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Infinity Armament – Book 1 Chapter 9

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Translated by: LaPhong

Edited by: Cherry Blossoms, Leo & Ethan

Book 1 Chapter 9: Mission Change

After a successful speech, Shen Yi perfectly explained how to carry out a revolution against the oppression.

Such a revolution, usually requires two bases: First, the inevitable appearance of the resistance’s emotions under the oppression. Second, one person capable of pulling the strings of the human heart.

The former is inherent, but the latter requires a capable person.

The Silver Werewolf and Goblin Leader laid down the glory that Shen Yi needed, the performance at the church in the name of God helped him establish a strong prestige, and the passionate and provocative speech that was necessary to ignite the passion of the people.

Anna could not believe her eyes, she saw the townspeople of Transylvania who had not taken an action in hundreds of years, had actually started to actively prepare for a resistance against slavery.

They began to build fences with huge logs to resist the attacks of werewolves and goblins. The blacksmiths began to build weapons day and night, all kinds of crossbows, bows and arrows, knives, axes, armor, javelins…

Shen Yi had full respect from the people. Shen Yi’s help also made them surprised, the origin of complicated machinery engineer made that Shen Yi had remarkable ability in the forging of tools. He taught people how to use a more efficient way of forging, to help them build some new weapons, while also rapidly forming a convoy team.

Surprisingly, the captain of the convoy team is the once-tavern-waiter Gasken.

The descendants of Vikings had strong abilities.

Shen Yi had used Appraisal on him and found that not only was Gasken’s attributes higher than his doubled attributes, he also had two special combat skills.

Time passed.

Surprisingly, Count Dracula did not immediately come with his minions to attack. It seemed that the death of the silver werewolf and the goblin leader was nothing in his eyes. When the time hit the eighth day, the Bloody Crest finally prompted:

“One hour later, Monster Hunter Van Helsing will arrive at the town of Transylvania.

“If you choose to accept Van Helsing’s help, it will be counted as passively accepting the Optional Quest, and the penalty of Quest Failure will be changed into deducted by half of the BP reward and item rewards.”

Shen Yi was slightly surprised, in accordance to what the Bloody Crest prompted, in the killing of Count Dracula, Bloody City would arrange plot characters to help him.

Of course, the cost of accepting the help was that the Optional Quest would become the Main Quest, and the failure also came with a penalty.

Accept or not?

Shen Yi had almost no hesitation to choose accept.

From the moment he made his plan, he did not intend to spare Count Dracula. Now that the Bloody City was just plainly giving him another secret weapon towards securing his victory.

After selecting to accept the help of Van Helsing, the Bloody Crest once again sent the message:

“Optional Quest 1: Kill the Vampire Count Dracula, advanced to Mandatory Quest. Quest failure: Reduce rewards by half. Time to execute this quest will count into the Main Quest execution time, from now to the end of the Main Quest execution time: 49 hours.”
“Information of character to appear in plot 1: Monster Hunter Van Helsing.
Class: Marksman.
Skills: 1 – Waveform Dancing Bullets. 2 – Accurate Hits.
Passive Effect 1: Increases the power of shots by 25% and improves rate of fire by 25%.
Passive Effect 2: Normal gunshot have a fixed probability of shooting multiple bullets at the same time.
Deputy Skills: 1 – Sliding Side Strike. 2 – Elbow Bash.
Main attributes: Strength: 30. Agility: 25. Vitality: 50. MP: 20. Will: 20. Equipment: Pneumatic Crossbow, Demon Hunting Guns.”

“Information of character to appear in plot 2: Friar Carl.
Class: Mechanic (primary-level). Has ability to make special items.
Main attributes: Strength: 5, Agility: 7, Vitality: 5, MP: 25, Will: 4.”

As he looked at the information of the two characters, Shen Yi fell into a state of deep meditation.


Dark clouds covered the sky, two horse riders entered the town of Transylvania.

The rider that was ahead, wore a big hat that blocked half of his face, exposing just a bit of his bristling beard on his chin. He was also wearing a dilapidated leather coat while carrying a large package on his back. Behind him was a young man who had a black cloth covering his head, as he looked around.

