Infinity Armament – Book 1 Chapter 6

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Book 1 Chapter 6: Hunting

Anna couldn’t believe in her eyes.

The moment Shen Yi entered the church, she was ready to watch him get chased away by the townspeople, or simply get tied up and imprisoned.

She had even started planning how to rescue him from prison.

But instead, she actually saw him being respectfully escorted out of the church.

No, there was an exception.

Gasken glared at Shen Yi and said, “You can deceive others, but you can’t fool me. I know there are some people in this world with special abilities, but that doesn’t mean anything…”

“Indeed,” Shen Yi smiled and replied, “Everyone’s special abilities are God’s gift. God hoped that these people can spread his glory, but some people have embarked on the wrong path. They’re the main enemies of God, they are the forces of evil, and they will eventually be destroyed. Some people hide themselves, like a pearl in the dust, not living up to the Lord’s gift. I’m only a man who responded to God’s calling to embrace the light and dispel the darkness. You may not believe that I’m a messenger of God, but that’s not important, the real important thing is that I follow the holy righteousness and obey God’s calling. I’ve had guidance from God, in the name of God, I’ve done things to the best of my ability.”

Gasken looked at Shen Yi.

Shen Yi whispered to his ear, “The reason you know that a lot of people have a special ability, is because you have one, don’t you? But you never did your duty. If you still don’t use this gift to face the evil, you will never get Anna’s favor. ”

This sentence made Gasken numb.

It had to be said, Appraisal was indeed a good skill.

Shen Yi successfully built a mysterious and omniscient figure in the minds of the townspeople; with the effect of Despicable Healing Arts, some of the townspeople had even come to believe that Shen Yi was the messenger of God.

After successfully establishing credibility, Shen Yi went back to Anna’s house. Anna pulled Shen Yi’s arm and asked, “Tell me, how did you do it?”

“What do you mean?” Shen Yi pretended to be a fool.

“Of course, changing people’s impression of you! God, I’ve never seen anyone that could completely change his impression on a person’s mind in but an hour’s time! They started respecting you!”

Shen Yi smiled, “Don’t believe too much in the things you saw Anna. No one can fully get the respect of others within an hour, even if you saved their life. The true respect is an understanding and admiration from the inner heart. That takes time to accumulate, rather than a short-term act by a person. The one the people from this town respect is not me, but God. I just borrowed his name to help me, nothing more.”

Anna looked at him puzzled, “It’s amazing, but… why did you do that?”

“Because we have to deal with Count Dracula.” Shen Yi said seriously, “The Valerious family failed to eliminate the vampire for hundreds of years, because your family always attempted it alone. You should unite all the forces that can be united, and then go fight. ”

“It’s not that we don’t want to, but that we can’t!” Anna shouted, “As you see, people here are afraid to die, they don’t want to help my family, they prefer to live under evil forces!”

“That is because you and your family don’t know humanity and don’t understand the art of leadership. You want to know how to make people to die for you?” Shen Yi asked Anna.

Anna shook her head at a loss.

Shen Yi whispered softly, “First of all, give them hope.”



Shen Yi smiled and said, “Tips of leadership, the first and foremost thing is to give them hope, next is to make them look at you with awe, which contains two things: respect and fear…”

“Your commitment to give people hope, thus controlling them. This is respect!”

“Show them that you’re stronger with an example. This is fear!”

“With holy signs, in the name of God, you can increase your regalness.”

“Show them your power, destroying an enemy as a warning so that you can establish confidence.”

“With that confidence and fear people have in you, as well as the commitment and hope you have give them, they will obey your leadership, follow your footsteps. Even if you tell them to die, they would without regrets. Just let them see light’s existence and they will even stand up on their own to fight!”

“With a sword in one hand and God in another hand. This is the eternal rule of leadership. Unfortunately, the Valerious family only knew about holding the sword.”

Shen Yi’s words gave Anna a startle. She never thought that in her family’s confrontation with the vampires, there would be such a huge shortage of manpower. Not to mention her, even the other adventurers while undergoing the Van Helsing mission world, would have never thought to mobilize the townspeople to resist.

Shen Yi didn’t know if this was in accordance with the desires of the Bloody City, but he knew one thing, anything which wasn’t clearly expressed in the law but would benefit to you was worth trying.
Whether on Earth or in this world, it had always been right.
As long as it’s necessary, he wouldn’t even mind tying the whole town of Transylvania to his chariot.

Anna thought for a while, then trembled and said, “To do so, a lot of people would die.”

“God is here, so death is not that terrible.” Shen Yi smiled.

“So, are you sure you’ll be able to convince the townspeople to kill Dracula?”

“No, It’s still not enough,” Shen Yi immediately replied, “They just accepted me. I still need time to consolidate and strengthen their faith in me…”

“How are you going to strengthen their faith in you?”

Shen Yi did not answer.

He quickly went to the corner of the hall and drew a cross sword from above the weapons rack.

