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Infinity Armament – Book 2 Chapter 1 - Zenith Novels

Infinity Armament – Book 2 Chapter 1

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Translated by: LaPhong

Edited by: Cherry Blossoms, / Leo

Book 2 Chapter 1: Bloody City


Not far from the hillside, there was a bar, which was bustling. There was a large group of people inside lively drinking and chatting, men and women of every kind of color. The scene made Shen Yi surprised, the most surprising thing was that there was a couple “making love” in public, while the people next to them turned a blind eye. Seeing Hong Lang’s men coming in with Shen Yi, a shaved man, whose upper body was naked, shouted, “Hey, Hong Lang, you caught another fish, right?”

“Must be. How much did you get? 300 BP?” Some people asked.

“It’s an ‘evil fish’.” Hong Lang helplessly answered.

“WTF!” A group of people at the same time called up, “Evil fish? This kid is really not afraid of death?”

“Yes, he also took the initiative to shoot us.” A guy behind Hong Lang said.

The group of people in the bar looked surprisedly at Shen Yi. Even the couple “making love” had stopped their actions, and looked at Shen Yi with awe.

Shen Yi was followed by a group of people, so he easily found a table to sit down. He called the barmaid to bring out 50 bottles of beer; after using the Bloody Crest’s buying function to pay 1 BP, he casually said, “The ones like me are very rare?”

Hong Lang nodded, “Do you think there are many people like you, who, pointed at by gun from a large group of people would still be brave enough to fight back? If it was another beginner in that case, how much BP we want, is how much he would have to pay. When I passed the beginner’s mission, I was robbed of 100 BP. Only later, after knowing that this place doesn’t allow adventurers to attack each other did I regret. Looking at the bar with so many noobs, who was not exploited? Just a small group of people, because they came in when there was no one at the Transport Point, or knew the situation at the time; thus they escaped that fate.”

“How much did you earn?”

“I earned 800 BP, and was robbed 300 BP.”

Only 800 BP? Shen Yi was a bit stunned.

Passing the beginner’s mission, with the BP reward only, he already had 7800 BP. After going out of the mission world, the Bloody Crest immediately deducted 1000 BP to pay Scarface. Even so there was still 6800 BP left. Originally he thought that the majority of the newcomers gained a little less than him, but the gap was not too much. Now after listening to Hong Lang and knowing that his BP reward was eight times of his reward, he was quite surprised.

Hong Lang asked Shen Yi, “Before you entered the beginner’s mission, what was your situation?”

“Murder.” Shen Yi replied.

“How many?”

“Killed seven, seriously injured sixteen, with eight of them severely disabled.”

“No wonder you are so ruthless.” Hong Lang cursed, “Well, you are the type who has been deceased and then reincarnated. This is one of the ways to enter Bloody City. There are many people here, but each person has a unique case. Even till now we don’t even know what the standard is for the guy who brought us here. Before I entered here, I was an ordinary worker. That day I was in class and then I had a quarrel with the foreman, when suddenly I came here. As for these buddies, some were hit by a car and while they were still in the air and still on Earth; when they touched the ground they were already here. Someone came here while using the Internet, some were sleeping but woke up here. The most interesting case was a guy who was brought in while having s*x. He completed the beginner’s mission in the nude; after he entered Bloody City, he got the nickname – Terminator.”

Everyone laughed together, Shen Yi also laughed a few times.

Some of the hostility originally in the atmosphere gradually eased down.

Hong Lang and his men drank beer, while introducing Bloody City’s situation.

It turned out that Bloody City was actually a city specially opened for the adventurers to live in.

The whole city was divided into five districts, respectively: the Slums District, the Common District, the Apartment District, the Villa District and Independence Island. Five living areas were corresponded to five Difficulty Levels. The living area Shen Yi is in right now was the Slums District.

In the Slums District, adventurers don’t have their own house. They usually only sleep in the open air, with a part of the adventurers sleeping in simple camps, costing only 30 BP. Fortunately, there was no rainy season, with the four seasons being sunny. With the Bloody Crest storage functions, living like that didn’t cause too much trouble.


The Slums District was a living area for the adventurers in the Difficulty Level I. Only after their military rank had reached Corporal could the adventurers enter the Common District.

Military rank is what was used to divide the adventurer’s level in the Bloody City. It was evaluated according to the performance of the adventurers in the missions.

Task performance evaluation was divided into: Poor, Ordinary, Excellent and Perfect.

Rank promotion required a Perfect evaluation, or two Excellent, or five Ordinary.

