Infinity Armament – Book 1 Chapter 12

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Translated by: LaPhong

Edited by: Cherry Blossoms, / Leo/ Moxie…

Book 1 Chapter 12: Brother and Sister


Transylvania bar was never lively.

Excluding a few alcoholics, the vast majority of the townspeople were accustomed to hiding in their homes – night was the world of the undead creatures. This act of retaliation, although there was real danger, psychologically speaking, these cowards felt a bit more lax/comfortable.

Van Helsing was sitting alone in the corner of the bar drinking, listening to the noisy clamor of some of the alcoholics.

The clamor soon ceased.

Shen Yi appeared in the doorway.

Several alcoholics stopped making noise; they stared at Shen Yi with awe-inspiring eyes.

Shen Yi sat beside Van Helsing.

“Gasken, give me a glass.” Shen Yi threw a silver coin on the bar.

Gasken placed a full glass of beer in front of Shen Yi, while pushing the silver coin back, “I offer you this drink. Although I don’t like your method, I must admit that you are right.”

This made Shen Yi surprised.

When all the townspeople were respecting him, Gasken was the only one who objected. Now that all the townspeople began to fear him, Gasken has become the only one who supported him.

“Thank you,” he said.

Shen Yi raised a toast to Van Helsing, then drank it.

“I must admit that I was wrong in my assessment of you when we met; you are indeed a good monster hunter, but I wonder why I have never heard of you before.”

“Perhaps because your evaluation is not entirely wrong, my strength is indeed very low, and I can only rely on my brains to make up for my deficiencies. But if possible, I still want my fists to become harder.” Shen Yi laughed, “Maybe you can give me some advice on this. “

Van Helsing was quite surprised hearing Shen Yi say that.

Shen Yi quickly said, “I don’t believe that you think Dracula is easy to deal with. Having a stronger assistant is better, right?

Van Helsing thought for a while and finally nodded, “What do you want to learn?”

“I will learn whatever you want to teach.” Shen Yi readily answered.

He was now eager to enhance his combat prowess, and this desire was like a thirsty traveler in the desert; to get stronger was what he wanted, now was not the time to be picky.

“Well then, I’ll teach you some gun-techniques,” Van Helsing said.

Van Helsing began to explain some of the mistakes Shen Yi had in handling his gun.

After some talking, Shen Yi was prompted, “You acquired the guidance of Van Helsing; your Firearms technique is enhanced to the basic-level, your gun skills and accuracy increased, hit rate of moving target increased. You have obtained Mana-Imbued Bullet Technique: Imbue mana on the bullet to enhance the attack power of the bullet. Each addition of 1 MP increases the bullet attack damage by 10 points.  A bullet can be imbued with up to 10 MP, causing 100 additional damage. This technique is not a Skill, it cannot be enhanced.”

Shen Yi stared at the message, he didn’t expect that with just a bit of guidance from Van Helsing, he would gain such benefits.

Shen Yi clearly felt his usage of guns becoming a better. It was the feeling when one’s shooting seemed to be more clear and accurate. But the thing which made him even more excited was the Mana-Imbued Bullet Technique.

Shen Yi knew that although he currently had two skills, the thing he lacked the most was attack power. Van Helsing’s teaching enabled him to obtain what he was lacking. Although the effect was normal, and it’s attack power-up was low, it was still better than nothing.

It also made him aware of one thing, there are many rewards that may be obtained other than through hard work. Having more communication with the characters can bring about some good rewards as well.

Van Helsing after giving guidance to Shen Yi, continued to drink alone, and no longer talked to him.

Seeing that talking would not get him anything else, Shen Yi went back alone to Anna’s house.

Anna had not slept. Seeing that Shen Yi had come back, she walked over.

Anna hooked her arms around Shen Yi ‘s neck, kissed him on the cheek, and then said softly, “ A reward for our hero.”

Hero? This made Shen Yi stunned. But he immediately understood; this is not Anna worshipping him, it was her trust for him.

Remembering the first time Anna saw him, comparing then to now,  Anna’s eyes now, shone with a light of hope.

Killing the Vampire Bride Marishka brought Anna a confidence she never had before.

She had confidence in Shen Yi, she believed that he could create more miracles.

This was far more valuable than any empty words.

However, in addition to this trust, Shen Yi also saw some strange things.

The girl’s heart was burning …

Shen Yi believed that if he wanted, he could get Anna on his bed right now.

One-night stand?

The idea quickly rose in his mind.

He was not a inexperienced man who didn’t know about the relationships between a man and a woman.

Although he once loved a girl, that was already in the past. Qing Qing was dead, people cannot keep their chastity for a lifetime just for the dead.

However, when facing this girl’s enthusiasm, he had to calm down and seriously think about whether or not it was worth it.

From an emotional point of view, he would eventually leave. He didn’t know if, after his departure, if this world would continue to exist or not. It looked so real, everyone was made of flesh and blood, had their own thoughts, soul, and emotions. They were real people, not a group of simple NPCs.

If they were real beings, then his departure will seriously hurt the girl.

From a rational point of view, Gasken had a deep love for Anna. Love sometimes makes people crazy, it makes them have stupid and irrational behaviors. Shen Yi didn’t want to destroy the relationship between him and the townspeople because of this.

Considering the overall situation, Anna was this small town’s princess and shouldered the task of eliminating the vampire. Having a love relationship with her meant that the public business would become a private business. The townspeople would doubt Shen Yi’s motive, if doing all of this was to save the town, or to save the Valerious family.

This would affect their trust in him.

No matter which point of view he took, it was necessary to maintain a certain distance with Anna.

So he could only ignore Anna’s feelings of love.

