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Infinity Armament – Book 1 Chapter 16

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Translated by: LaPhong

Edited by: Cherry Blossoms, / Leo

Book 1 Chapter 16: Death Match (Part 2)


Bat Incarnation could be said to be Dracula’s most powerful offensive skill. Using his own remaining life to embody bats to attack the enemy, as long as one bat survived, Dracula would not die – of course with only 1 HP. But with thousands of bat’s, the attack-damage dealt was massive.

But this skill also had its own shortcomings, that was – AoE attacks/skills or items. Once the group of bats were bombed by an AoE attack, it would be a huge disaster for Count Dracula.

But until now, Dracula had been able to confirm that these people don’t have any AoE attack skills or items, so he could use his skill confidently.

At that moment, thousands of bats spreaded out to attack the crowd, frantically hissing and biting. Everyone fought back, but the number of bats were too much, so they were wounded again and again.


Van Helsing had also changed back to human form. Seeing the bats flying in all directions, he suddenly pulled out his two Hunting Demon Guns, each gun firing a shot.

Shen Yi clearly saw that the two bullets bounced with constant high-speed at the group of bats. Each time it hit a bat, it would immediately bounce at the other bats.

“Waveform Dancing Bullet – The fired bullet has the ability to bounce in a waveform line. Can consecutively bounce up to 12 times. The bullet’s initial damage is 30, each bounce reduces the attack-damage by 1 point.”

Van Helsing’s two shots instantly caused dozens of deaths in the bat group.

A group of bats wailed and rushed at Van Helsing, severely hitting Van Helsing’s body and then blowing up. A series of explosion sounds echoed, making Van Helsing’s body look like a sieve. This guy was also tough, even after receiving such heavy injuries, he still didn’t die. He fired another Waveform Dancing Bullet, instantly killing another group of flying bats. But after firing two more bullets he couldn’t support himself and fell into his own blood puddle.

A large group of bats roared and rushed at Velkan; three teams of vampire bats hit his body one after another and then exploded. Velkan who still had full HP, was bombed heavily – his flesh and blood was splattered everywhere, dying on the spot.

“Brother!” Anna issued a mournful cry.

Seeing a team of bats flying towards Anna, Gasken suddenly jumped forward, covering Anna’s body.

The bats exploded, almost blowing his entire back out.

After the swarm of the bats stared at Shen Yi, Shen Yi suddenly pulled the tied-up Frankenstein. This group of bats saw that Frankenstein was pulled over by Shen Yi and didn’t explode, but heavily butted Shen Yi toward the rock wall, making him vomit out a mouthful of blood.

In an instant, the four men who sieged Dracula were all seriously injured, only Anna was okay, despite being shocked.

In the air, Dracula’s prideful laugh sounded.

The bats in the air reassembled back to human form.

Although there was only a little more than 400 HP left, Dracula was still the winner of this battle.

At this moment he looked at Shen Yi and Anna proudly, and contemptuously said, “No one can kill the noble Count Dracula, even if you use all sorts of petty tricks, it’s useless. But I’ll not kill you, Anna, because you will be my new bride. As for you… troublesome brat, you will have to pay a heavy price for what you did!”

Although Shen Yi’s strength was the weakest, but the trouble he caused was the biggest, so Dracula hated him very much.

Sitting down on the ground, and constantly vomiting blood, Shen Yi actually shrugged and said indifferently, “I don’t think the fight has ended.”

“Do you have any trump cards left?” Dracula disdainfully said.

A trace of secretive smile appeared in Shen Yi’s eyes.

On his hand suddenly appeared a sharp hand-axe – the reward from killing the Goblin Leader.

When Dracula was still confused, the hand axe was viciously slashed towards him.

How much attack-damage this hand-axe had, Dracula naturally clearly knew. Despite knowing that this hand-axe didn’t cause any threat to him, but he still instinctively dodged.

However, at the moment he dodged, Dracula was stunned to find that Frankenstein suddenly sprung towards him.

At the same time, Shen Yi’s gun in his other hand was pointed at Frankenstein.

“No!” Dracula exclaimed.

A bullet was flying towards Frankenstein’s chest.

A strange breaking sound suddenly came from Frankenstein’s body.

This strange sound caused Dracula to pause slightly.


From Frankenstein’s body, something was suddenly ejected, a large amount of liquid; it sprayed all over the body of Dracula, creating a large amount of white smoke.

“Aaahhh!” Dracula howled with pain.

Bottle of Holy Water – Single-use, deals 600 points of direct damage to undead creatures.

No one thought that Shen Yi had actually hidden a bottle of holy water in Frankenstein’s body.

And only this half-man, half-machine body, was able to endure this item of Shen Yi’s.

A full bottle of holy water was broken by Shen Yi’s shot and spilled all over on Dracula’s body.

