I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 94

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Translator: Sheng Chen
Editor: Arya

Chapter 94: The Finish Line

“I’ll take the ghost gourd.”

Hu Feng gripped the hilt with his right hand, leaned forward slightly and closed his eyes as the surging blood poured out.

He wanted to lock on the direction of the Shuten-doji with his heart and end it with his blade.

As the Shuten-doji had an instinct of detecting threat, it put away the ghost gourd, kicked away the corpses of the onmyojis around and put its hands above its head.

Dense ghost aura was extracted out of its body to the void, as if it was opening a channel leading to elsewhere.

The space above the head of the Shuten-doji began to distort and countless illusions recording the ghosts of the Hyakkiyakou began to loom.

Various ghosts were not only powerful, but the number was even more than 10,000 times that in the outside world.

They greedily stretched out their limbs and tried to look down on the world through this distorted space crack as Sumika could even see them drooling when they saw the corpses of the onmyojis on the ground.

“The 12-hour limit must be coming. This is definitely the real Hyakkiyakou! Stop it, Mr. Jiang, we must stop the Hyakkiyakou from coming tonight!”

Sumika shouted and desperately cast a variety of magical spells toward the distorted space crack.

In fact, Sumika already panicked as she even forgot that killing the Shuten-doji was the key.

Unfortunately, she didn’t make any change to the distorted space as it was still expanding little by little and some tsukumogamis with smaller bodies already squeezed their heads out the crack.

Under the helpless gaze of Sumika and other onmyojis, Jiang Li finally made his move.

He wielded the blade and cleaved the head of the Shuten-doji.


Hot fire!

Endless, burning fire!


As if a shock wave was spreading out, the raging fire shrouded the entire shrine, stopping all the ghosts from escaping as they were burnt to death on the spot, while the living onmyojis remained safe and sound, as if the fire was only Illusions.

Outside the Osaka Castle, everyone in Tokyo could only see the dark sky suddenly getting torn apart by the bright red light, even the thick scarlet moonlight couldn’t be compared with it.

Though the Shuten-doji wanted to stop it, when he found the blade that hid in the fire was wielding towards him, it was too late.

Incapable of resisting, the Shuten-doji could only watch himself being cut into two.


Falling to the ground hard, the Shuten-doji became completely lifeless.

Without his continued supply of ghost aura to open the door to the advent, the distorted space crack naturally shrank sharply and eventually everything turned quiet.

Walking towards it quickly, Hu Feng picked up the ghost gourd, narrowed it down and put it into his bag.

“It’s over, it’s finally over…… We finally knocked down the Shuten-doji.” Sumika gasped heavily as her face was pale, apparently what she just saw was unable to stabilize her mood.

“Yes, everything is over, I also got what I want.” Hu Feng said in a pun, while he strode away, leaving them only a view of his back.

“The Shuten-doji is dead and the Osaka Castle condensed with ghost aura can no longer last. If you don’t leave, you will die with it.”

“But Mr. Jiang, we can’t get back to the ground……” An onmyoji suddenly remembered that they were still in the air a few kilometers above the ground.

But in the next second, every onmyoji suddenly found that a pair of wings once again grew in their shadow and involuntarily took them to fly away from the center of the shrine.

At the same time, the weird phenomena originally took place all over Japan, including dark sky, the mist and the scarlet moon, and the ghosts, demons and tsukumogamis in major cities all disappeared without a trace.

The bright and warm sunshine re-lighted the earth and all the Japanese people were pleasantly surprised to find that the fearful Hyakkiyakou was unexpectedly gone!

Along with the warning in the endowing notebooks, more and more onmyojis rushed out to pass on the good news to each other.

The vast majority of onmyojis in Tokyo witnessed the return of the warriors, they also surrounded them and went to meet the emperor who stayed at the nearest security point to announce that the Hyakkiyakou had been expelled and the Shuten-doji was knocked down.

During the meeting, Sumika also told the emperor the matters concerning the samurai with a cow mask, who claimed to the descendant of Emperor Yan, could grow wings in the shadows and joined the team to knock down the Shuten-doji secretly.

Quite surprised to hear the news, the emperor reminded Sumika not to leak the news for the time being.

With the end of the Hyakkiyakou, the communications with the outside world had also been reconnected at the moment.

Various events which took place in all parts of Japan within a short period of 36 hours spread out.

On Twitter, YouTube and other websites, numerous Japanese netizens expressed their complex feelings with various pictures, videos and shared with netizens all over the world.


The legendary figure who either served as a mascot in the shrines, or existed in Japanese folklore had become a viral word online for the first time and was even widely known in the world.

A netizen in Japan even posted a statement claiming to be grateful to the onmyojis for their protection, otherwise, he might now be pale and weak after his yang energy being sucked by various ghosts and demons!

A netizen suggested that the citizens should learn to protect themselves since the scale of the Hyakkiyakou was so big that the prime minister couldn’t escape and he asked the onmyojis not to cherish their own treasures.

Even if they started a simple onmyoji training course and charged each student a high tuition fee, citizens would still willing to participate, even if the tuition was millions of yen.

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