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Infinity Armament – Book 2 Chapter 16

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Edited by: Cherry Blossom and Leo

Book 2 Chapter 16: Negative Fighting


All of the adventurers gathered around Shen Yi.


Jin Gang asked Shen Yi, “What happened?”


Shen Yi pointed at the Bloody Crest, “Look at this, how much time is left?”


Jin Gang looked down, “9 days and 10 hours.”


Shen Yi counted with his fingers, “It is 20:00 right now. We landed at eight o’clock last night, at midnight we completed the Main Quest and the Optional Quests opened eight hours ahead of time. So, the official start-time is this morning at eight, am I right?”


“So what?” No one understood.


“This means that our Optional Quest is not only holding the bridge for ten days, but also includes capturing the bridge. The Bloody City doesn’t care how the quest time is divided between the two processes. The only thing that matters is that after ten days the bridge must still be in our full control. That means we can choose to win the bridge today and hold it for ten days, or we can also choose to play for a few days and then capture the bridge, right?”


The other adventurers looked at each other but still didn’t understand what Shen Yi wanted to explain in the end.


This time, even Jin Gang had some confusion, “We win the bridge today or after a few days, what’s the difference?”


“That’s right!” Shen Yi very seriously replied, “And there is a very important difference.”


“The difference is that the sooner we win the bridge, the sooner we face the German reinforcements and their counter-attack! I think you should understand that the more time the enemy has, the greater the pressure for us in holding the bridge.”


When he finished talking, a round of artillery issued a sharp whistling sound, falling and exploding not far from their meeting location.


As everyone was lying on the ground, Hong Lang issued a loud call, pointing away from the crater, “Look at that, do you think the pressure on us right now is very big?”


“Compared to ten rounds of shells per second, the situation right now is just a child’s game!” As Shen Yi shouted he turned around. The Spirit Flame Gun swept, killing a German soldier.


Shen Yi’s meaning was simple and clear.


Once Arnhem bridge was captured by the adventurers, the Germans would launch a crazy counter-attack to snatch the bridge back. Reinforcements would come one after another, as aircraft artillery tanks would bombard Arnhem bridge. The more time that passed, the more intense the German soldiers’ counter-attack, thus, the higher the difficulty of holding the bridge would be.


This Optional Quest on the surface looked fairly easy, but in the back hid a fatal trap. Once the adventurers came to the bridge and launched attacks, having the strength to capture the bridge, they then had to face the Germans endless assault for a full ten days.


In contrast, the current situation was much better.


Arnhem Bridge’s control was shared by both the British and the Germans. As long as they didn’t drive the Germans out from the bridge, the Germans didn’t have to rush to call for reinforcements. Then, the pressure the adventurers would face wouldn’t be so heavy.


So, this, in fact, was the most relaxing period of time for the adventurers.


After Shen Yi explained the situation, all the adventurers finally understood what he meant. They admired him as Shen Yi was so careful as to think of all this.


Within the German gunfire sound, Jin Gang asked out loud, “What do you mean then? That we are going to delay capturing the bridge and drag the safe deadline?”


He put a special emphasis on the “safe deadline”, as it was clear that he did not think the current situation was a safe situation.


But Shen Yi very seriously nodded.


“Are you sure the German reinforcements is something we cannot afford to defend against?” Hong Lang shouted. The German bullets were crazily spraying, making it difficult for him to lift his head.


Shen Yi laid on the floor and spread out the map, “You see, the Germans are stationed in the vicinity of Arnhem, there are two full SS Panzer Divisions. It’s the most elite force, with a large number of Tiger Tanks. In addition, there is an airport in that area, the number of aircrafts I don’t know, but I’m sure the number won’t be too small. At present, only a small part of the Arnhem troops are here. The other troops, if they are not being used to surrounding the 1st Airborne Division’s main force, it’s being used to defend the other areas. A unit is located next to Arnhem, with its fastest speed the unit can arrive at Arnhem Bridge in only four hours. Even the farthest forces only need 12 hours to come here. They won’t hit us now because they don’t have to send more troops to deal with a small unit, but if the bridge is won by us, then they will be anxious… In other words, from the moment we officially control the bridge, the Germans will know the news and then the thing waiting for us are German waves of frenzied counter-attacks. In accordance with the rule that the attacking sides’ next wave is more powerful than the previous wave, we may end up facing a whole armored division of hundreds of tanks! Our Optional Quest is not to snatch the bridge, but to defend it!”


