I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 96

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Translator: Sheng Chen
Editor: Arya

Chapter 96: American Area 51, New Nuclear Weapon!

“And assuming that both, the information provided by the Japanese side and our agents is true.”

“That is to say, there are many supernatural people like Japanese girl Ono Sumika in Japan?”

President Trump turned slightly and stared at the assistant.

Obviously, despite the fact that President Trump couldn’t believe the documents of the onmyojis and the Hyakkiyakou, but his political literacy and commercial sense of smell made him realize a key point!

It wasn’t so important about the authenticity of the information for the time being.

Because if it was real, even if there was such a supernatural natural disaster in Japan, the onmyojis still saved Japan, then the U.S. would definitely make a fortune if they could control the onmyojis!

The assistant had already consulted the first-line agent. “According to the information from the CIA, currently in Japan, more than 40,000 onmyoji are registered and the number is still growing.”

“The number of those directly involved in fighting against the Shuten-doji and ending the Hyakkiyakou is more than 5,000!”

Hearing this, President Trump couldn’t help but immediately say. “Order Area 51 in southern Nevada to send personnel to Japan to bring them back for our investigation. Be sure to understand what the supernatural abilities they have are going on!

“It’s best to master this evolution thoroughly to help the mass production of such kind of supernatural soldier in the United States!”

The assistant immediately went out to contact the Japanese Foreign Ministry.

“We don’t object to your idea, but considering that Ono Sumika is currently the well-known onmyoji in Japan, we can cooperate with the investigation, but every onmyoji must be accompanied by Japanese security guards. We prohibit all misconduct that endangers the safety of onmyojis, and we have the right to terminate the investigation at any time.”

President Trump was stunned as they came up with so many requirements.

“Well, promise them!”

“The most important thing now is to let the United States study the roots of these supernatural abilities.” With a little thought, President Trump made the decision.

It seemed that Japan valued these supernatural people. Otherwise, according to their behavior in the past, they should had long agreed without mentioning any requirement.

In fact, President Trump was right.

Japan’s Prime Minister Koizumi Ichiro repeatedly stated in the national speech that onmyojis were equivalent to Japan’s unique new nuclear weapon in the era of nuclear deterrence and global nuclear disarmament!

If necessary, the onmyojis could go abroad at any time to fight for the future of the Yamato nation!

Although the majority of onmyojis despised the behaviors that the politicians spread the slogans behind the scenes and asked them to fight, the Japanese government still showed their ambition.

In the National Assembly, after the speech of the emperor, not only the Prime Minister but also the parliamentarians submitted their proposals and collectively passed a new constitutional provision.

The content of the provision stated that the onmyojis are an indispensable part of the Japanese culture since the ancient times.

The onmyojis were the special citizens of the Yamato nation.

All onmyojis should be registered by the Japanese National Government, enjoy super good welfare and were required to patrol at night and protect Japanese nationals from monsters.

It could be said that the Japanese government had regarded the onmyojis as a trump card that belonged to their nation.

They not only tried to control them at all times, but also prepared to maximize the benefits of the state in the international meetings at any time.

Enjoying so much welfare, all onmyojis must unconditionally obey the Japanese government’s call.

In order to prevent the onmyojis from collectively objecting, the constitutional provision also added that in the specific implementation, the onmyojis had certain rights to reject unreasonable recruitment orders, which was the human rights protection given by the law to the onmyojis.

In fact, this was just nonsense because when the Japanese government issued the recruitment call, it didn’t matter whether it was unreasonable or not.

If the onmyojis really refused to recruit, they had to see if they had the ability to fight against the country.

For example, Sumika, who had the shikigami Royal Nine-tailed Fox, eradicated the Shuten-doji and saved Japan.

Even the Tsuchimikado family which considered Abe no Seimei as their ancestor had to regard Sumika as their family owner politely.

If recruited by the Japanese government, nothing would happen if Sumika didn’t care about it at all.

As for the ordinary onmyojis, it was naturally impossible to have such a big privilege.

They would be either be summoned by the court, or forcibly recruited.

The Japanese government had taken the possible onmyoji crimes and their disobedience to be recruited into account for the future.

They established a new institution in the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, the supernatural case crime security center, and hired the onmyojis recruited by the government to serve as the first-line police officers, and Ono Sumika was the life-long honorary police director of the crime center.

At present, on the forum on the endowing notebooks, Sumika has become an idol of numerous onmyojis, and the shikigami Royal Nine-tailed Fox was their dream.

The Japanese government also faintly warned to the onmyojis that their idol already cooperated with maintaining law and order and served as the police director, others should obey the arrangements of the government.

In fact, the Japanese government was too naive.

If everything about the onmyojis and the Hyakkiyakou was not made up by Hu Feng, what they did was really witty as they tried to hold the onmyojis as a trump card in their hands.

But it was a pity that what they encountered was not the onmyojis formed naturally, but the creation of Hu Feng!

In the face of drastic reforms of the Japanese government, as they desperately tried to control the onmyojis from various angles, concealing that there was an opportunity in the future to form an onmyoji troop abroad, Hu Feng then began to adjust the settings of the onmyojis who relied on the endowing notebooks very much.

[After the onmyoji leaves the Japanese archipelago for more than 30 minutes, all mana and spells will be cleared and the summoning of shikigamis will be not allowed.]

As for the reasons, those onmyojis ready to leave Japan would also get a response from the endowing notebook:

The strength of the onmyojis stemmed from the mixture of aura in the Japanese archipelago and the divine power of the gods of Takamagahara.

Once they left the country, the onmyojis would naturally became a tree without its root.

Hu Feng could imagine that the ambitious Japanese government will definitely be dumbfounded when they find out such an invisible restriction in the future!

The onmyojis who couldn’t leave the country?

What kind of new nuclear weapon?

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