Corporals could enter the Common District; Second Lieutenants could enter the Apartment District; Majors could enter the Villa District; Generals could enter Independence Island. The highest military rank was Marshal. And only Marshals were eligible to enter the city’s most central building, Babel Tower [1. Literally “Tower which can reach the Heaven.”]. It was said that in there they can challenge the Ending Mission.

When the Ending Mission was completed, Bloody City will meet one of your wishes.

Each District had different facilities.

For example, upgrading weapons must be done in the Weapons Research Institute, which didn’t exist in the Slums District. In the Apartment District there was a Mercenary Camp, where you could hire mercenaries. The Villa District had luxuries like the casinos, Sacred Palace for offerings and so on.

Adventurers could go to the others Districts, but every time you enter, you would need to pay 100 BP, and could only stay for a limited time. If you go from the Slums District to the Villa District, you need to pay 300 BP, and then when you come back you had to pay 300 BP again.

It could be said that Bloody City in itself was a fully functional city. There were supermarkets, shops, bars, restaurants and other facilities, while in some places there were special staff positions.

Staff positions were all taken by the adventurers, with the purpose being to make some BP. For example, the barmaids that bring beers, was in fact, an adventurer. With each month of service, she could get 100 BP. Scarface was a Beginner Instructor, it was also a career.

All living expenses here were paid by BP. 1 BP was almost the equivalent to 100 RMB. As long as you were willing to spend money, you could buy anything.

BP was not only the key to survival, but was also the key to strengthening yourself. The Bloody City stores sold a variety of weapons, skills, or even items for enhancing attributes.

In the Slums District, using 100 BP could increase an attribute by 1 point. If Shen Yi spent enough BP, he could make himself as powerful as Dracula.

As for Mission World, once the quest couldn’t be completed, Bloody City often deducted BP as the price. Those who didn’t have enough BP were dismissed.

In brief, BP was the most important resource in Bloody City. No wonder the senior adventurers tried every mean to rob the newcomers.

Items obtained from the Mission World could be exchanged for BP. But the item trading function only opened after a newcomer entered the city for three hours. So senior adventurers couldn’t rob new items. This may be the city’s way to protect newcomers, so that the newcomers wouldn’t be extorted of everything.

But for many adventurers, robbing a newcomer was not a good idea. Unnecessarily making an enemy, in the future when going into the Mission World, it was likely to bring unnecessary trouble to themselves. This was the reason why Hong Lang only extorted 300 BP. This amount could avoid the newcomers greater hatred; after troubling them in the Mission World. It had later also gradually become Bloody City’s unofficial rule – giving newcomers a way, is also giving yourself a way.

Of course, there were some people who had endless greed and who robbed as much as possible. But such people were likely to cause public outrage, with the result being an early death in the Mission World.

Therefore, in Bloody City, there were people who lived due to their careers, people who robbed newcomers, people who lived from hand-to-mouth, people were also lost in their past, people who practiced hard, and also people who took each day as it came.

Different people chose different lifestyles.

The information about the Bloody City was large and complex, after Hong Lang talked for half a day, Shen Yi gradually understood.

“About the secrets of the Bloody City, excluding the memories the city gave to us when we first came here, all the other secrets we have to find out ourselves. All the answers and laws, some of it were explored by ourselves, and some just gossip. Some rumors perhaps were real, but unless you test them for yourself, no one knows which is true or false. Even if it’s real, what does it really mean? Marshal … how many people in this life-and-death world could be promoted to that rank? Anyways, I haven’t heard nor seen anyone.”

Hong Lang’s tone was somewhat sad, his eyes were full of despair, obviously he didn’t think they could reach that rank.

Not everyone can be as calm as Shen Yi in this kind of situation.

Shen Yi had finally come to understand why in this bar there was even someone having s*x in public. In this environment where no one knew the future, many people begun to lose their morals and enjoyed life every second.

Shen Yi patted Hong Lang’s shoulder, “Well, why are you so sad about it. I think this place is not so bad.”

Hong Lang stared at him for a long time, and only said one sentence, “Everyone who said that, they either had a premature death or they became strong.”

“Then I must be the latter.” Shen Yi answered smiling.


After the introduction of Bloody City’s situation, Shen Yi asked Hong Lang some other things.

For example, in order to enhance, an adventurer must go to specialized stores. In there, 100 BP could enhance an attribute point. Weapons and skills could also be purchased in the store. The standard price of a rank D weapon was 3000 BP, rank DD was 6000 BP, rank C was 9000 BP, rank CC was 18000 BP. The more the rank raised, the more expensive the prices; of course the weapons and skills were more powerful.

(TL note: Same as Terror Infinity, 1A = 3B, 1B = 3C, etc…)

In addition to learning an ability, not only would you need to spend a huge amount of BP, but also needed to have a corresponding basic ability called Forte.

