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Infinity Armament – Book 1 Chapter 13 - Zenith Novels

Infinity Armament – Book 1 Chapter 13

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Translated by: LaPhong

Edited by: Cherry Blossoms, / Leo/ Moxie / Ethan

Book 1 Chapter 13: Final Quest


Shen Yi woke up early in the morning, feeling refreshed.

All his MP had been fully restored.

The fight this time made him learn the terrible consequences of mana exhaustion. It seems that the next time he uses his skills, he must be careful to not exhaust his entire MP.

While Shen was thinking about his own discovery, the door was slammed open.

Anna angrily came in, raised her fist and punched Shen Yi, “You bastard! Why did you not tell me that he was my brother sooner! I almost killed him!”

Anna was obviously furious because of Shen Yi; her punches were ruthless, and they heavily struck on Shen Yi’s body consecutively and dealt 1 point of damage each time. Shen Yi grabbed Anna’s hand and cried, “You listen to my explanation…”

But Anna, at the moment, refused to hear him talking; she just continued punching and kicking. From childhood, she and her brother, Velkan, had very sentimental feelings for each other. Since two months ago when Velkan was pushed down the cliff by the werewolves, she thought that her brother had already died. She would have never thought that he would come back as a werewolf.

Shen Yi clearly knew that he was her brother, but still desperately fought to death with him, yet did not even tell her. How would she not be angry?

Shen Yi could not see an opening in Anna’s onslaught, so he simply grabbed her on the shoulders and mercilessly kissed her lips.

The kiss blocked Anna’s words; she just look horrified at Shen Yi. At first, she also had some sense of resistance, yet gradually, after being confused by the kiss, her whole body went limp, losing the strength to trouble Shen Yi.

Seeing her gradually calm down, Shen Yi let out a sigh. He left Anna’s bright red lips, “Remember what we bet when we killed the Goblin Leader? I wanted you to promise me one thing.”

“What?” Anna stared at Shen Yi.

“This is it,” Shen Yi replied, “I’m sorry, I didn’t tell you about your brother earlier, because I didn’t know how to tell you about it. In fact, it was mainly because I could not be sure if your brother had already become a werewolf or not… I needed time to observe and analyze.”

“I don’t understand.”

Shen Yi wryly smiled.

Anna certainly would not understand.

From the beginning, Shen Yi researched everything about Van Helsing’s story and analyzed Bloody City’s behavior.

He had seen the Van Helsing movie before.

But the contents of the film and what he experienced in this world were two completely different things.

Shen Yi joined, and that caused the whole story from the beginning to enter a completely different direction. As Scarface said, ‘Bloody City only recreated the film’s background for all the adventurers to use, as to accomplish quests throughout the world.’

In this world, adventure was the essence; the story was only secondary.

Because of this, Shen Yi encountered a Silver Werewolf, and a Goblin Leader which did not exist in the original story. All the undead also had special skills, while in the original plot, they didn’t have any.

The mission world and the original story had too many differences.

But for Shen Yi, it was precisely because there were many differences that he was deliberately looking for similarities.

Only after finding these points would he be able to find the chance to overcome Count Dracula.

So Shen Yi had been looking for opportunities to find them.

He found that although the plot’s direction was different and some minor things may have changed, the theme of the story and some of the important elements which cannot be changed, would not change. This was like history; no matter how it changed, no matter what kind of character was created, it could never change the pace of social development.

In Van Helsing’s story, this was also true.

No matter how Shen Yi joined the story or how great of a change in the characters appeared, some core elements would not change.


Such as the Count Vampire Dracula and his three brides, and such as the existence of Frankenstein. For example, Van Helsing had just arrived in the town, yet the Vampire Brides instantly launched an attack, and in the evening, Anna’s brother came to see Anna.

All the themes were not changed, only the details were changed.

The reason to find such similarities was because through the  similarities, Shen Yi would be able to predict the next part of the plot, which could tell him what changed and what had remained constant.

Now, he finally reached a few crucial conclusions.

These conclusions made the hunting plan he directed against Count Dracula come into fruition.

In this plan, Anna’s brother, the werewolf Velkan, was a very important part of the key figures – in the original plot, the vampire Count Dracula was killed by the werewolf Van Helsing. Because the werewolves were the only existence that was able to kill Count Dracula.

Although the situation in the mission world had major changes, Shen Yi was now able to determine that even if a werewolf could not have an instant kill effect on Count Dracula, it must still have a powerful anti-vampire effect. Which is one of the several important facts he believed would not change.

This conclusion would be another important key for his victory over Count Dracula.

However, he could not say these things to Anna.

He could only smile wryly at Anna, “Before your brother appeared last night, I was unable to determine some things. But after he appeared, I finally reached a conclusion. The reason why I attacked him was not because I wanted to kill him, but because if I didn’t, I wouldn’t have been able to catch him. Anna, I want you to understand why I did what I did. It’s the best way to not kill him and also not be killed by him.”

