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Infinity Armament – Book 1 Chapter 4 - Zenith Novels

Infinity Armament – Book 1 Chapter 4

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Translated by: LaPhong

Edited by: Sascha, Cherry Blossoms, Leo, Ethan & Kylian

Book 1 Chapter 4: Boycott


After about an hour, Shen Yi finally saw the small town of Transylvania.

The Bloody Crest prompted: “Main Quest 1 completed, rewarded 200 BP.”

Transylvania was called a small town, but it was in fact a small village. Despite it being the 19th century, here you would discover yourself in medieval Europe. Wooden houses was the major architectural style, the roofs were made from hay, the vast majority of rooms were lifted together. It showcased a rural atmosphere, you could tell that nothing was industrialized here.

A few people witnessed Anna’s return to town and they all stopped working.

“Anna!” A girl shouted.

“Ha ha, Lily, you’re so pretty today.” Anna gestured resolutely and replied.

“Ha, our Princess Anna came back, luckily you are alive, how many werewolves were killed this time?” An uncle from the cottages came out, and waved his hoe at Anna as he exclaimed.

“None, those beasts have become more cunning, even more than you, Uncle Tod.”

“Anna, you are a girl, in the future you should refrain from doing such things as much as possible.” A woman spoke while scooping water.

“Thank you for your concern, Aunt Julie. Looks like you are in a better mood today.”

As Valerious clan’s descendant, Anna had some fame in the small town, she could be regarded as the leader of the town. As one could see from the way the local villagers greeted Anna.

A handsome and robust young man, intercepted Anna, “Anna, I told you, you shouldn’t go out to do such dangerous things. If you absolutely must go, at least tell me beforehand.”

“Not necessary, Gasken.” Anna looked at the young man, and suddenly paid attention to the wound on his head, and frowned, “You were fighting again.”

He held out his hand, “There were two drunks who refused to pay, it wasn’t a fight, I just give them a small lesson… Let me ask you, who is the man next to you? He looks unfamiliar.” He pointed to the Shen Yi as he asked Anna.

“That has nothing to do with you.” Beyond Shen Yi’s expectation, Anna did not speak about his identity.

Gasken looked at Shen Yi with eyes that was full of vigilance, “Foreigner, what are you doing here?”

Shen Yi smiled, “She already spoke, this isn’t related to you.”

Gasken’s face changed colors, he was going to catch Shen Yi, but Anna instantly grabbed Gasken’s wrist and said coldly, “Gasken, I warn you, don’t mistreat my friend!”

“Your friend?” Gasken wrathfully glanced at Shen Yi, then turned back to Anna, “I think that the time you have known him has not even exceeded two hours!”

“That’s my business! I warn you, don’t ask me about my matters, return to your tavern and do your job!” Anna spoke loudly.

After seeing Anna’s attitude, Gasken sharply glared at Shen Yi, then left in anger.

Anna was slightly embarrassed, “Don’t mind him, Gasken isn’t a bad guy, he’s just has a bit of a temper.”

“You forgot to say: ‘At the same time he has a bit of a thing for you’. In his eyes I could see jealousy. You know, when a man is madly in love with a woman, he is full of hostility towards any other man beside her, even if it’s a man she just met.”

“I don’t need you to remind me.” Anna angrily replied, then walked straight forward.

The most extravagant and ancient piece of architecture in town, was Anna’s home.

After bringing Shen Yi into the house, Anna looked for medicine to heal Shen Yi.

Walking into a spacious hall, Shen Yi looked around.

This was an ancient castle which had the touches of the medieval age, an ancient chandelier hung from the ceiling, the walls were covered with paintings, most of them were portraits of the ancestors in the Valerious clan. They were adorned in a knight’s full armor, armed with spears which gave them a majestic aura.

Many carpets with patterns covered the floor and in middle of the hall was a thirteenth century carved ornamentation fireplace. The wood logs burned in the fireplace, and made crackling sounds as it slowly fueled the flames that brought warmth to the living during the cold winter…

In the corner of the hall, there were some weapons shelves filled with spears, swords, one-handed axes, and machetes.

“This house is big.” He said.

“This was my great-great-grandfather’s legacy, the only thing left that can bear witness to the Valerious’ glory to its decline.” Anna got the medicine came in.

She told Shen Yi to lie down on the couch, as she carefully applied medicine to his chest. From her dexterity, he could tell that she often did this kind of work.

“Do you live alone?” Shen Yi asked.

“I lived with my brother before, but now I am alone. However every week someone would come to clean, as you know, I don’t have the time to do chores.”

“Of course, you were too busy hunting down werewolves.” Shen Yi laughed.

“Or hunted by them.” Anna laughed.

As her gentle hand touched the wounds of Shen Yi, it bought a slight cool feeling. Although these drugs were normal and couldn’t restored HP directly, it improved his self-recovery rate.

“Do you feel tired of it?”

“Sometimes, but this is fate. We are destined to battle the vampires, we have no choice but to bravely face it.”

“You’re a brave girl.” Shen Yi sincerely said.

“Thank you.” After applying the rest of the medicine on Shen Yi, Anna said, “Well, take a good rest for two days, and you should recover soon.”

Shen Yi looked at himself in the mirror, except for his pale face, there was nothing serious.

“For saving my life, you can live here, there are plenty of rooms anyways. There is the bathroom, upstairs is my room. You can choose your room the rooms down here. The kitchen is at the other end, but there’s nothing to eat there. As you know, I do not have time to cook, so you have to buy food for yourself in town. Oh, yes, money is in that drawer over there, you can use as much as you see fit.” Anna spoke when she was going to her room.

