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Infinity Armament – Book 1 Chapter 3 - Zenith Novels

Infinity Armament – Book 1 Chapter 3

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Translated by: LaPhong

Edited by: Cherry Blossoms, Leo, Ethan, Kylian

Book 1 Chapter 3: Mid-air Battle

Shen Yi followed Anna as they were running from the werewolves. One shouldn’t look down on Anna as a weak person since she’s a girl, as she runs exceptionally fast. If Shen Yi didn’t have his attributes doubled, then it would have been impossible for him to keep up with her. She was as flexible as a fox, passing through each lawn and dense forest area, while constantly changing paths. Despite how fast the wolves were, they couldn’t even catch up to them.

“Hurry up! The cliff is just ahead, when we arrive at the cliff do not hesitate to jump down!” Anna shouted.

“Didn’t you tell me that you went out to hunt the werewolves?” Shen Yi said from behind.

“Sometimes it changes to me being the one that’s being hunted!” Anna exclaimed without turning her head.

“It looks too usual to be ‘sometimes’.”

The cliff was coming into view, but as the two neared the cliff, Shen Yi’s sense of alarm was heightened. Having no time to think, he shouted, “Danger!” and pushed Anna out of harm’s way.

A silvery flash flew across the sky like a comet and slammed right down in the exact location Anna was about to run to, leaving a deep crater where it landed. Looking closer, Shen Yi discovered that it was a big silver wolf falling from the sky. Its claw attack just now could be compared with artillery shells.

“ROWLL!!!” Because he missed, the silver werewolf roared out aggressively. The pack of werewolves stopped and faced the sky to emitted a mournful howl that could easily make any living being’s spine crawl..

“It is the alpha silver werewolf!” Anna cried aloud, her face becoming pale. The silver werewolf was the mightiest among werewolves. It was strong, had extremely high speed, and was also one of the most significant minions under Vampire Count Dracula. Velkan, Anna’s brother, went missing during the fight with the silver werewolf. Her brother gathered a dozen people with shotguns, but the final result was still the silver werewolf surviving. And Velkan who attempted to kill it had become a person that was wanted by the werewolf clan till this day. Shen Yi tried using Appraisal on the werewolf, only to see a long HP bar above it’s head.

“Alpha werewolf: attack damage: 12-25; defense: 7; HP: 600. Skills: 1 – Transmutation: Transmutes target into a werewolf. 2 – ??? 3 – ??? 4 – ???. Undead creature (Holy-type attack deals double damage), Strength Type.”

It’s weak point wasn’t listed, possibly because the enemy’s rank was relatively high, so the content was correspondingly reduced.

Shen Yi had tension in his heart. He understood why the main quest only asked him and Anna to escape the town. This silver werewolf alone had four skills. And he had no way of acquiring knowledge of the latter three. With the ordinary bullets in his possession, even breaking through the alpha werewolf’s defense was impossible. The werewolf’s attack damage was also extraordinarily high. A common bullet hit for 7 points of damage, while the alpha’s attack damage is 12-25. What did that mean? A simple slap from it had 3 times as much power as a bullet.

With 600 HP, even using Holy Bullets, he would need at least ten plus shots to kill it. And that didn’t take into consideration the fact that no enemy would just stand there to obediently to be shot at. The answer was clear. But right now he had no other options. In fact when Shen Yi used Appraisal, he had already shot twice at the alpha. The alpha werewolf apparently thought little of Shen Yi’s offensive power, since it had been long since he was last hurt by a mere human.

But when the two bullets hit, the alpha werewolf felt pain and Shen Yi had already fired a third bullet.

“Howl!!” It howled madly in rage, and once again turned a silvery flash as it flew toward the two.

“Get out of its way!” Shen Yi screamed. The two split into opposite directions, which caused the silvery flash to miss Shen Yi’s hip narrowly, though blood still came gushing out. Once again it’s attack was evaded, at the sight of this the silver werewolf immediately turned its head, its eyes viciously looking straight at the two.

“Run!” Shen Yi shouted at Anna. Anna turned and ran away towards the cliff and jumped down. Shen Yi shot, but he couldn’t believe his eyes as he saw the big werewolf skillfully evading his shot in mid-air. Shen Yi’s eyes opened widely, “How is this f*cking wolf so flexible?”

Another line appeared in the alpha werewolf’s description:

“Alpha Werewolf’s unique skill: Irregular Movement, enables user to move in the air to avoid enemy attack.”

“Son of a b*tch!” Shen Yi yelled. After he used his unique skill, the alpha immediately landed, immediately running towards Shen Yi and trying to swipe at him with its extended claws. The swipe was very effective and Shen Yi was thrown upwards, causing him to vomit a mouthful of blood on his way down. If he didn’t have his attributes doubled, which had greatly increase his HP and defense, then this one attack alone could have reduced more than half of his life.

The swipe made Shen Yi crash into a small tree, breaking it into half. Luckily at that time Anna successfully borrowed the opportunity to jump off the cliff. “Howl!” Losing its target, the silver werewolf stood atop the cliff’s edge, and let out an angry howl. As Shen Yi looked back, he saw the pack of werewolves drawing closer, while the silver werewolf stood blocking the path to the cliff. The sight of this caused Shen Yi’s eyes to shrink.