Anna stared at Shen Yi.

She didn’t forget that last night, the werewolf attacked Shen Yi with a vicious appearance.

Indeed. So how can she blame him?

It was him who saved her from harm and saved her brother.

She suddenly regretted her own impulsive actions; while feeling embarrassed, she said, “I’m sorry, I don’t know how I suddenly had that inexplicable anger after knowing you wounded my brother…”

Shen Yi gently hugged Anna, “I can understand. If some outsiders injured my loved ones, I wouldn’t be just angry, I would rush to tear them to pieces. But if one of my loved ones injured another of my loved ones, it would be troublesome. Other than being angry and scolding them, we could do nothing, because we can’t hurt our loved ones to vent our anger. So sometimes, we can only complain loudly.”

Hearing Shen Yi saying that she was one of his loved ones, Anna laughed.

“You’re a man who thoroughly understands a human’s heart, maybe I should have hammered you so that you would think you were important to me.”

“If you are willing to… Don’t forget that I’m still a patient.” Shen Yi laughed.

Anna glared deeply at Shen Yi, her beautiful eyes shined as her fingers gently touched the scars on Shen Yi’s chest, “You don’t look like a patient, your resilience is amazing. If another man was harmed like you once, he would lie on the bed for at least half a month. In the past few days, you have received three consecutive harmful wounds, yet you’re still healthy. You’re as tough as a buffalo, as cunning as a fox, as fierce as a wolf…”

She looked at Shen Yi with provocative eyes and exhaled through her red lips, “As brave as a tiger.”

Shen Yi’s heart suddenly beat wildly.

But he just wryly smiled, “Thank you for your praise, but I think we do not have enough time to waste.”

“What do you mean?”

Shen Yi seriously said, “We must kill Dracula tonight.”

Anna was shocked by his answer.

Shen Yi quickly pulled Anna out of the door, “Where is your brother now?”

“He was in the living room, I locked him with an iron chain,” Anna replied quickly.

Shen Yi walked quickly to the living room.

Anna quickly followed behind Shen Yi, “You just said you want to kill Dracula tonight?”

“That’s right.”

“Isn’t that being too hasty?”

“I have been waiting for your brother’s arrival, and his arrival proves something to me, which means that I can start the plan without a hitch.”

“What does it prove?”

“You don’t need to know that. You only need to know that I can help the Valerious family complete the oath which you have not been able to accomplish for hundreds of years.”

“But now it is hard for the townsfolk to go with you, and they have just experienced a great loss, and they’re still discontent with you.”

“This time, I don’t need to use them. In fact, they no longer have any value.” Shen Yi said regretfully, “My calculations had an error, I didn’t expect that vampires were not afraid of human-wave tactics. Attacking along with the townspeople will only increase the fighting strength of the vampires, so we can only rely on ourselves.”

The reason he dared to kill the townspeople was because when he saw the vampires had blood-draining skills, he immediately knew his previous arrangements needed to be re-arranged. The townspeople were no longer his secret force; they could only play a containment role.

He said to Anna, “Dracula will not come alone; he will come with his minions: the werewolves and goblins.  As long as the townspeople are willing to unite, they should be able to deal with these guys. With their help, I just need to find a way to lure Dracula and his brides alone.”

“How do we lure them?”

“Don’t worry, I have a plan.”

“If your plan doesn’t work?”

Shen Yi stopped and looked back at Anna; he spoke word by word, “Then we will reach the dead end.”


“What did you say?” In the tavern, Van Helsing watched Shen Yi with sleepy eyes, “We are going to kill Dracula tonight?”


“How do we even kill him?” Van Helsing raised both of his hands, “We don’t even know where Dracula’s castle is.”

In the original plot, to enter Dracula’s castle, they must go through Anna’s family mural. But Shen Yi had skipped this step, because it didn’t belong to the core elements which couldn’t be changed.

“We don’t need to know where he lives, because we will not go to find him,” Shen Yi said, “Dracula himself will come to us; all we have to do is to set up the trap before he arrives.”


“I have what he wants in my hand.” Shen Yi answered.

Van Helsing looked puzzledly at Shen Yi.

Shen Yi said with a deep voice, “We found a man in the underground cave two days ago, a man who shouldn’t have existed in this world, and I think you’ve heard of his existence – the Frankenstein monster created by Dr. Frankenstein.”

“Oh, hell!” Van Helsing patted his forehead.

He thought for a while, then asked Shen Yi, “So how do you know Dracula need it?”

“You don’t have to get to the bottom of everything. You just need to know that the Frankenstein is a fatal attraction for Dracula, and if Dracula knew about it, he would definitely come to us.”

“Sounds easy, but we don’t even know where he lives. How do we send a message to him?”

Shen Yi’s eyes revealed a mysterious joy, “Of course, there is someone who can help us pass the message.”

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