These two men were the story’s characters: Van Helsing and Carl.

Standing on top of the church bell tower, Shen Yi carefully observed the two men.

Van Helsing could be known as the most famous monster hunter who lived in the 19th century, he accepted the church’s request to kill zombies, vampires, and any other evil stuff that roamed the world. Ironically, Van Helsing himself is a monster; he has lived for thousands of years, but has always maintained a thirty-year-old appearance and physique.

Unfortunately, he lost his memory and he did not even know who he is, thousands of years of his life experience eventually left his mind in the last few decades of his hunting career. He did not even know that Count Dracula who, before becoming a vampire, was actually killed by him.

As he was already aware the he was being observed by someone, Van Helsing suddenly lifted his head from under the cowboy hat, a pair of sharp eyes gazed straight at Shen Yi. It felt as a dagger had been stabbed at Shen Yi’s heart, it made Shen Yi feel an unspeakable pain.

This guy was so powerful, that even from such a far distance he was still able to feel another person’s gaze. Shen Yi was shocked.

This was not good news – If the helpers are so powerful, how much more powerful would Count Dracula be?

Since Van Helsing has found out, Shen Yi simply left the bell tower and walked toward Van Helsing.

“Mr. Van Helsing? I was sent by the Catholic Church to meet you, my name is Shen Yi.” Shen Yi extended his hand toward Van Helsing.

What he said was not made up by himself, but it was the identity that the Bloody City had given to him after he had accepted the task.

Van Helsing shook his hand, Van Helsing’s hand was big and powerful and had thick calluses on fingers.

He lightly said, “Your strength is much worse than I imagined.”

“Against the devil, sometimes strength alone will not suffice.” Shen Yi laughed.

He could see that the sides of Van Helsing ‘s mouth turning upwards, “Don’t rely on strength, then what do you want to rely on?”

He also noted that Shen Yi actually made the townspeople establish defensive measures, but in his eyes, this wasn’t anything worth mentioning.

Shen Yi looked at the young monk behind him and slowly said, “Strength is very important, but definitely not the only thing that will decide victory, I believe Mr. Carl will support my argument.”

The young monk grinned, “Hey, Van, he is right. I’m a man without strength, but you can’t deny that you need me.”

Van Helsing hummed a few times then changed the topic, “Where do we live?”

Before Shen Yi answered, Anna’s voice came over, “You can live in my home. I am Anna Valerious.” Then Anna turned to Shen Yi, “Are they the friends you talked about?”

“Must be, even though this is the first time we meet.” Shen Yi shrugged.

After hearing the name Anna Valerious, Van Helsing finally moved. To protect the last member of the Valerious family, was also one of his tasks.

They chatted for a bit, just in order to get to know each other.

“Let’s go back and a rest,” said Anna, ” And then we can discuss about how to deal with the vampire.”

Shen Yi suddenly said, “Perhaps now would be the best moment to discuss about how to deal with the vampire.”

“Why?” Anna asked.

“Because they have already arrived.” Shen Yi leisurely answered.

Suddenly shrill screams echoed throughout the sky. The three vampire brides with wings on their back and sharp fangs in their mouths, impressively appeared in the town of Transylvania.


(Author’s note: In the original Van Helsing plot, the vampire count is immortal, and is only afraid of the werewolf attacks, but if used in web novels, this would clearly be inappropriate. Moreover, vampires, depending on the Western novels, have their own fear, completely not the same. So this time I re-unified the strength of all the same theme film background.

In this “Infinity” genre1 novel, all creatures, BOSS or non-BOSS, all of them can receive damage from normal attacks. In other words: Vampire Bride, Count Vampire, Van Helsing, vampires in other films, or werewolves, even Satan2 will be hurt by attacks and can be killed by receiving enough damage. Of course, if the attack can’t break through the defense, or the HP recover faster than the damage received, that is another issue. In addition to this, the things they fear still has some effect, but can’t cause direct death, can only cause increased damage.)

  1. “Infinity” is a genre of Chinese novels, named after the first novel of this genre: Terror Infinity. This genre is about survival game in the world of movies/animes…
  2. There is a Satan in this novel. He will appear in a later book.

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