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Infinity Armament – Book 2 Chapter 14

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Book 2 Chapter 14: Respect

Fighting till dawn, the 2nd Paratroopers Battalion advanced a distance of 50 meters, occupying the middle of the bridge.


The fighting at night was intense, both sides sustained very heavy casualties. Lieutenant Colonel Frost decided to suspend the attack and let the soldiers rest for a while. But the main purpose was to delay for time so that Shen Yi could heal as many wounded soldiers as possible. As the paratroopers stopped the attack, the Germans began to seize that time to rebuild their fortifications. The two sides entered a short period of peace.

After this battle, even the adventurers who had enhanced physiques also felt tired; most people were lying on the ground to rest.

As Shen Yi leaned on a sandbag, a British soldier gave him a cigarette. Although smoking wasn’t allowed at night, in order to avoid the enemy from finding their target, in the little land of Arnhem bridge, even if there was no light, the Germans could still find their target. Therefore, no one cared. In addition, there were several soldiers holding canned food to give to Shen Yi, as one by one, they began flattering him.

Looking at Shen Yi’s leisurely appearance, Jin Gang spat on the ground, “Motherf*cker, all the glory is being robbed by this kid. He only has a bazooka and a healing ability, yet so many of us have to stand aside.”

Shen Yi lazily said, “Arnhem Bridge has not been captured. Thinking more about how to complete the quest and survive is the most decent thing to do. This fame thing, don’t you feel it’s very meaningless?”

He did not expect Jin Gang to shake his head, “It’s not like that. People live for what? Isn’t it for fame and wealth? To work so hard to enjoy someone else’s worship, then we can at least feel worthy. Living only for survival, isn’t that too tiring? The small staff in those large companies, many of them committed suicide because of the pressure they couldn’t handle, not to mention the risk-takers like us. So there is always something to meet our needs. At least we have something to pursue. Even if there is no real significance in the pursuit…” Speaking till there, he paused briefly, then sighed, “Does life in the world itself have any significance at all?”

Shen Yi did not think Jin Gang would say such a remark. Such a burly guy, whose mind was loaded with such delicate philosophical way of thinking, was really surprising. But his words were right on some levels. At that moment, Shen Yi actually couldn’t find a good refute.

Shen Yi said, “Jin Gang, you’re right, people who are alive must have a bit of a goal… even if it is meaningless fame.”

Jin Gang and Hong Lang laughed at the same time.

“What about you? What do you pursue in this Bloody City?” The one asked him was Wen Rou.

Thinking for a while, Shen Yi shook his head and said, “Before I came here, I had completed my pursuit. So now, I do not have any good goal that I want to pursue. If I must find one, that is to go enter the Babel Tower, to see if there is a quest.”

“Your pursuit is murder?” Asked Wen Rou.

Shen Yi looked at Wen Rou with a strange look, and after a long while muttered a sentence, “Hong Lang your big stinky mouth, really is a blabbermouth.”

Hong Lang laughed, “I still didn’t promote your glorious feat of killing seven, seriously injuring sixteen, crippling eight. Haha –Doctor Killer– this nickname really suits you.”

“Shut up, Hong Lang!” Shen Yi angrily shouted, “You big blabbermouth! I already warned you to not call me a doctor, I hate doctors! Before I came in, I personally slaughtered a doctor!”

In the next moment, Wen Rou’s eyes, when looking at Shen Yi, was full of surprises.

She covered her mouth, biting her lips she said, “Are you the culprit of the No.312 serial murder case?”

Suddenly, she burst into a laugh, “I was transferred to investigate your case, no wonder your name sounded familiar.”


Shen Yi’s eyes gradually went cold as he laid on the ground, looking at the sky. That sky… with a distant firing sound echoing in his ear.

Since coming to this world, he seldom recalled the past.

But Wen Rou’s sentence suddenly pulled him into the memories of the past; in front of his eyes were countless images passing. People he knew people and unknown people, familiar faces and unfamiliar faces, the ones he killed and the ones he couldn’t kill, hundreds of faces in his mind formed a world.

He remembered Li Qiang.

Not knowing how this guy was living now.

Then he replied with a dumb voice, “So you are also from W City, no wonder listening to your accent felt quite familiar. Sorry for causing great distress in your work.”

Wen Rou laughed, “I’m not a police officer anymore, you don’t have to worry that I will arrest you. Even if I caught you, there is no place to send you to.”

“For that, I’ll give you a free heal once you get hurt.”

“Thanks, but this Miss is not lacking in such a small amount of BP.” Wen Rou stared at Shen Yi.

The other two surprisingly did not speak again. Hong Lang was confused, but Jin Gang understood a little, “So before two of you came in your current relationship, your relationship was that of a police officer and a criminal. Shen Yi, it seems that while you were on Earth, you were very infamous.”

Shen Yi thought, then seriously replied, “In the eyes of a police officer… I could be counted as a celebrity, an unnamed celebrity.”

Wen Rou said, “Can you tell me why you did that?”

Hong Lang and Jin Gang gazed together at Shen Yi, apparently wanting to know the answer as well. But Shen Yi lazily yawned, “Tired, gonna sleep.”


The early morning firing replaced the alarm clock. Shen Yi woke up in a sleepy state, a shell hit  twenty meters away from him, blowing up a sandbag. Sand was flying in the air as it spilled, covering Shen Yi in sand from head to toe.

Shen Yi spat out a few mouthfuls of sand. Crawling to Wen Rou’s side, he shouted, “What is the situation now?”

“Each side has half of the bridge. Each side wanted to capture the opponent’s half but feared to lose their half. Battalion Commander Frost is very confident, he is preparing to launch an all-out attack.” Wen Rou loudly replied. In this noisy battlefield, even when close, they had to shout.

