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Infinity Armament – Book 2 Chapter 15

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Book 2 Chapter 15: Crisis

The sudden appearance of the reward made Shen Yi stunned for a moment. Compared to the reward, Shen Yi was more interested in how the reward came.

Prior to this, he never heard of this type of reward from a quest.

Hong Lang was still muttering, “Idiot, fool, stupid, I’ve never seen a fool like you. Not only did you use 500 BP to save 20 BP, but this 20 BP would also be divided between 20 people! I’ve always thought you were a genius.”

Not only him, even Jin Gang gave a sympathetic look at Shen Yi, “That was your life-saving drug, you should not have used it for an ordinary soldier.”

Looking at the adventurers’ despising eyes, Shen Yi suddenly thought something.

“Hong Lang, did you ever hear if there was a reward that can be obtained aside from the quests?”

Hong Lang immediately replied, “That’s the legendary reward, no one knows how it opens, and no one knows how to complete it. We only know one thing: That it’s a very special reward, it only appears from triggering hidden conditions and usually, it will not reward you with BP or items. It’ll reward you with some special offers, making your quest easier to complete, or giving you more rewards when you complete the quest. But these are just legends anyway, I don’t know anyone who got that kind of reward. Why do you ask?”

“The legend is true.” Shen Yi nodded affirmatively, “I have just been rewarded, it should be the hidden reward.”

Hearing these words, all adventurers were shocked as they gathered around Shen Yi.

Shen Yi showed his Bloody Crest. Seeing the reward made everyone stunned.

The adventurers were not too concerned about getting command of the 2nd Paratroopers Battalion. Becoming a qualified commander was not so easy. Not only did you need talent, but more importantly, you had to have experience and knowledge. It was necessary to have the understanding of fights while also understand the men under your command. If he didn’t know how to fight or didn’t know his subordinates’ executive abilities, the commander was likely to commit a fatal error.

In terms of battle experience or the ability to understand the soldiers, the adventurers weren’t anywhere near Frost. They didn’t know anyone from Frost’s men so they weren’t interested in ordering. But that percentage of contribution was completely different.

There were currently more than 600 soldiers, more than 600 guns. From the perspective of damage, it was in fact, far higher than the combination of the 20 adventurers. However, the adventurers had some very special abilities so they could complete the task which a soldier couldn’t. But in terms of overall strength, they still couldn’t be stronger than the 2nd Paratroopers Battalion or even better than a number of ordinary soldiers.

1% of the contribution of the soldiers’ combat results – meant that the contribution of six soldiers was completely attributed to Shen Yi, it was an absolutely generous reward.

Suddenly, everyone left. The scene was only left with three people: Shen Yi, Jin Gang, and Wen Rou.

Wen Rou softly said, “Why are you so kind to say it? If you didn’t say it, no one would know.”

Shen Yi smiled, “Look over there.”

As Wen Rou looked towards the direction Shen Yi pointed, she saw more than a dozen adventurers, including Hong Lang, who had come up with their own collection of recovery drugs. There was always some wounded soldier who couldn’t be cured by Shen Yi and could only wait for death. But at this moment, with the adventurers’ generous blessings, many wounded soldiers began to magically get healed.

Even Hong Lang took out a bottle of low-level recovery medicine, curing a soldier whose leg was blown off.

The “selfless” behavior of the adventurers won the unanimous respect of all of the 2nd Paratroopers Battalion soldiers.

But only respect, nothing more.

With the passage of time, the adventurers’ face became darker and darker – they still didn’t hear the sound of a reward prompt.

Hong Lang was the first who went to find Shen Yi. He trembled as he asked, “Are you sure you were rewarded because of that bottle?”

Shen Yi very seriously nodded, “Very sure.”

“Then why didn’t I get the reward!” If not because of 2nd Paratroopers Battalion soldiers nearby, Hong Lang would have shouted some expletives.

Shen Yi’s face was very dignified, “It now appears that the hidden reward is not that easy to get. I think this is also because I healed the youngest soldier, Captain Frost’s plea, being the first to do so…. There was a number of reasons.”

“Then why didn’t you say so earlier!” Hong Lang trembled shouting.

Shen Yi innocently said, “I just learned it.”

As all the adventurers listened to these words, one by one, they all became silly.

That was their life-saving drugs… they’re gone for nothing?

In fact, the adventurers’ actions weren’t wasted. At least their actions did allow the 2nd Paratroopers Battalion to accept their presence.