At the moment he was about to say something to refuse her, he suddenly felt his chest get hot.

It was the warning from the Crystal Tears Pendant.

Shen Yi pushed Anna back and shouted, “Careful!”

“Huh!” A figure plunged toward Shen Yi. Shen Yi shouted, but he had no time to shoot, so he readily dragged a weapons rack to block. That huge shadow hit the rack, and then hit Shen Yi, knocking him back.

The shadow rushed forward, pressed Shen Yi’s body, and exposed a mouth full of dense white fangs, biting at Shen Yi’s neck.

It was a huge werewolf.

Shen Yi lowered his head, not dodging but smashing toward the werewolf’s fang. Although the werewolf’s fangs were sharp, the human skull was the hardest part of the human body; coupled with Shen Yi’s doubled attributes, his head smash broke two of the werewolf’s fangs at once, making it hiss loudly in pain.

However, Shen Yi himself was no better, the sudden impact effect made his mind daze off for a while.

Anna quickly picked up a curved-handled sword from the scattered weapons rack, and stabbed fiercely toward the werewolf. The werewolf’s reaction was also fast, a backhand swung out and knocked the sword straight out of her hand.

However, Shen Yi took this opportunity to quickly regain consciousness. Enduring the headache, he caught two of the werewolf’s claws, and with a fierce force, he threw the werewolf toward the opposite wall.

He didn’t expect the werewolf to whistle a circle in the air, grab the wall, and hang himself onto the wall like a chandelier; not receiving the slightest injury. It turned back, a pair of green eyes fiercely stared at Shen Yi .

With a flip of his hand, a gun appeared in Shen Yi’s hands, then directly fired at the werewolf.

The werewolf roared, ran toward the ceiling, and escaped the shots. Its claws continuously swinging as it ran on the ceiling as though it was on the ground.

“This was no ordinary werewolf!” Anna said in panic.

Shen Yi sadly smiled.

Of course he knew it was not an ordinary werewolf.

The Appraisal has already been activated; this was his first action before each battle.

Elite Werewolf Attack: 12-20. Defense: 7. HP: 400. Weak Spot: Head. Skills: None.”

This Elite Werewolf, in terms of attributes was very close to that of the Silver Werewolf’s, the only thing it lacked was skills.

It ran quickly on the ceiling, then suddenly jumped at Shen Yi’s head; it treated Shen Yi as if Shen Yi was its mortal enemy.

A huge werewolf claw ferociously swung at Shen Yi, but Shen Yi simply didn’t dodge, stiffly receiving the blow. At the time that he bore the blow, a bullet hit the werewolf.

Both sides were wounded at the same time.

The difference was that at the next moment, Shen Yi’s hand had been placed on his chest, and he immediately started treatment. With the Despicable Healing Arts, although in terms of attack power Shen Yi was weaker, but his ability to continually fight was greatly enhanced.

The Elite Werewolf was too fast, it had enough agility to dodge bullets. Trading injury with injury became the best choice for Shen Yi.

But this method could not be sustained, because the cooldown time of the Despicable Healing Arts was a whole minute.

In a life-and-death battle, one second could be the key in deciding the winner, let alone a minute.

The Elite Werewolf didn’t intend to give Shen Yi a second chance to resume treatment; it roared again and rushed at Shen Yi.

However, Shen Yi still didn’t dodge, he used the same method to fight the werewolf.


A bullet hit the werewolf’s chest, with a terrifying number: 155 damage. The Elite Werewolf suddenly wailed; apparently it didn’t expect Shen Yi to actually have such a fearsome attack.

10 MP imbued, resulting in 100 additional damage, plus the Holy Bullet damage; all of it caused the terrifying damage.

At the same time, the wolf’s claws also hit Shen Yi’s chest at the heart’s location, resulting in double damage. Shen Yi’s HP which had just returned to full, immediately dropped by ⅓ .

When the werewolf tried to attack Shen Yi again, Shen Yi’s left hand suddenly flashed.

It was the handaxe from the Goblin Leader.

The handaxe from the Goblin Leader glowed, the weapon skill Retracted Axe activated. Shen Yi’s Strength was at 10 points, plus the axe itself had 6-10 damage, Retracted Axe had 16-20 damage. Shen Yi was very close to the werewolf, so the handaxe quickly flew out of his palm, cut the wolf in the back and forth, and back to Shen Yi ‘s palm. The wolf’s entire foreleg was almost cut down, it issued a painful and mournful howl, then hit Shen Yi’s chest.

That huge force made Shen Yi feel that his bones should now be broken, but he just straightened his right arm, facing the wolf and shot again.

9 MP imbued, 145 points of damage.

That was his last points 9 points of mana.

The bullet broke the chest of the werewolf, and made a gorgeous bleeding wound. Its bones and internal organs were almost exposed.

But at the same time Shen Yi shot his last, he also immediately felt an extreme sense of vertigo after all, his MP was spent.

The feeling of violently vomiting and powerlessness instantly filled his body, his eyes only saw a blurry scene, like a pedestrian severely hit by a truck, looking at the sky for the last time.

Shen Yi felt that he didn’t even have enough strength to stand still.

This was the first time he depleted all his mana in battle. Before that he didn’t expect the exhaustion of mana to actually have such a huge side effect. But when he thought about the bad state he was in, he saw that Anna raised her sword to cut the Elite Werewolf’s head. The werewolf was seriously injured and couldn’t get up.

Shen Yi used his final energy to shout, “Don’t kill it!”

Anna was stunned, and pulled the sword back, “Why?”

“Because… it is … your brother.” Shen Yi said this sentence, then fainted.

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