Any undead creature hit by a bottle of holy water, was the same as a human being getting sprayed by sulfuric acid. Dracula issued a painful cry. In the past, although this kind of injury was painful, it could be healed. But at the moment, it dealt a fatal blow to him, becoming the last straw to crush the camel’s back.

Count Dracula wailed and fell down.

Shen Yi looked at the body of Dracula, which was melting under the effect of holy water, and coldly said, “I already said the fight has not yet ended.”

Everyone looked at Shen Yi with frightened eyes. This guy’s scheming, tolerance and ruthlessness had far exceeded their imaginations.

“Is… is this your last preparation?” Anna looked at Shen Yi, shocked.

When making the plan against Count Dracula, Shen Yi calmly admitted that he prepared several sets of traps to deal with Dracula, and admitted that when the situation was unfavorable, he still had a last resort prepared.

At this moment, seeing Count Dracula dying by holy water, Anna believed that this was the last preparation which Shen Yi had refused to speak about.

Shen Yi smiled, as his hand secretly slipped a Stealth Pill back into the Bloody Crest.

“You killed the Vampire Bride Aleera, earned an extra reward of 800 BP.”

“You killed the Vampire Bride Verona, earned an extra reward of 800 BP.”

“You killed the Vampire Count Dracula, earned a reward of 4000 BP.”

“You completed all the quests in Van Helsing’s story at the difficulty level of 100%. Evaluation: Perfect. Mission completion rate: 90%.”

“Your military rank has increased. Your current rank: Private. Storage space upgraded to 5 cubic meters.”

“You can now choose to return at any time; your time left to stay in this world is no more than two hours.”

After reading all the information, Shen Yi did not immediately choose to return.

First, he searched within the ashes to find two blue chests and a purple chest, and put them away in the Bloody Crest. Then he looked at Anna.

“You have to leave?” From Shen Yi’s eyes, Anna suddenly felt a farewell. Her woman’s intuition told her that Shen Yi was about to leave.

Shen Yi came, gently hugged Anna, and kissed her on her lips, “You know there are many helpless things in the world, one of them is called saying farewell.”

“Then will you come back?”

“Maybe, maybe not. Fate is unpredictable, no one can see the future. Maybe someday when you want me back, I will come back… Gasken is a good guy, Van Helsing is also a good choice…”

Anna stared at Shen Yi. She suddenly hugged him, mercilessly kissing him again and again, they shared a deep and warm kiss.

She didn’t want to hear Shen Yi’s following words.

After a long time, Shen Yi gently pushed Anna away and solemnly pressed the Return option on the Bloody Crest.


Then, at next moment, Shen Yi found himself in the square.

At his side was a white-haired old man; he looked funny wearing an ancient gown and a towering hat.

Seeing Shen Yi appear, the old man didn’t speak, but beckoned to him – all Shen Yi’s injuries immediately recovered.

Now that he had left the Mission World, the doubled attribute bonus immediately disappeared; his attributes returned to the original state – Strength: 4 (6), Vitality: 5, Agility: 7 (9), MP: 12, Will: 10. His HP directly dropped to a measly 50 points.

Shen Yi looked at the old man, and was about to say something, when the old man faintly said, “The first time is free, next time you will be charged a fee.” The old man became transparent, then disappeared into thin air.

Along with the disappearance of the old man, the scene before his eyes immediately changed again.

In front of him was a bloody sky, the red clouds were like a flame burning the sky.

Under the sky, was the previously seen Bloody City.

Shen Yi was now in the city’s most marginal edge, on a small slope, he was standing on a stone platform, behind him was a light door. He clearly came out from there, but the priest-like old man had disappeared.

The platform was surrounded by a group of men armed with weapons staring at him.

“Boy, robbery!” The man in the front pointed the gun at Shen Yi’s chest.


Shen Yi didn’t expect that robbery existed in Bloody City, and surprisedly looked at the man.

“What do you want?”

“What else can it be?” The leaded man’s mouth grinned, “Nothing much, give me 300 BP, and I’ll let you pass.”

300 BP? Not too much for him.

But after carefully thinking, Shen Yi immediately knew something wasn’t right.

He passed Van Helsing’ Mission World, but the three Main Quests’ BP reward together was only 1700 BP, and it was already in the 100% difficulty level. If the BP reward was divided according to the difficulty level, considering the beginner rewards and additional reward items, then the BP reward in the 20% difficulty level was only 700-800 BP. In other words, this guy didn’t know his circumstances, but wanted to take nearly half of the BP reward, his appetite could not be considered small.

But his doubled attribute bonus already disappeared. With several guns pointing at him, if he wasn’t obedient, then in but a second, he would became a sieve. But he didn’t know why, but Shen Yi’s mind suddenly had an idea.

He suddenly took the gun out of the storage space, and shot at the man in the front.