Fighting was a matter of life and death, so the closeness between comrades was the most valuable thing here. Soldiers fought back to back, entrusting their lives to each other, this trust was very important. But this trust was also not something easily gained, it required a long time of fighting back to back with their comrades.

Adventurers relied on their own special ability, they indeed had some supercilious air to them. If they stayed for a long time, the 2nd Paratroopers Battalion wouldn’t be too happy. The Bloody City could eliminate their Asian identity, but it could not eliminate their different characteristics. This difference could inevitably lead to the ultimate disagreement between the two sides. But this time, the adventurers’ “selflessness” made the soldiers completely accept them, which would lay a solid foundation for the battles ahead.

As for the greedy adventurers, they didn’t care about this. They only cared about only two things: Survival and BP.

This time Shen Yi made them lose so much, everyone felt like it was the death of a loved one.

Especially Fatty, he directly cried. Which made the soldiers saved by him feel sorry as they kept consoling him. While still sobbing he said to a soldier, “You must protect me next time.”

Everyone became speechless.

“You’re too evil. I was wondering why you were so generous, but you actually wanted to use them to explore the way to get the quest reward, right?”

Shen Yi seriously said, “Don’t say it like that, they are willing.”

Wen Rou’s big beautiful eyes rolled as she softly said, “I think this should be called an investment risk, the stock market needs to be more cautious!”

Wen Rou, Shen Yi, and Jin Gang laughed out at the same time while Hong Lang was completely limp on the ground.

Looking at Hong Lang’s crying face, Shen Yi gave him a kick, “Hey, don’t be so sad. Come back later, I’ll pay you back a bottle.”

“Really?” Hong Lang immediately sat up.

“No, I lied.” Shen Yi seriously answered.

Hong Lang nearly tore him apart in anger.

There was one thing that he didn’t say. He just heard a second prompt from the Bloody Crest: “2nd Paratroopers Battalion soldiers’ friendship with you was deepened once more. You received 50 Friendliness points, Friendliness value is now at 250 points. Gained access to the Friendliness Rate. In the ensuing battle, you will receive a total of 1.25% of the 2nd Paratroopers Battalions’ combat contribution awards.”

In the eyes of the 2nd Paratroopers Battalion soldiers, the other adventurers became generous because of Shen Yi. Their gratitude to the other adventurers improved, but at the same time, they were more grateful to Shen Yi. As for the other adventurers, there should have been a friendliness increase  but because the intimacy value was less than 250 points, it didn’t open the Friendliness Rate. In other words, their investment was not without effect but it still was not eligible to receive rewards, therefore, there were no prompts.

The 0.25% increase for Shen Yi was a mere trifle, what was really important was that he finally understood how this quest operated: The original story quest could be continuously upgraded while others could follow him. But with more efforts and less effectiveness, it is estimated that if Shen Yi could get a hundred points of Friendliness, then the latter result could only be halved and then halved again. As for his previous 200 friendliness points, it was apparently not just from the effect from a bottle of healing potion, it should also include the therapeutic effect. But, because the Friendliness Rate from before was not enough, he didn’t receive the eligibility award, resulting in there being no prompt.

Figuring this, Shen Yi felt like laughing at the sky. This time, he wouldn’t speak out this secret.


One thing Shen Yi did predict very accurately was that the adventurers’ joining indeed had a significant role in changing the strength of the 2nd Paratroopers Battalion. This important role was not reflected in the combat effectiveness. Although most of them were with beyond-this-era science and technology of firearms, their combat effectiveness was higher than ordinary soldiers. But in a war, especially in an ancient and modern war, quantity was often better than quality. The 20 adventurers (actually 19 adventurers, as Fatty wasn’t really counted) real combat power was actually limited. But, on the other hand, the meaning of morale was greater than numbers.

20 immune-to-bullets adventurers, with weird abilities and those beyond-this-era of science and technology weapons, gave an enormous shock to the German soldiers.

They couldn’t imagine what kind of troops the opposite side had in the end. How could they have such powerful strength?

Among the 20 adventurers, there were four snipers, although they all used the 90’s light spy, the process and jing accuracy was far more than the German’s existing sniper rifle. Two heavy firepowers used, although it was not a six muzzle gatling gun, was also a 12mm caliber Gatling machine gun. All the adventurers, even the worst,  such as Fatty had an Ak47. Hong Lang and Jin Gang both used an M17, casual weapons which were better than a large portion of the German soldiers’. (Author note: All of these firearms are very different from the counterpart on the earth, only the model styles are similar.)