The Fortes: Firearms Forte, Archery Forte, Fighting Forte, Swimming Forte, Mechanical Forte, Blasting Forte, etc…. All Fortes were divided into five levels: Basic, Advanced, Expert, Master, Grandmaster. These basic abilities were the basic requirements for adventurers to learn and use skills. In addition to this, the basic level of Forte could only be learned directly by spending BP, but upgrading the level of the Forte could only be through hard training, or through the Scroll of Upgrading Forte.

Bloody City’s ability system was divided into: Skills, Innate Talent, Class, Psychic Power, Practicing Manual and Bloodline.

Skills occupied the slots of skills bar, if you’re fighting you could just directly kill the target by selecting a skill on the bar.

Psychic Powers didn’t occupy slots of the skills bar, but most Psychic Powers cannot directly kill a target.

Bloodline and Practicing Manual didn’t occupy the slots of the skills bar, but Practicing Manual required a correspondent Book of Practicing Manual and BP to learn, and Bloodline required a corresponded bloodline and BP to learn.

Adventurers can choose a variety of Practicing Manuals to practice. As for Bloodlines, you can only choose one. But often there have been some special race skills. For example, with the Vampire Bloodline, you could use the vampire race skills like Blood Drain.

As for Innate Talent, it was the adventurer’s own ability. Like a certain natural-born talent, it could let you learn some skills with more efficiency, but also had a great chance to produce variability skills. Innate Talent couldn’t be obtained through rewards, as the effect was completely different for each person.

Therefore, in the early days, the vast majority of adventurers selected some skills to learn first, but later, when they wanted to really strengthen up, they had to spend some efforts for Psychic Powers, Practition Manual and Bloodline.

Everything relating to this, Hong Lang basically told Shen Yi everything he knew.

50 BP was exchanged for this information, the two sides were satisfied. Shen Yi learned some of the things he originally didn’t understand. He still had doubts and problems but he clearly saw his goal, and could obtain them if he put in the effort.

Although he earned a lot of BP according to what Hong Lang said, enhancement was almost unlimited, so what you become depends on your own efforts.

Hong Lang was still in bad mood from the failure of tricking Shen Yi. He personally poured a glass of wine for Shen Yi, “Brother, I forgot to ask your name.”

“My name is Shen Yi.”

“What was your beginner’s mission? You are so generous, you earned a lot of benefits from the quests, right?”

Shen Yi faintly answer, “Van Helsing.”

“Unbelieveable, you entered a fantasy world, that has a very small probability.” Hong Lang whispered, “The vast majority of Mission Worlds in Difficulty Level I were shooting missions, after all, we had only come to the city for a short time, guns are always the best to use. Only those from the Common District and above would feel that fists are better than guns. Your first time was a fantasy world, I don’t know if you are lucky or unlucky. “

“I came out alive, so I’m lucky.” Shen Yi said.

Someone shouted, “Fantasy worlds are the most difficult, but the quest’s reward are also the best. I saw that this kid was so brave, I bet he didn’t choose 25% difficulty, if not the 50% difficulty then it’s the 100% difficulty.”

“100%.” Shen Yi replied.

The crowd was shocked.

Everyone knew how difficult 100% difficulty is.

“Then you should have good harvests. Even if you couldn’t kill Dracula, the gains were not small.” Another said.

Shen Yi turned around, “How do you know that I didn’t kill Dracula?”

Hong Lang immediately said, “No one has done it before. Beginner’s Mission are constant, we know all the quests. Dracula is the ultimate BOSS of the Van Helsing world, he only appears in the 50% difficulty or more; in 100% difficulty he has his full power. No newcomer has gotten rid of that guy in the 100% difficulty, even in 50% difficulty, a newcomer that could kill him was very rare. Some newcomers tried to challenge him in 100% difficulty, but all of them failed. Fortunately, the failure of the Optional Quest wouldn’t dismiss the newcomers, so a few people were lucky enough to escape from Dracula’s hand. These people became famous in the Bloody City. It’s said that Dracula has 3000 HP after his transformation and even has very powerful skills. Even for us right now, it’s also difficult to deal with such creature, let alone a newcomer.”

Shen Yi nodded, “Yes.”

His face had a very calm expression, this made Hong Lang feel some confusion.

“I say… don’t tell me you successfully killed Count Dracula?”

Shen Yi smiled, but didn’t answer.

The whole bar suddenly became quiet.

Everyone stared at Shen Yi.

After thinking a bit, Shen Yi said, “No matter how strong a BOSS is, its existence has only one purpose – To be killed.”

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