The man didn’t expect that Shen Yi would suddenly attack, and screamed in panic, but an invisible energy barrier blocked in front of him. Shen Yi saw that his bullet couldn’t go through the invisible energy barrier, and changed his target to people behind the man in front; he fired a few shots, but the same energy barrier appeared in front of all of them.

Laughing joyfully, Shen Yi took his gun back, “As I thought, this place doesn’t allow adventurers to attack each other, right? I say, if every newcomer was to be robbed this way, then what was the point in the city getting more newcomers?”

The man didn’t think Shen Yi could see through their trick so quickly. After being shocked for a while, he shook his head and said, “F*ck, I didn’t expect to run into an “evil fish”. Yes, Bloody City doesn’t allow adventurers attacking each other. You’re a lucky kid, you can save 300 BP, enough to buy a coffin for yourself.”

The several other men took their guns back and spit on the ground, and a wretched guy said, “Today we were really unlucky, we waited a day to catch a newcomer, but we still couldn’t gain any benefits, how are we going to live like this.”

Another person said, “That guy was also ruthless, despite not knowing the rules about not being allowed to attack, he dared to take the initiative to shoot us. I think he had already made up his mind, even without this rule, he would risk his life with us.”

“He counts as a brave little boy.”

“But he may not be able to live many days.”

“Let’s see for how long he can be ruthless!”

A total of seven people put away their weapons and went to the city. It seemed that the unsuccessful robbery made them feel disheartened.

The city didn’t allow the adventurers attack one another, even with more people it was still useless.

“Hey, I want to inquire the situation in the city, if you can provide valuable information, I can give you some BP.”

The man stopped, looked back at Shen Yi, and after seeing the faith on his face, he finally laughed, “Good boy, you at least know how to act. With 50 BP, I will answer whatever you ask, if you like I can even tell you my mother’s underwear color.”

Shen Yi laughed, “Then tell me your name first.”

“I’m called Hong Lang, these are my brothers. Do you want to drink with us? 1 BP can be exchanged for 50 bottles of beer, its very cheap. I can see that you are a clever man and also generous, your harvest must have been large, so you wouldn’t care about this little fee, right?”



(Author’s note:

Yesterday, a reader in the book review section said that with Vampire Dracula’s high agility, even with Shen Yi using Frankenstein as a hostage, he could snatch Frankenstein back. Originally I wanted to reply, but then I thought, this problem involved the entire Bloody City System settings, so it must have a formal reply.

The basic explanation is as follows:

Bloody City System settings was a thing that I spent a long time to make. I personally think that some of the bugs in the settings are already solved, which includes the concept of how invincible agility is.

In Bloody City, the definition of agility is to increase movement speed and attack speed. From that point, it is actually two concepts.

One is the movement speed, the other is attack speed. The two concepts aren’t used together.

To give the most simple example, the fastest man alive Usain Bolt, if he had Agility attribute, it would at least be double of ordinary people. But Bolt couldn’t punch you and then run away, making so you couldn’t hit him. He would most likely run around harassing you.

The speed of the punch can never be slower than people running. Therefore, the Agility attribute increases two separate kinds of the speeds.

When an Agility-Type adventurer and a Strength-Type adventurer fought, unless the gap of the power is too large, the fight would still be intense. At best, the faster one would hit three times, while receiving two hits back.

In this regard, the effect of increased speed by Agility, unless a party is multiple times higher than the other party, it is impossible to play with opponents as toys. I personally think it would need a difference of at least 5 times, or even 7 or 8 times more or less.

Of course, if the gap reached this step, it’s like an adult bullying a child.

Vampire Dracula is an Agility-Type creature, his moving speed is extremely high, but it cannot be multiple times higher than Shen Yi’s doubled attributes. After all, he was a BOSS of Difficulty Level I (The difficulty setting will be slowly revealed in later books.)

So even if Dracula’s Agility is higher, moving faster, it is not possible to be faster than Shen Yi’s trigger-pulling action, and cannot be faster than a bullet, so Shen Yi killing Frankenstein before Dracula snatching him was not impossible.

Finally, I personally think that the gap in attributes of the adventurers in same Difficulty Level will not be basically more than three times. Fighting wasn’t a game, you can have expertise, but you must not have a shortcoming. So almost all adventurers will highlight some aspects of their own, but will not allow a particular aspect of themselves to become particularly weak. Of course, different attributes had differences purposes to different scenarios, it won’t be elaborated in here.

I generally don’t like to do more explanation outside the text, many things should better be explained in the story itself. This part of the content is because I can’t write it in the text, so count this as an additional supplement.

The beginner’s mission officially ended, Bloody City Tour officially began, I hope you continue to support me.)

(TL note:

Before Book 2, I will translate the Prologue. It describes Shen Yi’s past before he came to Bloody City. As for Anna, let me borrow a line from The Adventures of Tintin – The Secret of the Unicorn:

“We will meet again. In another time. In another life.”)

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