Plus, some adventurers could resist bullets with white light, some 2nd Paratroopers Battalion soldiers actually fell to the ground, but after being touched, they stood up and continued fire, it made the German soliders’ heart felt cold.

There was no fighting spirit from the soldiers, thus fighting power was greatly reduced. When you know that you will run out bullets but not some  and that even after getting hit will come back alive again, how many people would stay to fight?

The 20 adventurers with the support of the battle turned the bridge into a white-hot process.

Paratroopers themselves were the special forces, soldiers who performed quests behind enemy lines could not be a rookie, the 2nd Paratroopers Battalion was the elite among the elite, their combat literacy was definitely much stronger than your average German soldier. They only lacked heavy firepower support, and the adventurers solved this problem. A long-range sniper and rocket launcher defeated the German soldiers’ heavy firepower and tanks one by one, as a large number of 2nd Paratroopers Battalion soldiers took the opportunity to initiate the assault. The adventurers could not do what the 2nd Paratroopers Battalion did, but both sides had some sort of firepower level.

The adventurer’s scientific and technological ability and combat experience of the 2nd Paratroopers Battalion soldiers formed a good complementary role, and gradually formed a tacit understanding, they began to work together more smoothly, even Fatty was accustomed to shooting in the hail of bullets .

Once he just blindly fired and luckily killed a German soldier.

Fatty cried with delight: “I hit! I hit!”

Three rounds of bullets hit, the sandbags in front of Fatty all bore a hole, scaring him to hide behind the sandbags, not daring to reveal his head. Leaving only a big white ass on the outside.

The morale of the 2nd Paratroopers Battalion rose, the battle to seize the bridge gradually took initiative. At the same time, they had learned a lesson from the previous bridge, the 2nd Paratroopers Battalion soldiers early on got control of the bridge base other important sites. No longer giving the Germans an opportunity to blow up the bridge. After a day of fierce fighting, the German soldiers gradually dropped dead by the hundreds, once again retreating 100 meters, the second airborne camp occupied the bridge by more than half, the British paratrooper cheered for this.

The battle also let many adventurers find one thing: Destroying tanks rewarded BP.

 Therefore, many people envied Shen Yi, isn’t this guy’s anti-tank rocket going to guarantee that he’ll earn more than 1000 BP ? No wonder when crossing the river he refused to use the anti-tank rocket to deal with the firepower turret, this was the reason.

Shen Yi did not care about how they thought of it, he used Wen Rou’s far-infrared telescope to use against the German’s line of defense to see non-stop.

“There are about 300 German devils on the other side, on the bridge are more than 100.” Shen Yi said: “The tank has been destroyed and only armored vehicles are left, some artillery are left but only a few, they are not that much of a threat.”

“Looks like we’re going to be successful?” Asked Wen Rou.

“Do not be happy too early, I feel that there is something wrong.” Shen Yi replied. He sat down on the fortifications and ordered himself a cigar, a British paratrooper wanted to please him. One day of fighting and everyone was exhausted, this thing was just to maintain their own spirit.

“What is wrong?” Asked Wen Rou.

“I think I seemed to have overlooked something.” Shen Yi replied: “Do not you think the quest is too easy?”

“You want to remind us that this is all your credit?” Wen Rou smiled and asked.

“No, I do not mean that.” Shen Yi said very seriously.

He really felt that the quest is being carried out way too easily. Although this is his first official entry into the mission world, this does not prevent him from knowing how difficult the completion of the mission world was. According to Hong Lang, even a Difficulty Level 1 quest had a failure probability as high as 60%, let alone the difficulty of Optional Quests which was always far higher than the Main Quest.

Until now, he still had not forgotten what kind of effort and the price he had to pay to kill Dracula.

Now, all the adventurers were elated and confident, some people even said that this was his most relaxed quest to have been completed till now.

“It should not be like this …” Shen Yi muttered.

Shen Yi believe that pulling everyone to break through the north line was no doubt increasing the chance to complete the quest, but to say that it would make people almost lose nothing to complete the quest; he thinks that was far from such.

Then where was the problem?

Shen Yi was confused, then beside his ear came Frost’s voice.

“Well, boys, work hard tonight to win the bridge early!” Frost cheered on his soldiers who, despite the hardships and the heavy casualties, were victorious enough to ignore all the difficulties.

Winning the bridge early? Shen Yi slightly hesitated.

He suddenly thought of something, shouted: “Hong Lang, gather everyone together!”

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