Bloody Crest prompted:

“Baptized Cross Sword – Damage: 5-12, deals 20 additional damage to undead creature, Non-Rewarded item, cannot be taken out of this world.”

Shen Yi’s fingers moved along the sharp tip of the blade, he said in a cold tone, “First, get rid of the other minions of Count Dracula.”


Outside the town of Transylvania the night was quiet. Almost everyone was already asleep.

In a place 1500 meters away from the town, there was a small forest, this was the imps’ camp.

Imps and Werewolves were Count Dracula’s minions.

These imps were about the size of a dwarf, their faces were veiled, their hands held a large axe, on their waist was another small axe, the way they walked was unsteady. They seemed to be of no threat, but they were actually the most heinous minions of Count Dracula. Like the werewolves, they were also undead. They were violent, cruel, and viewed killing as a hobby.

Sneaking quietly along one side of the woods, Shen Yi and Anna carefully came close to the group of imps. Several imps were patrolling around the camp. In the middle of the imps, was an imp with a tall stature, dressed in a red cape, wearing a mask, and held a large axe while frequently calling out to the other imps. It should be the imp leader.

After his attributes increased, Shen Yi’s vision was greatly enhanced and could even clearly in the night. Shen Yi aligned with one of the imps and quietly used Appraisal.

Above the imp’s head, a screen showed:

“Imp soldier – Attack damage: 7-15. Defense: 2. HP: 50. No skills. Undead creature, Holy-type attacks causes additional damage. Strength type. No weak points. Good at throwing axe.”

These imp soldiers, except for their power, and having no weak points, in all aspects were much worse than werewolves. No wonder the Main Task 2 rewarded only 500 BP. But the problem was that in the camp, there was a large number of imps, they numbered to the dozens.

This invisibly increased the difficulty and made people feel a bit of a headache.

“There are more than 50 imps.” Anna said looking a little worried for Shen Yi, “There are too many of them, how are you going to do it?”

When Shen Yi told her that he wanted to kill the imp leader, she was really frightened. Although she had been adhering to Valerious family’s oath, vowing to eliminate all undead creatures following the vampire as the mission of her life, she was clearly aware of how tough these undead were, after countless exchanges with them.

After she saw that the amount of imps were more than 50, she was relieved – subconsciously, she hoped that Shen Yi would give up this hard mission.

But Shen Yi replied, “So the first things we have to do is split them up, at least by half.”

He had no intention to give up.

“How are we going to split them?”

Shen Yi whispered a few words. Anna raised her eyebrows and said, “How do you know that the imp leader will divide his forces? If it doesn’t, what do we do?”

“It has to divide, because it’s the leader. As a leader, something must be done.” Shen Yi answered.

“I don’t believe you.”

“Then do you want to make a bet?” Shen Yi asked.

“What bet?”

Shen Yi thought, then replied, “If I win, you promise me one thing. Rest assured, it’s won’t be difficult for you to do, how about it?”

Anna was shocked, then she smiled, “Well, I promise you.”

She looked graceful, but in her eyes there was a strange light.

Shen Yi hesitated, he immediately knew that she misunderstood. But since there was no objection, he didn’t bother to explain.


An imp sentry was patrolling outside the camps. Not far from it, a sound of branches being broken suddenly echoed. The imp sentry heard the sound and looked toward that direction, but saw that not far from it, a silver coin was sparkling on the ground. The imp went over to look at the silver coin, whispered something, and then suddenly took a handful of soil to cover the silver coin.

The undead always had great resentment toward anything silver. Weapons made from silver may even increase the damage against them. While these silver items were not in the form of weapon, the undead would still try to conceal it, it was pure instinct.

After covering the silver coin, the imp sentry found that not far from it there is another silver coin. Obviously, this imp’s intelligence is not high, it again went over to bury it. When it buried the seventh silver coin, a cross sword was suddenly thrusted and quickly cut its throat, black rotting blood splashed, then the imp heavily fell to the ground.

Shen Yi’s shadow appeared from behind a tree and watched all the buried traces over the way, and shook his head. Giving a wry smile to Anna, he said, “If we try to bait a person, he will choose to pick up the money. Same situation, with different people, though different choices, but the end result is the same… very interesting, right?”

Anna gave him a supercilious glare.

Shen Yi carried the imp’s corpse, then ran toward the river.

Ten minutes later, the imps finally found out that one of their patrols was missing. They began clamoring loudly and went around looking for the missing patrol. After looking for a long time, they discovered the missing imp dead in the river’s bank.

This discovery made the group of imps extremely angry. The imps went out with all their forces, leaving only an empty camp guarded by only two imp soldiers.

“Hey, you!” Shen Yi suddenly appeared from behind a tree. Along with his shout, his gun let out a little smoke.

An imp fell down.

Another imp soldier was about to throw out his axe, when a sharp cross swords pierced his back. The imp shivered for a while, then fell dead.

“What do we do now?” Drawing the cross sword out of the corpse, Anna asked Shen Yi.

Shen Yi stroked his gun and coldly said, “Wait for them to come back, then… kill them all!”

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