She was too tired after today and soon fell asleep. When she woke up, it was dark. She was a little confused as she came down the stairs, because she smelled a familiar scent. It made her curious. Down stairs, the kitchen had been filled with delicious food.

“Squid fried with butter, grilled cod, steak with onions, smoke-cured cheese, tuna stir-fried with corn, asparagus salad and fruits. Oh my God, where did you get these from? They aren’t sold in the town.” Anna was completely surprised, she could not believe her own eyes.

“I cooked these.” Shen Yi said while carrying wine bottles, “The soup is warmed up, if you hadn’t come down, I was going to go knock on your door.”

After sitting down at the table, Anna stared at Shen Yi.

“Try it, I hope you like it.” Shen Yi said with a laugh.

Anna forked a piece of cod and put it in her mouth and savoured it, then nodded and enthusiastically praised, “It tastes simply wonderful.”

“If you like, then it’s good.” Anna and Shen Yi toasted.

Before coming to this world, Shen Yi frequently traveled abroad. A person living a foreign country, often had to learn how to fend for himself. Shen Yi knew that even if he was thrown in the desert, the first thing he would do would be to make food like grilled sand scorpion, braised rattlesnake, and steamed camel hump. Only after that would he consider the question of survival. This increased Anna’s admiration of him. People often said, ‘the way to catch a man’s heart is through his stomach.’ In another way, seizing the woman’s stomach, can also catch her heart. Although Shen Yi and Anna did not intend to go beyond their current friendship, it didn’t prevent him from improving his relationship with her. In particular, he recognized that Anna’s presence may have a significant impact on his task.

“The last time I ate such a delicious meal was on my 12th birthday.” Anna unceremoniously sent a spoon of tuna stir-fried with corn into her mouth.

“A woman from birth being destined to spend a lifetime fighting against vampires, is indeed a bit too hard.” Shen Yi said lightly.

“My ancestors made an oath to God, as long as Dracula isn’t eradicated, he and his descendants will never enter heaven. To release ours ancestors from this suffering, I will never stopped fighting, but unfortunately I… I think my strength alone can never help my ancestors ascend into paradise.” Anna’s voice was deep and a little sad.

“To be honest this is what I feel the most unhappy about. I would rather go to hell, than to let my descendants experience such an ordeal… If I had descendants, of course.”

Anna laughed, “You are one who does good, you will not go to hell.”

“I do not think so. Maybe I should do something to prove my evilness to you.” Shen Yi teased Anna.

Anna repeatedly shook her head: “I wouldn’t believe it. You’re a good man, a good man and a good man is not going to hell.”

“Sorry, but I think I’m already in hell.” Shen Yi softly murmured.

Who can say Bloody City was not hell?
Although he had not officially been to the Bloody City, Shen Yi has already smelt the faint smell of blood from it. He put down the knife and fork, and said to Anna, “Can I ask you a question?”

“Yes.” Anna was tasting food, during eating her actions are very gentle and elegant.

“Why did you not tell the people here about my identity?”

Anna was about to answer, but she suddenly heard loud and chaotic sounds coming from the outside.
Shen Yi quickly took the gun from the Bloody Crest, and head toward the window, to see a large group of townspeople with torches going towards him with a menacing attitude. The one in the lead was a middle-aged man wearing a tall hat, dressed in black, and holding a stick. Other townspeople held sickles, hoes, ax… in their hands.

“Oh, no!” Anna cried.

Shen Yi looked back at Anna, “They look like they have ill intentions, can you tell me what’s going on?”

“You will know soon.” Anna put down her knife and fork, quickly ran out of the kitchen, took out a sword from the hall, and ran to the door.

As she opened the door, a large number of townspeople had surrounded the entire castle.

“Norson.” Anna raised her sword: “What did bring them here for?”

The man shouted, “People in the town have just found the Silver Werewolf’s body at the river bank. Anna, could you tell me who killed the Silver Werewolf?”

“Me!” Anna shouted.

“Come on Anna, if you could do it, you’d have already done it a long time ago.” Norson smiled coldly, “That stranger you brought back has done a great trouble to our town. I hope you can turn him in!”

“Don’t even try, Norson. As long as the Valerious family is the leader of this land, I will fight to defend the dignity of my family. You can refuse to fight vampires, but don’t even think about turning vampire hunters in! If you want to catch him, you have to step over my dead body first!” Anna unwaverly said this, and looked at the townspeople as the townspeople looked at her.

Towards this girl who never stopped fighting vampires, the townspeople was very respectable. Perhaps it was because of Anna’s courage and determination. Norson said in a low voice, “I hope you know what you’re doing. Silver Werewolf is no ordinary wolf, it is one of the two most important underlings of Dracula. Its death will make Count Dracula angry. Transylvania cannot afford to anger him.”

“As long as there is a person of the Valerious clan alive, the vampires wouldn’t even think of doing whatever they like.” Anna replied proudly.

Norson looked towards Shen Yi, “Stranger, you better not leave this town.” Then he turned back and led the large group of townspeople home.

Seeing them leave, Anna sighed. She weakly leaned against the door and said, “Now you know why I didn’t tell them who you were… not all the oppressed people are eager to get salvation.”

“A group of lost sheep.” Shen Yi smiled and replied, “Fortunately, I have experience in dealing with these types of people.”

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