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Infinity Armament – Book 1 Chapter 11

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Translated by: LaPhong

Edited by: Cherry Blossoms, / Leo

Book 1 Chapter 11: Vampire Brides (Part 2)

“Vampire Race Innate Skill – Blood Drain: Absorbs the target’s blood to restore HP. Restores 20 HP/sec until the target’s death. Only effective on living targets.”

“Until the target’s death!” This meant that the vampire could only use the blood of a living target to restore their own lives.

What they were really taking wasn’t blood, but rather the life energy that was contained in the blood.

The dead obviously had no life energy.

Shen Yi’s shot killed the townsperson which led the to the failure of Marishka’s vampire skill – she could not get the life force she wanted from a dead body.

Originally, in order to defeat powerful vampire brides, Shen Yi united the townspeople, but he didn’t calculated that these people would become the vampire’s life-recovering potion.

Luckily, he quickly realized this method. No matter who they were, be it a stranger or people he has had contact with, he would still be able to kill them with no regrets.

Shen Yi only saw them as NPCs.

Shen Yi’s own combat power might not be strong, but his ability of grasping the opportunity and finding his enemy’s weak point or fatal weakness was higher than anyone else’s.

Marishka didn’t know if Shen Yi’s miss was intentional or not, but she had no time to think about that.

Van Helsing’s Hunting Demon Gun still had not stop firing, a few more bullets went through the body of Marishka again. Verona and Aleera saw that Marishka’s situation was not looking good so they rushed over to help with Van Helsing; they wanted to stop him from attacking Marishka.

But Gasken and the townspeople had surrounded them. They used their life to make sure they didn’t have such an opportunity.

Marishka quickly rushed toward another townsperson.

However, at the moment the townsperson was about to fall into her hands, a bullet ended that towns person’s life.

It was Shen Yi again.

He emotionlessly looked at her.

Marishka stared at the body on the ground, her eyes flashed with raging anger.

She finally saw that this young man, who still hasn’t moved till just now was an absolutely ruthless man. Even if he had to kill all the people in this town, he would never give her the slightest chance to restore her HP.

If Shen Yi shot her, with Marishka’s speed, there was a great possibility to dodge, but she couldn’t make those townspeople also dodge the bullet. On the other hand, she couldn’t escape Van Helsing’s attack.

The chain of events caused a dead-lock. If it continued this way, she would soon be killed by Van Helsing.

“AAUGH!” Marishka roared and rushed toward Shen Yi.

She wanted to immediately kill this “no ability, but despicable” bastard in order to change this unfavorable situation.

If she successfully killed Shen Yi, Van Helsing who had always been a self-righteous man, would not have the same behavior as a person who has killed the townspeople.

But she soon found that she had made a big mistake.

In term of the gun skills, attributes, or skills in general; Shen Yi was far worse than Van Helsing, but Shen Yi had special bullets which were very effective against undead creatures.


At this point Marishka’s HP had dropped to only ⅓ of what it was. The Vampire Bride herself didn’t have a high HP, but one-third was more than 200 HP.

If she immediately flew up, there would be a chance for her to escape, but she instead rushed toward Shen Yi, so she fell right into Shen Yi’s trap.

In the previous battle, Shen Yi had not shot out his holy bullets, but instead was waiting with patience until now, in order to analyse the enemy’s speed, flight line, habit of action and so on.

When Marishka rushed toward him, Shen Yi already knew that within this period of time, he could only shoot two rounds.

The two bullets absolutely couldn’t kill Marishka, while Marishka only needed three hits to kill him.

But it didn’t matter.

No one noticed that Shen Yi was standing between two houses, where only a narrow path can lead anyone to him.

Marishka dived straight at Shen Yi. Because of that, she wasn’t be able to dodge Shen Yi’s attack. Even with only two shots, Marishka’s HP instantly dropped by more than 100. The power from these attacks scared her, but at that moment she quickly calculated that Shen Yi had no time to fire a third shot. So, as long as she seized him and used her Blood Drain skill, all the lost HP would immediately get recovered.
But when she thought about her meal, she suddenly found herself unable to move.

When she looked down, Marishka saw that a cluster of vines had wrapped around her feet.

