Immortals Farmland- Chapter 17

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Chapter 17 – Arrival at Nuo Yi City (1)

“Not just important, her life is counting on it.” Mu Rong Jun sighed, “Ok, I should leave now.” Mu Rong Jun left.


“This is really troublesome, but at least I still have the power to protect her outside.” Seeing Mu Rong Jun left, Qin Ling shook his head.


“What the hell are all these?” Qian Qian collapsed onto her bed, holding the pillow with her hands, “I can’t even have a peaceful life.” Qian Qian was mad enough to bite her pillow.


“Qian Qian.” The door opened, Qin Ling walked in.


“What are you here for?” Qian Qian ignored him.


Qin Ling burst out laughing seeing Qian Qian like this.


“Okay, okay. Calm down. They all left.” Qin Ling sat at the edge of the bed as he patted on Qian Qian’s cute little head.


“What the hell were all those people?” Qian Qian suddenly sat up and pouted her lips.


“You.” Qin Ling gently pointed to Qian Qian’s pouting little lips, “I have already told you before, this cultivation realm is very chaotic. There are often some battles and conflicts between the three realms. Now, you are already causing troubles since showing up. It seems like those people have always been watching over you. Though, that Mu Rong Jun Hai was really unpredictable. Nan Gong Jun Hai seemed like he really wasn’t sure about what really happened, but he would soon find out for sure with his power. Also, you have been here for this long. And quite a few people already knew you were from the Butterfly Clan, so this place is no longer safe for you. We need to leave soon. Though I am not so sure why your mother left, I know she must have her reasons. And that something land inside of you would definitely attract the attention from other powerful people.”


“You mean we need to leave immediately?” Qian Qian gazed at Qin Ling, feeling lost. God knows she really hasn’t been here for too long. Plus, she didn’t even learn the basics of alchemy yet.


“Yes, it is better to be early than later. Just quickly pack up, we need to leave now.” Qin Ling patted Qian Qian’s head gently.


“Alright then.” Though unwillingly, Qian Qian really had no other choice right now.


“You pack first, I need to say farewell to master and also deal with some random things.” Qin Ling stood up and left.


“Oh.” Qian Qian pouted her lips and unwillingly got up from the bed.


After an hour, Qin Ling came back from outside. He saw Qian Qian was already waiting in the living room as he smiled, “Let us go.”


“En.” Qian Qian didn’t have much stuff. Qin Ling was holding all the food and clothes, so she was happy to carry nothing.


“What? You leaving?” Nan Gong Jun Hai saw Qian Qian and Qin Ling were packed and ready to go when he was flying into the room. He just heard from his men that Qian Qian and they were leaving. He didn’t believe it, but after some thinking, it should be about what happened today.


“Nan Gong, we need to go on a trip. You probably won’t see me in the mini battle half a year later.” Qin Ling saw Nan Gong Jun Hai came in and was surprised.


“Err… I actually don’t want you to go. Without a good opponent like you, it would really lose the fun.” Nan Gong Jun Hai laughed bitterly, then looked at Qian Qian.


“Qian Qian is going to?”


“Yes, Senior Brother Qin is keeping me company.” No matter how much Qian Qian didn’t want to, it was the time to say goodbye now, so she gave a smile. Just this smile, though she didn’t intend it, could give different interpretations for the others.


On her originally cute little face, a smile like a blossomed red Lily appeared for him. This was very rare, Nan Gong Jun Hai was a little stunned unexpectedly.


“Nan Gong, this would be it.” Qin Ling saw Nan Gong Jun Hai’s expression and changed the topic. Seems like he really needs to be careful. Otherwise, there would be other eyes he didn’t even know watching; that would be intolerable.


“En.” Nan Gong Jun Hai was awakened from Qin Ling’s words and reacted immediately. Then, he quickly gave away the road.


Nan Gong Jun Hai felt an unexplainable heartbreaking as he watched them leaving. Not sure why, watching her leaving further and further away from himself, he felt really heartbroken. That pain was really hurting, almost as if it was breaking him apart.


“Why?” He watched that person leave as she was going further and further away, then slowly disappear out of his sight.


Not sure how long it passed, Nan Gong Jun Hai was still gazing towards the direction they left.


“Qian Qian.” Nan Gong Jun Hai’s voice quietly spoke of these two words after a long time had passed.


“Senior Brother Nan Gong, are you going?” A thirteen or fourteen-year-old looking young boy came over while Nan Gong Jun Hai was still gazing.


“Err… What happened to me?” Nan Gong Jun Hai laughed bitterly.


“Hmm, take good care of this pavilion. You don’t know when you will also have a good pavilion like this.” Nan Gong Jun Hai watched that boy. He knew that once Qin Ling left, there would be someone to guard the pavilion.


“Thanks, Senior Brother Nan Gong.” That boy bowed towards Nan Gong Jun Hai.


Nan Gong Jun Hai nodded, then gently smiled. It scared that young disciple to almost collapsing on the ground. Then, Nan Gong Jun Hai left as he laughed.


“Senior Brother Qin, where are we going?” Qian Qian stood on top of the flying sword.


“We will go to the nearest city firstNuo Yi City. I already have some information about the Butterfly Clan, from Mu Rong Jun. Although I can’t be sure where the Butterfly Clan is located, I have some clues.” Qin Ling stood behind Qian Qian as he was navigating the flying sword.


“Ohh? Then, which direction should we leave from?”


“From what I can see now, it is leaving from the east. Mu Rong Jun told me that the Butterfly Clan had a massive secret leaked out before, it was at the Penglai Island on top of the East Sea. It was said that was a heaven. But not sure what happened, about one thousand years ago, it was discovered by people. Then, that place seemed like it has gone through a huge battle. So, the Butterfly Clan that resided on the Penglai Island all left.”


“In that case, they have already left. Why are we heading there?” Qian Qian turned her head, feeling confused as she looked at Qin Ling navigating the flying sword behind her.


“At least, there will be some traces over there to figure out where the Butterfly Clan has gone. Also, calling me Senior Brother Qin isn’t that convenient, just call me brother.” Qin Ling smiled at Qian Qian.


“Brother?” Qian Qian was stunned. Oh no! This guy really took me as his younger sister. Seems like he must have a true heart towards her.


“We will get to the Nuo Yi City soon. Remember, don’t go running around within the Nuo Yi City.”


“Okay.” Qian Qian nodded. Asking her not to run around, she wasn’t that bored yet. God knows how boring it could be to stick at one place.


“Stand carefully, we will get down now.” Qin Ling gently said next to Qian Qian’s ears.


“Oh, okay.” Qian Qian stood carefully on the flying sword.   

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tiFa Lockhart

I was just wondering why that guy named Xing Er the one that experiencing thunder calamity didn’t showed up? Didn’t she formed her human body because of him? it also stated that they share a destiny? I’m actually looking forward for his appearance but until now he never showed up… hmmm… who is the male lead, actually? so many handsome guys…

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