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Infinity Armament – Book 1 Chapter 10 - Zenith Novels

Infinity Armament – Book 1 Chapter 10

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Translated by: LaPhong

Edited by: Cherry Blossoms, Ryan / Leo

Book 1 Chapter 10: Vampire Brides (Part 1)

With the appearance of three vampire brides, the town’s atmosphere suddenly became tense.

“Everyone back to your houses!” Anna shouted.

Due to the past years, she had become accustomed to warning the townspeople.

However, a huge roar sounded out:

“No, we will not back down!”

It’s was the pub waiter, Gasken.

Now that his passion had been ignited, he wanted to face this major test. The young man who couldn’t express his love to Anna finally came forward.

He shouted to the townspeople, “Women, elderly and children all enter the room, Guardian team assemble!”

The townspeople started to act.

They picked up the bows, and pointed the arrows toward the sky. Some guardian members urged the townspeople to quickly go back to their houses, and then combined into a formation, readying to fight as they picked up sickles and axes.

Van Helsing picked up the Pneumatic Crossbow which Carl produced for him. Facing the three Vampire Brides he continuously fired arrows. This crossbow be it the design or manufacture, obviously borrowed a gatling gun design; if equipped with a large number of arrows, it could continuously send out hundreds of arrows.

At the same time, Shen Yi was using Appraisal on one of the Vampire Brides.

Vampire Bride Marishka – Attack damage: 14-28; Defense: 5; HP: 650. Special Skills: 1 – ???; 2 – ???; 3 – ???. Undead creature, holy-type attacks can cause additional damage; Agility Type.”

Seeing the data, Shen Yi was a bit shocked.

Shen Yi immediately used Appraisal on the other two Vampire Brides.

Vampire Bride Aleera – Attack damage: 13-27; Defense: 6; HP: 700. Special Skills: 1 – ???; 2 – ???; 3 – ??? Undead creature, holy-type attacks can cause additional damage; Agility Type.”

Vampire Bride Verona – Attack damage: 12-26; Defense: 7; HP: 750. Special Skills: 1 – ???; 2 – ???; 3 – ???. Undead creature, holy-type attacks can cause additional damage; Agility Type.”

Three Vampire Brides. Their attributes were different, but no matter what, their attributes were much lower than Shen Yi expected. A Vampire Bride was valued at 1000 BP, but her attributes were only a little higher than the Silver Werewolf. How was this possible?

Van Helsing was desperately shooting, the town square was filled by the sound of his fearsome weapon. More than ten arrows were stabbed into the Vampire Bride Marishka’s body. Shen Yi clearly saw Marishka’s HP suddenly drop by dozens of points. However Marishka was not afraid, instead she let out a big and proud smile.

She suddenly wailed.

From the air, she dove towards Anna.

After seeing this, Anna turned around and ran. Marishka’s attack missed, but she still glided smoothly on above the ground and readily rushed towards a member of the guardian team. The man slashed at Marishka, but she did not even bother avoiding, she embraced him and flung him towards the sky.

With the guardian team member’s loud screams, Marishka’s mouth violently opened as she bared her four sharp fangs and mercilessly piercing the man’s throat.

As the blood flowed into Marishka’s mouth, Shen Yi saw the Vampire Bride’s HP rapidly recover. In just a moment, her HP was fully restored.

“Vampire Race Innate Skill – Blood Drain: Absorb the target’s blood to restore HP. Restores 20 HP/sec until the target’s death. Only effective on living targets.”

Shen Yi finally understood what the three Vampire Brides relied on. Their attributes may not be high, but they have a very powerful skill. The skill’s effect did not only attack the target, but also restores HP. In terms of a recovery ability, it was much stronger than Shen Yi’s Despicable Healing Arts.

The only way to kill his opponents this time, was to instantly kill them. But doing this would not be easy, as the three Vampire Brides speed in the air was very fast. The three vampire brides flew around killing the townspeople, letting out a proud and arrogant laugh.

In their eyes, the formation of the Transylvania’s Guardian Team was completely unable to cause any threat to them. In fact, the things Shen Yi wanted the townspeople to do, were to defend against those low-level Goblins and Werewolves. As for the Vampire Brides, the convoy team could not really deal with them.

At this moment, numerous ideas flashed through Shen Yi’s mind.

With the power of the three Vampire Brides, he could not even deal with one of them himself. In order to complete the task of killing at least one Vampire Bride, the key factor was Van Helsing.