Low-level Binding Trap: Coils around any target who sets foot onto the trap, making the target immobile for a fixed time of 20 seconds. The higher the level of the creature, the shorter the binding time. Needs to be preset before usage. After setting up the trap, it exists for a duration of 3 minutes.”

This was one of the items Shen Yi received after killing the Goblin Leader.

This binding trap was like the light trap, he had great restrictions when using them. Not only did he need to pre-set the traps, he also needed the target to set foot on it, so its practical value was not very high. But if it was placed in a narrow linear space, where the enemy’s route could easily be predicted, it was very effective.

Vampire Brides could fly, but they always dove down to attack, which opened up an opportunity for Shen Yi to arrange his trap.

At that moment the Bloody Crest prompted: “Because the target’s level is high, binding trap can only make target immobile for 5 seconds.”

Shen Yi smiled, “I only need three seconds.”

92-style rifle – Value: 150 BP. Increased kinetic energy: 0. Rate of fire: 1 round/sec. Effective range: 50 meters. 1 magazine of normal bullets. Number of rounds: 99/100. Base damage: 7. Each bullet’s worth: 1.5 BP. Non-ranked item.

This was the specification of Shen Yi’s gun.

Marishka at this time had more than 100 HP, just give her a second, and she would be able to tear the brat in front of her alive.

But she couldn’t reach him in time.

She stood on the ground like a target while she watched Shen Yi fire at her.

At that moment, Marishka suddenly opened her mouth, as if calling something, but not the slightest bit of sound could be heard.
Shen Yi felt a dissonant sound echoing in his head, the sound muted him as he vomited a big mouthful of blood.

Not just him, on both sides of the huts, all the townspeople were clutching their heads while shouting.

“Vampire Marishka’s special skill – Ultrasonic Attack: Issues an ultrasonic wave. All creatures inside the radius of 15 meters will be damage by the sound. Deals 30 points damage per second for 5 seconds.”

Shen Yi knew this was bad. He grinded his teeth and resisted against the severe headache while shooting out three times…

The sonic attack suddenly halted, Marishka looked at Shen Yi with an “unbelieveable” look, only to see cold and cruel eyes.

Her eyes had despair at the next moment. Marishka’s body was like a mummy that passed away a thousands years ago, after a gust of wind she turned into ashes and blew away.

“No!” Verona and Aleera let out a pained cry.

Verona made a circle in the sky and dove toward Shen Yi.

Shen Yi who was standing still faced Verona and sent out a mysterious smile.

Verona saw the smile on his face and suddenly remembered the strange situation just now, Marishka stood on the ground and let herself get killed by Shen Yi.

There was a trap here!

Verona was startled. Seeing that she came near Shen Yi, she hastily flew back to the sky.

Van Helsing had turned his attack toward Aleera, as the townspeople desperately fought. Each time she sucked the blood of a townsperson, she had to pay a price.  At the moment they couldn’t find a suitable target, plus Marishka’s death was a serious blow to their confidence. The two Vampire Brides loudly shouted, “All of you must pay a great price for this!” And then flew off into the sky. They did not dare to continue fighting.

Van Helsing’s Hunting Demon Gun was not able to stop the two, so they could only watch the two Vampire Brides slowly disappearing into the sky.
Shen Yi coldly looked at the two black spots disappear in the sky far away, till he finally exhaled a long breath.

His strained nerves were finally able to relax.

Marishka’s Ultrasonic Attack was indeed troublesome to deal with. 30 damage per second that ignored one’s defense, it made Shen Yi’s HP drop until he only had 10 points left. Had he acted one second late, the dead one would have been him.

The most terrible thing was when he used the Despicable Healing Arts to restore his HP, he got a message: Can’t cure unique effect damage.

If Verona knew that Shen Yi only pretended to be calm on the surface, while in fact, just one or two claws would have killed him. He only did so to make her nervous. Shen Yi’s biggest weakness was that he was an ordinary person, even with his double attributes, his HP is too low.

At that moment, he obtained a small blue chest from the ashes of Marishka, but instead of looking at his harvest, he bowed his head and kept a cold face while walking out from the path between the two houses.

Countless townspeople also saw the retreat of the Vampire Brides and slowly begun to come out from their houses.

They looked at Shen Yi with horror-filled eyes.

Gasken rushed forward, seized Shen Yi ‘s neck, and said, “You actually shot your own people!”