“Doesn’t sound too bad.” Shen Yi smiled, “Let’s maintain it, the situation’s good.”

Lieutenant Colonel Frost continued to call for help: “I need the support from the Special Warriors Division. No, not a bomber. I do not need a bomber or a f*cking cannon. I need a special squad! I’ll use my d*ck to ensure that as long as you give me additional 20 members, I will be able to win Arnhem Bridge! No matter how many days you want me to defend it, I will defend it for that many of days. What? Haven’t heard of them? You fool, find someone who can contact the upper echelon!”

Lieutenant Colonel Frost hung up in anger and said, “What’s the worst thing about war? When you need bullets they send you shells, and when you need shells they give you bandages! When I asked them to send a group of Special Warriors, the damn operator even answered that he hasn’t ever heard of such troops, but asked me if I needed air support, damn it! “

“We have always been very secretive.” Shen Yi shrugged his shoulders.

A shell flew above the airborne soldiers’ heads, falling onto the bridge, *Clang*Clang* jumping a few times, scaring everyone as they held their heads and laid down on the sand.

But, after a long time and seeing that there was no response, a soldier looked up scolding, “It didn’t explode.”

“You cannot leave it there,” cried Frost.

As soldier rushed over to remove the shell, Shen Yi’s expression suddenly changed, “Leave it!”

The soldier hesitated. The unexploded bomb suddenly blasted. A huge storm swept the airborne soldier and sent him flying into the air.

“Arias!” Frost shouted. He directed a look at Shen Yi and called, “Quick, save him!

Shen Yi came to his side, the young soldier’s whole body became the wounded, as he kept vomiting blood.

Shen Yi clawed his uniform, seeing at least ten pieces of shrapnel inserted into his chest, one of which made a big hole in his lung.

Shen Yi raised his head, looking at Lieutenant Colonel Frost and shook his head, expressing that he couldn’t help this boy survive.

“No, I don’t believe it! You will be able to save him, please help him!” Frost cried.

“I’m sorry, I can’t do anything.” Shen Yi was also very helpless.

The Despicable Healing Arts had almost no treatment capacity for internal organs, so he could only watch the soldier’s HP pass away with time, as he could not save him.

“No… he was only sixteen-years-old, I promised his mother to take him home alive!” Lieutenant Colonel Frost called out.

Arias was the youngest soldier of the 2nd Paratroopers Battalion, rumors said that he had two brothers who all participated in the Allied forces, but were all killed in battle. Before Arias’s expedition, his mother especially looked for the 2nd Airborne Battalion Commander Frost, kneeled before him and begged him to protect her son. Frost agreed, and since then he has kept Arias at his side and didn’t let him participate in any dangerous tasks.

But now… Arias was injured and was about to die.

War was like that, you could never find a safe corner.

All the soldiers looked at Arias, staring at him with a painful look.

Shen Yi sighed, “Find him a priest, I think what he now needs most is the voice of the Lord.”

“No,” said Lieutenant Colonel Frost, shaking his head, “God is dead.”

Shen Yi was shocked, “What did you say?”

Lieutenant Colonel Frost replied angrily, “I said, God is dead!”

He was hysterical, “If God was still there, he would not let Hitler live to the present and would not let the whole world fall into chaos. God is dead, he cannot help us! The only one who can help us is ourselves. God himself is dead, so we were sent to this desperate place, to let us fight alone! God is dead!”

This desperate cry made everyone silent.

Shen Yi looked at Lieutenant Colonel Frost, he could see the pain in his eyes.

Arias had desperate eyes, his mouth vomiting blood, Shen Yi’s heart suddenly seemed to be  deeply touched.

He quickly took out from the Bloody Crest a medium-level Recovery Potion, “This thing should be able to save him…”

Once they saw the medium-level Recovery Potion Hong Lang eyes became pointed, he rushed over to seize the potion from Shen Yi’s hands, “Are you crazy? For a soldier? Is it worth it? Don’t forget that we and them are not the same, they are just…”

Shen Yi glared at Hong Lang. Hong Lang knew that he almost ran his mouth, but still stared at Shen Yi, refusing to let go, “Do you have a lot of bottles of this stuff?”

“Not many.”

“Then why do you…”

Shen Yi whispered, “I may not need it, but Arias needs it now. A life is life, there is no distinction between high and low life… Let go!”

Hong Lang’s hand slightly shook, as he finally released Shen Yi’s hand.

Shen Yi poured the potion into Arias’s mouth and then activated the Despicable Healing Arts. Under the effect of a mysterious force, the soldier’s breathing became smooth.

The effect was good, even Shen Yi was surprised.

He suddenly realized that the Despicable Healing Arts was not just only for the treatment of common wounds, it had another role. That was, when combined with a drug treatment, it helped it give a better effect.

“He woke up, he woke up!” Frost exclaimed excitedly.

Arias’s resurrection made all the soldiers rejoice. Although they did not know how Shen Yi did it, and which medicine it was, but Hong Lang’s behavior fully demonstrated the preciousness of that medicine. And Shen Yi used it to save Arias, using his most valuable life-saving drug on another person.

That filled all the soldiers’ eyes with respect for Shen Yi.

Beside Shen Yi’s ear sounded that familiar crisp sound.

Bloody Crest: “You have gained the 2nd Airborne Battalion’s officers’ and soliders’ respect, Intimacy Rate has increased. In this mission, you temporarily have the power to command the 2nd Airborne Battalion, at the same time you will become the German’s military-level target.

1% of the 2nd Airborne Battalion’s combat results will be attributed to your contribution.”

Shen Yi stood motionless.

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