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I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 99

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Translator: Sheng Chen
Editor: Arya

Chapter 99: Yi Zhongtian and Science!

When a few netizens connecting via VPN spontaneously spread news about Japan, major news websites in mainland China received notice from the major departments of the higher-level network information office, so they began to change the background of the homepage to a picture of the Hyakkiyakou with bold headlines to promote supernatural phenomena in Japan from September 4th to 6th 2018, a total of 36 hours!

With a summarized title, the following were the details of the reprinted videos, pictures, articles and other information.

“The 3-hour supernatural video recorded in Japan.”

“Risking life to confirm. Prime minister got killed?”

“Interviewing the people on the streets live.”

“Ono Sumika, the onmyoji who eliminated the Shuten-doji and saved everyone at the end of the Hyakkiyakou.”

“Confidential News! Yamasaki Yamamoto, a famous theological expert of Yamato National, reveals the hidden secrets about the departure of the gods of Takamagahara.”

“The secret of the onmyojis! The existence of tens of thousands of black lucky cat, with interviews of 30 onmyojis.”

“The recording of constitution amendment considering onmyojis in the Japanese parliament.”

“An anonymous person who has witnessed the Nine-tailed Fox at a close distance, elaborates on the appearance of this powerful demon with an age of more than 1,300 year, with a picture of the Nine-tailed Fox.”

“Students in the Chinese Embassy in Japan cried as they were afraid that they might not be able to return when the Hyakkiyakou took place.”

The People’s Daily, Communist Youth League Central Committee, Bilibili, QQ, WeChat, Sina, Weibo, Sohu, NetEase……

Today, hundreds of millions of netizens across China were overwhelmed by the astonishing news.

After they read the details, all of them were shocked!

Learning about the materialistic society by the domestic education culture for a long time had made the netizens feel quite unbelievable and shocked, as they couldn’t help but start to share it with their friends and tried to confirm what was going on.

In the classroom, students who were secretly browsing Bilibili stood up, ignored their teacher who had a straight face, and started analyzing the supernatural videos in Japan with other students.

In the high-speed train, passengers couldn’t help but call, send messages and talk privately with their friends and family, informing them of the latest news.

On WeChat, QQ and Weibo, netizens who had watched the supernatural videos on the Internet crazily reposted the links to publicize it.

In an instant, the servers of major chat software were almost overwhelmed by the mass users!

Of course, some Chinese netizens thought that this was absolutely impossible since it might be an international hacktivists organization who had hacked all the major news media on the Internet, so that people may quickly started downloading these videos, pictures, and articles at the fastest speed, since they were afraid that the national network police departments would delete everything right away.

For a long time, spiritual movies and horror TV series were prohibited in China, even the radio and television department had issued official documents, claiming that things concerning ghosts were not allowed to be published.

Under the background of materialism and scientific development concept, it was no wonder that all Chinese netizens were so shocked and crazy.

They even wondered why the state hadn’t taken actions to stop it yet.

Considering this, the major TV stations began to publicize and introduce what supernatural phenomena occurred in Japan in these 36 hours to those who had never used the Internet.

The senior intellectuals such as Yi Zhongtian, a well-known professor at Xiamen University who had hosted the show ‘Introducing the 3-state’, were also invited to the CCTV TV dubbing room to broadcast live to the national audience and explain the supernatural incidents in Japan.

“Like you saw, Japan has recently suffered with some incidents that we consider as supernatural phenomena, and the scale involved almost the whole Japan……”

“In view of this, maybe everyone will feel that science is wrong because these metaphysical things have appeared. Some even exclaimed that science is dead, metaphysics may rise, materialism might fall, and idealism will grows!” Yi Zhongtian talked slowly and clearly.

“In fact, this is because people know too little science.”

“What is science?”

“Science should be an attitude, logic and proof method, but not a conclusion.” Afraid that it was too hard for ordinary people, Yi Zhongtian began to give examples.

“Considering the case of the Hyakkiyakou and the onmyojis who saved the world, since the ghosts actually showed up, they might really exist.”

“When they exist, that means they can be observed by us and they are an inseparable part of science. After all, these are the ‘objective facts’!”

When Yi Zhongtian looked down at the draft and continued. “Everyone thinks that science is dead, metaphysics may rise, materialism might falls, and idealism would grow……”

“In fact, it is very simple. This is because everyone has not clearly defined the relationship between science and materialism and forcibly linked them together, thus drawing a wrong conclusion.

Regardless of in the TV station or on the Internet, a large number of experts and professors, such as Yi Zhongtian, shouldered the task of explaining to the public what the terms such as science and materialistic idealism were, because the government tried to make people understand that even if these so-called supernatural phenomena occurred in Japan, the scientific truth still existed, and the world was still a materialistic society, so as to stabilize their minds as much as possible.

When those cranky netizens saw the TV stations which represented the country publicizing the news, they suddenly realized that it was not an attack by any international hackers, but the propaganda of the state.

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