“Do not stand in my way, bastard!” He gritted his teeth, as he rushed towards the silver werewolf, shooting as he ran.

The alpha werewolf let out a loud growl, as blood gushed out from its body, this time it did not dodge, it simply stood there. It extended its large claws and slashed them towards Shen Yi. Shen Yi rolled on the ground to escape the attack, and then instantly grabbed the silver werewolf as he jumped off the cliff. The other werewolves who were chasing behind finally caught up to only see their leader and Shen Yi falling down the cliff; at the sight, they all simultaneously emitted a mournful howl. The alpha werewolf never thought that this human would dare to grab him, so it couldn’t react in time. In the air, Shen Yi kicked the werewolf’s underbelly, as he used the rebounding force to jump towards the other side, but suddenly huge claws flashed across his face, leaving three bloodstained wounds. However Shen Yi did not even blink, and aimed his gun right at the werewolf’s head and firing. The Holy bullet went through its pupils, leaving a bloody wound. With its vital point being striked at, the werewolf howled loudly, its long tail suddenly extended out, and swept toward Shen Yi like a whip and squeezed his neck .

“Alpha werewolf unique skill: Wolf Tail Strangulation – The user can use its tail to strangle its opponent, making the opponent unable to breathe, reduces 2 HP/sec, duration 10 seconds.”

The werewolf’s tail tightened, causing Shen Yi to feel short of breath, as his HP continuously dropped. This skill not only made Shen Yi lose 2 HP per second, it also had a binding effect, which made the enemy unable to move away. The silver werewolf would be able to attack again during this period.

Just as he realized that, the silver werewolf immediately tried to bite him. In the air, Shen Yi was unable to avoid, and could only stare at the bloody mouth sucking his blood, causing him to bleed. That in turn caused his HP to drop at a speed visible to the eye. But he was determined to risk his live to kill this beast. He flipped the hand that was holding the pistol upward and tucked the weapon into the werewolf’s mouth, immediately acting as a stopper. Making the werwolf unable to close its mouth. He gave it a fierce gaze, as he coldly said, “You should rot in hell!”

He pulled the trigger. The force of the bullet blew up half of the werewolf’s brain. “Attacked weak point, critical hit, 4x damage!” Even though it was fatally wounded, the alpha werewolf still wasn’t dead, it emitted another mournful howl, as it raised its paw.

“Alpha werewolf unique skill: Wolf Claw Strike…”

A huge claw grasped Shen Yi as five sharp claws stabbed straight into Shen Yi’s chest. Shen Yi could only hear a rattling sound like that of a broken glass. As the Bloody Crest suddenly prompted: “Heart of Protector Armor activated: prevents deadly attacks, reduces 50% of damage dealt to the user…”

That last attack sent him flying down, all that was left of his HP was a small red dot. He felt like he was in a whirlwind, Shen Yi knew this foreshadowed that his life force was about to hit zero soon. Mustering up all the strength he had left, Shen Yi fired another bullet at the werewolf! It stopped howling.

The shot harvested the remaining health points the werewolf had, its body shook violently in the air for a while but eventually become immobile and fell down. As Shen Yi fell into the river, the water splashed. Before falling into the water, he vaguely heard the Bloody Crest had made a sound…

As he landed in the river, the cold water pricked Shen Yi’s injuries, and prevented him from falling into a coma. He didn’t have the strength to swim anymore, but the river water gently led him to the edge of the bank.

The alpha werewolf’s body laid still, not to far away from him; this powerful werewolf had faced countless of monster hunters. Its great strength and lightning speed had given it countless victories, but it eventually died at the hand of Shen Yi.

In fact its death was really unjust, if the battle did not occur on the air, Shen Yi could not have killed it that easily. The speed and force of the silver werewolf were unmatched, its skill could only enable it to glide on-air for a short period of time. Unfortunately, the cliff led straight down from above and limited one’s ability to dodge, but a gun’s usage was not affected. Of course, if the silver werewolf had ran into a normal opponent, it would have never fell into such a situation. However what made it lose its life was its stupidity in using health stealing skills. Though Health stealing skills can restore one’s HP, but it took a very long time to kill the enemy. If it had instead hit Shen Yi with two of its claw strikes, then it would’ve been the victor.

It was the Heart Protector Armor that Scarface gave to Shen Yi that greatly assisted him in the last moments, intercepting the fatal strike from the werewolf. A variety of factors combined together, to form the seemingly impossible situation of a new player killing a mini-boss level monster. Even Shen Yi himself, after looking back at what he did felt that it was truly a ridiculous miracle.

But all that didn’t matter, for now Shen Yi just wanted to rest, standing up was impossible for him right now. When the Blood Crest prompted him that his HP dropped below 10%, and he lost half the capacity to act, he was worried. Fortunately he was able to kill the alpha werewolf and even earned a reward of 500 BP.

500 BP? Shen Yi remembered that among the newcomer rewards, common jewelry was valued at 200 BP. Either the Blood City was making obtaining BP excessively difficult, or from the Bloody City’s point of view,
the silver werewolf was nothing more than an ant. The reason it became a life-or-death situation for him was because he was still very weak.

