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Infinity Armament – Book 2 Chapter 13

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Book 2 Chapter 13: The Fierce Battle (Part 2)

After the eighth Tiger Tank was destroyed, the remaining two Tiger Tanks embarrassedly escaped. The Germans soldiers were apparently frightened by the other side’s fierce counterattack and could not figure out where the opponent got such a magical weapon.
“The Germans are retreating, get ready to capture the bridge!”

“The Germans are retreating, get ready to capture the bridge!”
A large number of the 2nd Paratroopers Battalion soldiers jumped out of the bunker and attacked the southern section of the bridge.

A large number of the 2nd Paratroopers Battalion soldiers jumped out of the bunker and attacked the southern section of the bridge.
As offensive and defensive positions were changed, the adventurers raised their weapons and crazily swept across the opposite side with overwhelming firepower.

As offensive and defensive positions were changed, the adventurers raised their weapons and crazily swept across the opposite side with overwhelming firepower.

Shen Yi’s Spirit Flame Gun, from time to time, spat out a flame; his sweep was not fast but was very accurate. The German soldiers on the bridge were beaten back. As a turret at the end of the bridge was put off, dozens of the 2nd Paratroopers Battalion soldiers jumped over sandbags, snatched machine guns, and switched the muzzle toward the Germans.

An adventurer roared and burst into the German camp, his hands suddenly flashed out a sword beam.

“Skill – Sword Beam Impact: Creates a straight line of sword beam, deals a fixed amount of 50 points in damage, with a distance of 15 meters.”

The bright sword beam was launched at the German’s position as a dozen of German soldiers wailed and fell.

Another adventurer suddenly jumped out of thin air and spread out a dozen darts.

“Skill – Dart Attack: Lauchs 12 darts to attack the enemy, each dart deals 20 damage. Required item: Darts (can not be recycled).”

Followed by two adventurers dashing at high speed…

With the adventurers joining, the combat power became far beyond the imagination of Frost and the others, so they not only repulsed the German’s offensive, they even counter-attacked to regain their position on the bridge. Frost’s morale and confidence also rose; the entire 2nd Paratroopers Battalion soldiers were caught in the excitement of victory.

A group of soldiers crossed the middle of the bridge and began to attack the southern section of the bridge. Six soldiers, that had just run out a few steps, all fell down, as bloody wounds appeared on their body.

An adventurer just raised his head when a white light rapidly flashed at his body, scaring him to the point that he was rolling on the ground. He then hid behind the bridge bar, as he didn’t dare to come out.

In just a moment, he was struck by four shots.

A soldier was shot through the lower abdomen, lying in a pool of blood; he couldn’t move and was about to die.

He cried, “Save me…”

Two paratroopers of the 2nd Paratroopers Battalion tried to rescue their comrades, but when they rushed to the injured one’s side, they were shot themselves. But fortunately, they were not seriously injured, so they could get back in time.

“There are snipers! They are fishing us, do not come!” Someone yelled.

“Wen Rou!” Shen Yi roared.

“I know! On the other side of the bridge, the building in the south, 4th floor, the second window from the left, one sniper. Opposite the clock tower, one sniper in the highest place. A large office building in the north, two snipers on the roof. Opposite to us, four snipers, 11 o’clock, A position, D position, and G position. They also have one sniper next to a heavy machine gun. I temporarily found that many.” Wen Rou’s hands rotated; the enemy’s movements were clear on the monitor screen.

“Eight snipers.” Shen Yi thought for a moment, then he looked up and shouted, “Sun Zheyu, He Yan Yuan, Fan Qing Yi, Jiang Zi, each one of you take care of two of them!”

Those four adventurers were the ones who carried a sniper rifle. The moment they heard Shen Yi’s orders, they did not hesitate. They took out their guns and aimed at the direction Wen Rou reported.

One of them shouted, “They are hiding and there is no outcrop.”

“I’ll go to attract them!” Shen Yi cried.

Lying in a pool of blood, the soldier still cried for help in desolation, but none of his comrades dared to risk getting shot to rescue him. Shen Yi jumped out in a stride and after a few steps quickly rolled to the wounded soldiers. A few rounds of ammunition hit the ground beside him as one bullet hit Shen Yi and a ball of white light flashed. The Bulletproof Jade protection went down another 1 point.

At the same time, not far behind, the four adventurers fired four shots and killed four snipers.
Shen Yi rushed to the side of the wounded soldier, picked him up and ran back. At the same time, the Despicable Healing Arts activated, a surge of warmth flew into the soldier’s wound and into his body.

The bleeding warrior immediately felt as if he had returned to life and exclaimed, “Oh, Jesus!”

“Change into believing in the City pal!” Shen Yi shouted, leaping over sandbags. More white lights flashed when he was in the midair, but finally, Shen Yi held the soldier and successfully jumped into the bunker.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Another four shots, the other four snipers have also been handled by the four adventurers.
Just as Shen Yi landed, the injured soldier shouted with a wild cry, “God, my injury… my injury is healed!”

His lower abdomen was penetrated by bullets, but at the moment, the wound disappeared like it was never there.

“You have to be thankful that the bullets rubbed against your tail vertebrae, which is a penetrating injury, otherwise you would be dead.” Shen Yi coldly said and then nodded to Hong Lang, “Can you restore the damaged soft tissue.”

“What do you mean?”

“His p***s was broken, I repaired it.” Shen Yi laughed.

“It’s the cecum!” The wounded was very unhappy, correcting his grammatical mistakes and then looked at Shen Yi curiously, “How did you do it?”