Shen Yi coldly said, “They were seized by the Vampire Bride, even if I didn’t kill them, their only result would be death. At least I let them die with dignity; dignified, but also valuable!”

Gasken’s hand slightly loosened.

Shen Yi first looked around at the people in the town, and then he cried out, “I want to remind you that this is war! Now that you have decided to choose to confront the oppression, we must prepare to sacrifice ourselves! If I was caught by the Vampire Bride, then you can do the same to me!”

“But before that, I want you to think about what happened just now.”

Shen Yi looked at the town people, and he shouted, “We killed a Vampire Bride!”

“Hoorey!” All the townspeople cheered at the same time.

They realized that, just now, they killed a vampire which they used to think was an invincible being.

This was something they thought was completely impossible.

But the fact already subverted their knowledge.

However, facing Shen Yi’s method of killing their own people in exchange for their victory, the townspeople’s hearts found it difficult to accept.

This “happy, but difficult to accept” feeling was complex, so when facing Shen Yi, they didn’t know what to do.

Shen Yi didn’t care about the thoughts of the townspeople, he walked straight back to the Valerious family’s house.

It wasn’t until now that he was able to finally let out a long sigh of relief.

He was glad that this group of people used to be oppressed.

Their blood has been accustomed to accept “might make right”.

Shen Yi’s justification for killing the townspeople was not important, the important thing was if he had spoken with enough momentum or not.

If he had just been a little soft or showed less self-confidence, or was busy thinking of an explanation, then the townspeople’s wrath would have been enough to shred him apart.

This battle, from the moment he began to shoot, was like walking toward a cliff of the death…

As he sat on the sofa, he quietly waited for his HP to automatically recover. Meanwhile, he opened the box.


The Bloody Crest prompted: “You have killed the Vampire Bride Marishka, Main Quest 3 completed, obtain reward: 1000 BP.”

“In the process of killing Marishka, you accepted the plot character’s help, so your reward will be based on your contributions.”

“Comprehensive evaluation, your contribution in killing Marishka was 42%, therefore you will only get the basic reward, no additional reward for beginners.”

“Completed all Main Quests, you received an additional reward for beginners.”

“Vampire Bride Basic Reward – obtained a Vampire Fang: has a 3% life-steal with melee attack damage. Can be used for inlaying weapons. Before inlaying, weapon must be processed. Priority: Uncertain. Value: Uncertain.”

“Vampire Bride Basic Reward – obtained Crystal Tears Pendant – Hatred of Marishka: A synthetic pendant. Vampire Bride Marishka used to be a naive girl, after Count Dracula converted her into a vampire, she held great hatred for all living beings. The last drop of tear before she became a vampire transformed into a crystal. It can be used to record the enemy’s information. When the information is recorded, it will eternally exist in the crystal tears until the enemy’s death. Once your enemy appears within the range of ten meters, you will immediately know of their presence as well as their position. Equipment effect priority: 15. Value: Uncertain.”

“Additional reward for beginners – Bottle of Holy Water: can be used to smear melee weapons. Melee weapons will gain 20 additional damage toward the undead. Duration: 1 hour. Can be used to smear 10 times. It can also be used for a direct attack, causing 600 direct damage to undead. Reduces direct damage by 60 each time its used for smearing.”

These were the three items Shen Yi received.

The vampire fangs looked good, but 3% lifesteal, in fact, could only count as “better than nothing”.

Shen Yi was interested in the Crystal Tears Pendant – Hatred of Marishka. This thing could record an enemy’s information, it had a meaning. Unfortunately, the range was too small, ten meters, but at least it could engrave three names.

As a result of the low evaluation, the Vampire Bride’s reward, although special, held less practical value than the Goblin Leader’s reward.

It seemed that the plot character was a double-edged sword. They were giving help so that you would have a lower risk and difficulty, but at the same time also reduced the payment you received.

Taking into account that all three vampire brides simultaneously attacked this time, Shen Yi also gradually realized that the latter task would be harder than the former task.

Now Shen Yi had to consider the next time, will Dracula himself come with the two Vampire Brides?

But when he thought of this, Shen Yi’s face exposed a cold grin.

He murmured, “I’m only afraid that you won’t come.”

He solemnly engraved Count Dracula’s name on the Crystal Tears Pendant.

After thinking for a while, he wrote down another person’s name.

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