feng stretched his left leg and said inadvertently. “My name is Jiang Li. Although my mother is a Japanese, but my father is Chinese and I am even a descendant of Emperor Yan. Why do I have anything to do with the Japanese emperor? And I am different from you, I’m not here to fight against this Shuten-doji.”

“I’m here today since the Shuten-doji has a ghost gourd, which contains pure yin. I have a relationship with it and I intend to take it.”

Hu Feng has long modified the civil record of the police department, so it was absolutely flawless.

Even if the Japanese government looked into his identity, they could only find a five-year-old child called Jiang Li who was missing and his parents died in a car accident 15 years ago.

In fact, Hu Feng intended to use these onmyojis to spread the news that he was a mixed- blood of Chinese and Japanese who traveled in Japan to collect antiques containing pure yin before the final boss Orochimaru appeared.

In the next battle, Hu Feng also intended to reveal that he was possessed by the soul of Chiyou through various characteristics, the world would suspect that he was collecting antiques containing the pure yin to heal the soul of Chiyou.

After all, according to Hu Feng’s plan, Chiyou was a strong person who could rival Emperor Huang, showing that he would definitely make tons of troubles in China, even then he would get back his flesh sealed by the Emperor Huang.

Xiang Liu could only be considered a powerful demon after the death of Chiyou, if Chiyou couldn’t eliminate Shuten-doji, the subordinates of Xiang Liu, with ease, he would be looked down upon by the world since Xiang Liu was beginning to rage in Japan as the sealed one-Orochimaru.

Therefore, Hu Feng deliberately intended to show the public that the samurai became strong by repairing the soul of Chiyou with the help of pure yin artifacts he collected.

After the end of the Hyakkiyakou, Hu Feng would let Jiang Li hunt for the Japanese antiques with high reputation and long history, at night and pull the nearby sleeping citizens into a dream to show them how he destroyed the spirits sealed in the antiques and hunted for the pure yin artifact!

In this way, both the public and the government would be convinced that Jiang Li was collecting artifacts with pure yin to help Chiyou repair his soul.

As for why Jiang Li couldn’t kill the Shuten-doji in an instant and why he showed up in Tokyo, the questions were thus justified!

Since the strength of his soul wasn’t as strong in the past, though he had extraordinary power, it wasn’t so excessively exaggerated.

He came to Tokyo because he wanted to hunt the ghost gourd owned by the Shuten-doji containing pure yin.

Hearing his words, the onmyojis were stunned.

“You……you’re not a Japanese?”

Recalling the posture he sat and his wording, Sumika suddenly understood, as it turned out that she didn’t notice all the signs before.

“Mr. Jiang, please forgive me……”

The national righteousness couldn’t restrain the mysterious samurai, thus Sumika had to beg him to join the team and repeatedly stressed that he could definitely get the ghost gourd he needed as she could promise with her identity and as the descendant of Abe no Seimei.

Pretending to be thinking and touched by her words, Hu Feng nodded slightly after a while.

“Anyway, if I don’t defeat the Shuten-doji, I can’t get the ghost gourd. Let’s go.”

Hearing his words, Sumika was overjoyed.

Just by the way he just smothered her own demon power and borrowed the liquid with power from the moonlight, Sumika considered Jiang Li incredibly strong.

Now he had joined the team, which would increase the odds of winning.

At the time, the other onmyojis had caught up and had a rough impression of Jiang Li during the conversation.

However, since they didn’t have the same incredible experience like Sumika did, they didn’t consider Jiang Li strong and they only treated him politely because of Sumika as they actually didn’t respect him.

“Fine, looks like I have to show them that I’m possessed by the soul of Chiyou. I should take this chance or I will be looked down upon.” Noticing the looks of the nearby onmyojis, Hu Feng thought.

“Mr. Jiang, please wait as we have to ponder how to board the castle. After all, it’s our first time facing the monster castle. We really don’t know what to do.”

At this moment, Sumika was discussing how to board the castle with others, but she was afraid that Hu Feng would be impatient.

“Just board the castle? I’ll show you.”

Hu Feng laughed loudly, reached out to point to some onmyojis and muttered.

Under, the scarlet moonlight, everyone was shocked to witness that huge wings showed up in the shadows of everyone and everyone flew straight toward the castle.

Chiyou was the common leader of the tribe with the ‘Cow Totem’ and the ‘Bird Totem’.

Hu Feng believed that as long as the Japanese government asked these onmyojis about his weird features and magical power, they would definitely think of Chiyou.

In the sky, cold air and wind swept across their faces and some weak onmyojis could not help but cough, but even so, they now all treated Jiang Li in awe.

The samurai must be way stronger than us, no wonder Ono Sumika Senpai always treats him politely.

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Lokaito Doea

I do think that literally making a commoner become a member of the emperor family [and also cause trouble to the emperor family] just to get fudge point is f* up

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