Frost and Ralph, as well as many soldiers in the 2nd Airborne Battalion, saw this scene and rushed over.

“God, Michelle, is your injury better?” A soldier said.

“Oh, a minute ago you were lying on the ground, waiting for death, and now you’re as good as new.” The other said.

“I was really wounded and was hurt very seriously. My large p***s was also cut off, but this guy magically cured me.” Michelle shouted angrily, he opened his pants and showed, “Look, the scar is still here, there is blood!”

Wen Rou angrily turned away.

“It’s the cecum.” Shen Yi reminded him to indicate that there was something he should not reveal.

“How did you do that?” Frost asked, “Oh my God, why didn’t I find you so capable before?”

Shen Yi rolled his white eyes, ‘buddy, was there a “before” that ever existed between us?’

“They are the messengers of God,” Ralph muttered.

“I think he’s a priest,” said a soldier.

Michelle immediately exclaimed, “Sh*t, with that ability alone, he can become the Vatican Pope!”
Except for the adventurer who died, the rest of the 20 adventurers, excluding Fatty, openly fired. In addition to the strong firepower, there were all kinds of strange items and skills that made the 2nd

Paratroopers Battalion excited. And Shen Yi’s healing ability let everyone see the hope of life.
As for Fatty himself, from the beginning to the end, he did not even fire a shot; he only clutched his head and shivered.

Everyone directly ignored him.

The 2nd Paratroopers Battalion soldiers chatted non-stop. Shen Yi had to remind them, “Hey, don’t you think we are too focused on this place? With so many people gathered together, a round of artillery over here and we are all finished.”

Frost shouted, “Go back to your place, the battle is not over yet. Do not forget your responsibilities. We’re going to win Arnhem Bridge!”

The 2nd Paratroopers Battalion soldiers reluctantly left. The young soldier named Michelle threw Shen Yi a camel smoke. He didn’t know where he got this American smoke, “Hey, I owe you a life. ”

Seeing the crowd go away, Frost risked the German artillery and kneeled on the ground. Facing Shen Yi, Hong Lang and the rest, he showed a standard military respect salute. The ground salute looked very funny. “All of you are excellent soldiers. Ralph and I apologize for the improper words we spoke earlier”

“No need, we are now in the same boat.” Shen Yi replied. Chinese idioms cannot be translated into English. Shen Yi could only say they were on the same boat. Fortunately, the two battalion commanders understood his meaning.

“Can you tell me how did you do it?” Ralph asked Shen Yi, obviously referring to the healing ability.

“A superpower.”

“On this world, superpowers really exist?” Frost could not believe it.

“Jin Gang.” Shen Yi called.

Next to him Jin Gang smiled, waved his hand and Frost’s gun floated into the air.

“Oh my God!” The two battalion commanders exclaimed again.

The poor British troops, in only in a few minutes, had called God so many times. Their nerves have been under great shock, enough to make their minds crash.

“We are the British Royal Special Warriors. But unlike most of your special forces, the majority have their own superpower. The ability of this guy is healing others.” Jin Gang said.

That’s fantastic!” Frost cried. “Our medical staff has just been killed; drug and bandages are not enough. You’re worth more than a hundred doctors!”

Shen Yi coldly said, “You better not be happy too early, my ability has restrictions. I can only heal 10 people for now. After that, I can only heal three people per hour. Therefore, you better immediately gather the seriously injured soldiers. The dying soldiers are given priority of treatment, while the ones with minor injuries receive bandages.”

Frost went back and shouted, “Michelle, bring all the seriously wounded together at once. God is revealed!”

Ralph looked at Hong Lang, “What about you? Do you have a superpower too?”

Hong Lang didn’t speak. Suddenly, he turned around and punched, hitting the side of the bridge railing. This punch immediately sent a large section of the bridge column flying. Even using a giant hammer could not have such a big effect.

“Skill – Strong Impact (Rank D, level 3): Deals (1.6 x Strength) damage to a single target, with 10% critical chance. Cost: 3 MP. Cooldown: 1 minute. Priority: 17.”

In general, Strength-Type adventurers were melee combatants. They relied on their high attack and high defense and could rampage like a human-shaped tank. Ordinary bullets could still cause harm to them, but in fact, the effect would be greatly weakened. If not for tanks, artilleries were a great threat. The adventurers could rely on their own power alone to defeat the Germans.

Hong Lang was taking the melee fighter path and had a total of two attack skills, but one of them needed a two-handed weapon to activate. In World War II, it could not play a role.

After this move, Hong Lang proudly said, “Give me enough time and I can demolish Arnhem bridge by myself.”

“Damn, our task is to capture and protect the bridge, not destroy the bridge. You’re standing on the wrong team.” Ralph muttered softly.

“Then the white light on your body…” Frost asked.

“Also a superpower, but its use is not unlimited. If we were shot frequently, we would still die, it also cannot stop shells… as can you see, we already have one death.” Shen Yi replied.

Bullet-proof items were not easy to explain, so he simply explained it as a “superpower”.


Seeing that he wanted to ask more questions, Shen Yi impatiently stopped him, “Hey, now is fighting time. What questions can’t wait for later?”

“Only one more, ok? I’ll shut up when I ask this one.” Frost was anxious.

“Don’t worry.” Shen didn’t need to think to guess what he wanted to ask.

“Where are your weapons hidden? And why do they suddenly appear?”

Shen Yi snappily replied, “In the ass.”

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