Who told him to choose the level of difficulty to be Standard (normal 100%). If he had chosen the 50% level difficulty, the alpha silver werewolf’s power would have been reduced by a large amount. Not to mention the 25% level of difficulty, which meant that the alpha silver werewolf would not even appear.

Moreover, Bloody City’s requirement for completing the Main Quest 1 was to escape the small town in Transylvania, not to kill the silver werewolf. If he did not grab onto it and jump, the chances of it not jumping down was more than 50%.

Shen Yi also figured something else out. Even though this was 100% in difficulty, Bloody City still applied a special treat for beginners, the mission requirements did not have many restrictions…
Looking at the werewolf’s corpse, he could see that beneath it something was glowing. Shen Yi moved over and used his strength to flip the corpse over.

It was a small blue chest.

As he obtained the chest, the Bloody Crest prompted:

“Killing a silver werewolf in 100% difficulty setting, you have received a treasure chest, along with the silver werewolf‘s reward and an additional reward for a beginner. Would you like to open the treasure chest now?”


Shen Yi immediately chose, “Yes.”

“Reward for silver werewolf in 100% difficulty: Gain 1 rank D skill scroll, after learning will enable the user to receive a healing skill, worth 3000 BP. Confirm learning?”

“Additional reward for 100% difficulty rate in beginner’s mission: 1 Wolf’s Fang Ring, after wearing +2 strength and agility, value 350 BP. Unranked item.”

“Additional reward for 100% difficulty rate in beginner’s mission: 2 light traps. Single-use, casts a ray of holy light, can cause high damage to all undead creatures within a radius of 5 meters. Preset time 1 minute. Value 200 BP. Unranked item.”

“Additional reward for 100% difficulty rate in beginner’s mission: Bottle of Werewolf Blood. After use one can acquire the lineage of the werewolf to transform into a werewolf. Requirement for usage: 3000 BP. Low-level bloodline, cannot be leveled up. ”

Seeing the healing skill scroll, Shen Yi was filled with joy. His body was currently wounded, and a recovery skill was what he needed the most at the moment. He hurriedly chose to study the skill, and immediately information flooded into his head.

Despicable Healing Arts (level 1), healing skill. Cost: 2MP. Has high effect when used to treat foreign injuries and bleeding injuries, recovers 30 HP. Has medium effect with penetration, tearing, shock injuries or injuries inflicted by skills, recovers 18 HP. Has low effect against body failure (broken arm) injuries, poison injuries, recovers 3 HP. Has no effect against unique effect damages. Cooldown: 60 seconds.”

Shen Yi was stunned for a moment. Despicable Healing Arts? What is this? What the hell is wrong with this skill’s name?

But this was not the time to consider that issue, based on his memory, Shen Yi place his hand over the area of the wound. He began to feel a ray of warmth coming from his palms as it began to heal his wounds. His HP quickly rose again, the wound was recovering with such amazing speed. Even his Will was getting better.

Shen Yi don’t expect to receive such good rewards from killing a monster, but to Shen Yi this was absolutely good news. He now understood why Scarface said that the beginner mission had the richest rewards. Shen Yi was determined to reap all that he could during this mission no matter the difficulty. Speaking of danger, if he couldn’t even carry out the beginner quests, then he didn’t even have to think about the more dangerous tasks.

After escaping a situation of life and death, he had forgotten about the dangers to come. Few were natural-born adventurers, they found danger to be exhilarating, to be in near-death situations was a necessity of life to them, just like the air they breathe. Shen Yi felt that he fell into this category.

With the Wolf’s Fang ring, Shen Yi clearly felt an increase in his strength, his body also became lighter.

“Open Status Screen:” Shen Yi saw that his primary attributes were now: “Strength: 4 (10), Agility: 7 (16).” He confirmed that the attributes he gained by the item did not double.

When he was anxiously using the healing arts once more to restore his health, he heard Anna calling from afar.

Shen Yi decided to temporarily retain some of his injuries. He just killed a silver alpha werewolf, and having no injuries was unbelievable. Before knowing how the Blood City’s mission world worked, it was better to not expose himself too much.

Anna came, running from downstream with a look of horror on her face.

“Oh my God, what am I seeing? You actually killed the werewolf chief!”

Shen Yi lazily answered, “Don’t be so shocked, you rushed here in a hurry and it was certainly not to tell the werewolf chief, ‘Oh my God, you killed the monster hunter guy’…”

Anna said, “I wanted to see if you were worth being saved or not.” She saw the fight between Shen Yi and the silver werewolf with her own eyes, within just a few seconds she was deeply impressed. Before today she had never thought that a person under such circumstances could still maintain the will to fight.

“Of course I am!” Shen Yi pointed at the wounds on his chest, “Look, what I need the most is a female beauty to take care of me right now.”

Anna laughed, “At least your spirit is not bad, did that werewolf use transmutation with you?”

“People like me can only transform into a perverted wolf.”
“Okay.” Anna caught Shen Yi with her right hand, “Go to my house, I will apply medicine for you.”

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