I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 95

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Chapter 95: Reaction of the U.S. Government

Of course, some Japanese netizens proposed that the National Assembly should reflect on the matter of tsukumogamis and set up three or four institutions in major cities across the country as soon as possible to encourage and support the people to take out all kinds of old things in their houses and trade them for new ones old and old items, since things were likely to become tsukumogamis if they weren’t used for a long time, or the state should provide large-scale recycling and crushing services for obsolete items to eradicate such monsters from the roots!

A few funny netizens insisted that there shouldn’t be such a big disaster if each onmyoji was strong enough, hence they claimed that the onmyojis should compensate them for various property loss and spiritual loss and invited the injured and affected netizens to join their ‘right of defense team’, go to the court find famous lawyers and jointly prosecute the onmyojis.

In addition to the Internet, in reality, all major Japanese shopping malls had also urgently launched a variety of props such as the spells and beads used by famous onmyojis.

As long as people put them at home, they would definitely prevent the evil spirits from invading.

The major shrines were also flooded with people who came to pray.

As for the Nine-tailed Fox that showed up in the Imperial Palace, it left Tokyo secretly.

Despite this, with the shikigami contract, Sumika could still vaguely perceive that it was still in the Japanese archipelago, but the specific location was unknown.

Since her own control of the Royal Nine-tailed Fox was only 1%, she really wanted it to return to her side, but she was helpless.

After the end of the Hyakkiyakou, the nations also responded.

When the commander of the Fifth Fleet of the United States successfully landed the fleet into Yokohama, the Japanese archipelago without being stopped by the mist.

As the Japanese foreign ministry officials filed all the news and events happened in Japan within the last 36 hours and sent them to the White House, President Trump was really confused to find out that there were still such incredible supernatural events!

Dark sky, the mist that interfered with the traffic and scarlet moon that replaced the sun?

Unknown onmyoji group?

Mysterious Hyakkiyakou?

Must defeat the Shuten-doji within 12 hours?

The onmyojis got up to the Osaka Castle that floated in the air and finally defeated the 

Shuten-doji in time?

The humanoid nine-tailed fox, one of the three artifacts, said to have charmed the emperor in the Heian era of ancient Japan more than 1,300 years ago?

Did the Japanese Foreign Ministry officials read too many fantasy novels, or the commander of the United States Joint Fleet was drunk and sent me a confusing magazine setting and storyline?

When President Trump almost lost his temper, his white presidential assistant sent a real-time file collected by the CIA from Japan.

“Please take a look, Mr. President.”

Enduring his anger, President Trump picked up the file and started reading it.

As he only read a few pages, he became shocked and speechless because the file from the CIA was exactly the same as the documents submitted by the commander of the Joint Fleet!

“As you can see, the contents of the two documents are identical.”

Noticing Trump’s shock, the assistant solemnly nodded. “And by checking the video footage provided by various first-line agents in Japan, we have confirmed that all the facts are exactly the same as the documents.

“Do you know what you are talking about? I must tell you that today is not the April Fool’s Day! Are you, the CIA, and the military joking with me?”

Wiping the cold sweat on his forehead with a handkerchief, President Trump looked at his assistant incredulously.

The assistant remained serious. “Mr. President, I know very well what day today is and this is not a joke.”

“God, this is crazy! Let me think about it……”

Holding his chin with his hand, President Trump sat down while his index finger of the other hand repeatedly tapped on the table, seeming to relieve his pressure as he started to sort out everything.

First of all, the officials of the Japanese Foreign Ministry were unlikely to provide false news to the United States, because even if they tried to do so, the so called omnipotent United States would collect the facts from all angles through its own intelligence personnel or spies of the Japanese high-level officials!

Therefore, though they could only provide false news to the United States, it was destined to be blown, so they would definitely not do so.

President Trump stood up and drank a cup of coffee, then sat down again and read the documents carefully, starting to brainstorm in his mind.

Assuming that the Japanese officials didn’t lie and all the information they provided was correct, in just dozens of hours, there were all kinds of unusual phenomena, as well as supernatural things like ghosts and onmyojis.

Doesn’t this suggest that there are supernatural living beings in the world besides human beings?

According to the documents of the Japanese officials, what corresponds to this supernatural life is the descendants of the onmyojis with noble heritance?

They have re-entered the path of the onmyojis with the help of the so-called gods of Takamagahara in Japan.

As one of the best, a Japanese girl Ono Sumika, who has completely awakened the inheritance and was claimed to be the descendant of the Great Onmyoji Abe no Seimei, has supernatural means to control the shikigami Royal Nine-tailed Fox.

Generally speaking, if any life exists, there must be traces left of it.

Judging from the folk myths and legends in Japan, did something similar to Hyakkiyakou happen in Japan in the ancient times?

It’s true that there used to be onmyojis gathering up to kill the supernatural life, the Shuten-doji.

“It’s an interesting story…… But I would rather see it in Hollywood and directed by Japanese American directors, not in government official reports……”

Rubbing temples to comfort his headache, President Trump muttered helplessly.

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