According to the Bloody Crest’s information, Van Helsing’s Class is Marksman. In other words, this guy has not yet displayed his real power.

Like Shen Yi, he also observed the weakness of the three Vampire Brides. But he didn’t have the Appraisal skill, so he could only observe their behavior to make an analysis.

Thinking of this, Shen Yi talked to Gasken, “You and your people are responsible for stalling Verona and Aleera, can you do it?”

“It’s very hard, as they fly in the sky at high speeds.”

“Then bring them down.”


“Making a woman fall in love with you quickly is very difficult, but making a woman hate you quickly is not so difficult.” Shen Yi said with a smirk.

His words made Gasken silent, but he quickly understood what Shen Yi meant.

Dropping his the axe to the ground, Gasken rushed to an open ground, pulled his pants off as he faced the sky, and angrily roared:

“You b*tches! This is a gift Grandpa Gasken has prepared for you!”

He actually peed out in the open in front of everyone.

Anna angrily turned around and glared at Shen Yi: “Is this your idea?”

Shen Yi innocently said, “I’m just a guide.”

Gasken’ action successfully provoked the three Vampire Brides in the sky as they rushed toward him.

But as a warrior, Gasken had some power too. Seeing the three Vampire Brides flying closer, Gasken quickly put the pants back on, picked up his axe and slashed towards the sky.

Wind Cleave: Axe Skill, Level 6. Can attack all enemy targets within the axe’s range, causes 160 damage on the primary target and 120 damage on the remaining targets, with 10% chance of producing a shock effect. Shock effect causes 60 damage ignoring defense.”

The axe swung out, as it raised a hurricane full of murderous intent. The three Vampire Brides simultaneously screamed.

At the same time, Shen Yi shouted to Val Helsing, “Focus all firepower towards killing Marishka first!”

Van Helsing hesitated, “Why?”

“She is the easiest to kill!” Shen Yi loudly answered.

Among the three Vampires Brides, Verona was the most prudent and temperamental, she also had the strongest defense and vitality. Marishka was the youngest of the three brides; the sexy but ever changing one. Her attack is the best, but she is the weakest in terms defense and vitality. Therefore, the best target to kill first is Marishka.

Hearing Shen Yi’s explanation, Van Helsing skeptically looked at him. Shen Yi immediately said, “You always have to choose to kill one, don’t you?

Van Helsing thought, then finally nodded.

He put the Pneumatic Crossbow down, and pulled out two Hunting Demon Guns from his waist.

When the two guns came out, Shen Yi clearly felt that Van Helsing’s temperament suddenly changed.

If the previous Van Helsing was a prodigal son with vicissitudes, helplessly drowning in vanity, like a rusty knife; then the Van Helsing right now instantly turned into a murderous killer, as if a sword was pulled out of its sheath.

As he lifted the left pistol, a flash of fire appeared at the muzzle. A small bullet flew, as it roared in the air towards Marishka, hitting her right in the chest.

The shot did not seem to hurt too much, so Marishka did not care. But at the next moment, three more rounds of bullets had flown through the same hole in Marishka’s body.

A series of four gunshots hit the same point and formed a small explosion in Marishka; bursting into wound comparable to a cup.

The HP bar above Marishka’s head instantly fell down to ⅕  of what it was.

This was Monster Hunter Van Helsing’s skill, Accurate Hit: Can fire three rounds of ammunition at a designated point. The first bullet inflicts 10 points of damage, the second inflicts 20 points of damage, the third inflicts 30 points of damage, also causing a tearing effect on the wound. Debuff: loses 4 HP/sec for 10 seconds.

Shen Yi clearly saw that Van Helsing had only used ordinary bullets, but he was able to deal the same amount of damage as special bullets would.

After Marishka suffered the blow, she wrathfully screamed in the air and dove towards Van Helsing.

At that moment, the other two Vampire Brides had been stalled by Gasken and the guardians.

Shen Yi had to say, Gasken’s strength was indeed quite impressive, but unfortunately the Vampire Bride’s skill was quite troublesome.

Whenever they were hurt, they would quickly attack one of the townspeople, then flew to the sky to suck their blood. They only needed ten seconds to restore 200 HP, and during that time, those arrows from the crossbows simply could not deal enough much damage to them.

However, Gasken was still successful in completing the task Shen Yi give to him, drawing the two brides’ attention. After hundreds of years of accumulated hatred, the townspeople knew that such attacks on the Vampire Brides had not much effect, but they still fought.

Verona and Aleera didn’t notice that Van Helsing was focusing all his firepower on Marishka. Perhaps in their view, he couldn’t hurt Marishka. After all, every vampire had a strong blood-sucking innate skill. The so-called innate skill, was a skill which didn’t need to consume MP, so the cooldown time was very short. This life-steal skill guaranteed their immortality, while the other two skills were the embodiment of their strength.

At this moment, Marishka dived down, her eyes flashing with anger. A pair of sharp nails suddenly extended and were directed at Van Helsing’s heart.

“Vampire Race Skill – Blood-draining Demon Claw: Damage: 50; Ignores 20% of the targets’ defense, each attack temporarily decreases 1 point of defense, and does 10% life-steal.”

These claws came in fast and were ruthless, as they were pointed towards the middle of Van Helsing’s chest. The moment these five sharp nails striked Van Helsing’s chest, a five-fingered print appeared on his chest. Five small were formed blood streams and as Van Helsing was sent flying backwards.

However with his body still in the air,  he felt no pain, Van Helsing’s guns moved and continuously fired at Marishka.

The bullet hit Marishka’s body as if hitting a carrion and made several holes. Marishka roared, waved her wings, and once again attacked Van Helsing with her fangs on display.

She wanted to use her Blood Drain skill on Van Helsing.

The vampire’s thought was simple, use the blood of the one who attacked her to restore her HP.

However, the moment she was close to Van Helsing, Van Helsing suddenly made a move.

He abandoned the gun in his left hand.

His left hand suddenly clenched into a fist, with his middle finger knuckle in prominence. At the same time, his left foot stepped backward. He made a sideways dodge action as his whole body bent into a bow shape. While avoiding the impact of Marishka, his body suddenly dashed forwards and his left hand viciously hit the abdomen of Marishka.

The punch was like a big hammer, severely hitting the body of Marishka, making her scream in pain.

Sliding Side Strike: By mobilizing the power of the body, user deals a strong blow on the target. Deals 40 damage and give the user 20% dodge effect. Counter-attack skill. Deputy skill. Can be used to form a combo. Skill Requirements: Strength: 30, Agility: 30.”

While Shen Yi was still reading the information of Slide Side Strike, Van Helsing jumped high. With his left fist pulled back, his elbow severely pounded Marishka. Marshika did not even have the opportunity to respond, her cervical spine was broken by Van Helsing’s elbow.

She was thrown on the ground.

Elbow Bash: Uses the elbow to attack the enemy. Can form combo with other skills. Finishing Skill. Deals 50 damage. If used in a combo deals 150 damage.”

“The two-hit combo is completed, results in 190 damage.”

This combo heavily wounded Marishka. Her HP bar instantly fell below half. She did not expect that the bearded-faced man was so terrible, not only did he have gun skills, but he also had strong melee attacks.

Although Marishka also caused some damage to Van Helsing, he had 50 Vitality points. His HP reached 500 points, so that 50 damage has only made him lose a tenth of his HP.


Marishka quickly jumped. Her cervical spine was broken, so her head could only weakly lean on her shoulder. Marishka twisted her head a bit and successfully screwed it back in the right position. But because of her extreme anger, her beautiful face was deformed into a terrifying shape.

Van Helsing continued firing at Marishka. Marishka was beaten in the air and had been continuously thrown. Do not think it was just a normal shot. A 25% power bonus, coupled with the kinetic energy increased by the Hunting Demon Gun itself made Van Helsing take down more than 10 HP/ shot, even with ordinary bullets. Seeing that her HP had dropped to less than half, Marishka flew high into the air. Then, she suddenly rushed into one of the town’s roof, as she made a big hole in the wooden roof, she went into the house. In a blink of an eye, she flew out, having caught a male.

Falling back to the ground, Marishka bared her fangs at the male. She must restore her life force first, then she would teach that Van Helsing a lesson.

At the time, Marishka only thought about Van Helsing, considering him as the only powerful and terrible opponent.

She didn’t notice that there was a man who had been observing the fight, but had yet to make a move, Shen Yi.

At the moment that Marishka was about to restore her HP, Shen Yi finally raised his gun.

Marishka simply could not imagine that the gun was dangerous, so she simply ignored Shen Yi.

Shen Yi’s mouth revealed a trace of a smile.

He fired the gun!

But the shot was not directed at Marishka, he fired it at the hostage’s head.
The one shot immediately killed him.

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