This sentence stunned all who heard.


“No wonder the quest has a Team Reward. Motherf*cker! This quest is so dangerous, there is a hidden trap.”


“Yes.” Jin Gang nodded, “I knew this quest couldn’t be so simple.”


The Bloody City indeed placed a trap… but also a very flexible trap. It took full account of the factors of the adventurers’ strength. If the adventurers were powerful, then they might win the bridge on the first day, but must face a full ten days of counter-attack force. If the adventurer’s strength was not strong enough, they might have to drag it out few days to win the bridge, resulting in the counter-attack power being slightly weakened.


But if someone could find this trap, then he could cleverly control the time to snatch the bridge, thereby reducing the difficulty. The City clearly endorsed this opportunistic behavior. Perhaps in the Bloody City’s point of view, wisdom was also a part of power.


“That’s when is it better to grab the bridge?” Asked an adventurer.


“Of course, the later the better, but the problem is…” Shen Yi looked at the man who was full of confidence, Captain Frost, and then helplessly said, “Will he accept it?”


Yes, will Frost accept it?


In his order, not only did the Arnhem Bridge have to be captured, but the sooner the better. Because Montgomery’s confidence, he’s convinced that his troops will be able to quickly break through the Germans heavily guarded area in a short time and come to this area, thus completing the great feat of passing the Rhine river.


Whether or not Frost himself believed in Montgomery as a good officer, he could only unconditionally abide by and execute the orders of his superiors.


So, no matter what Shen Yi said, he would not accept the temporary suspension of the attack on the bridge.


Moreover, there was the Bloody City in the dark affecting everything.


This was also the thing Shen Yi felt more helpless about. He could see where the problem was, but he couldn’t solve it. The Bloody City allowed him to use tricks but didn’t allow him to rely on trickery to pass the test.


Under this situation, all the adventurers became flustered. Once they captured the bridge tonight, for the next nine days, they would face the German Armored Division’s frenzied counter-attack. Could their ammunition supply last for such a long time?


Even if their weapons were advanced, except for Shen Yi, no one had infinite bullets. Even if they had bullet-proof items, how many waves of enemy bullets could be blocked? Even if they had an enhanced ability, in this outbreaking war, how could it play a big role?


Hong Lang swallowed a mouthful of saliva with difficulty, “Gotta try, right?”


As hopeful eyes looked at him, Shen Yi sighed.


He walked towards Frost.


Soon, Shen Yi and Frost had a heated debate. Not long after, Shen Yi came back, his face was very cold.


“He refused to suspend the capturing of the bridge, he also doesn’t believe that the Allies cannot come in ten days. The most damned thing is that I cannot tell him how many German armies there are in Arnhem. He thinks that in this area there is no more than an infantry regiment.”


“So that is the case.” Jin Gang was not surprised.


“What do we do now?” Wen Rou asked Shen Yi.


After staring at the south bank of the German fortifications of the Rhine river,  Shen Yi finally said, “From now on, don’t use your weapons on the Germans, remove the bullet-proof items and put on body armor. If you’re wounded, come to me to heal you. Try to save your resources.”


“How long will it last?”


“Drag as long as possible!” Shen Yi flatly said.


Following, the adventurers’ team entered into a collective “downturn” period. They didn’t show the kind of bravery that they showed on the first day. But, perhaps because of the first day’s performance, the German soldiers have been paralyzed a lot, greatly reducing their combat effectiveness, resulting in the 2nd Paratroopers Battalion still having the upper hand.


Every time they saw the British paratroopers move forward, the adventurers felt an uncomfortable feeling in their hearts. They couldn’t wait to pull their ears and shout, “Don’t rush so fast, I have to stay here with you for ten days.”


But these words could only be said in their minds. The British paratrooper’s offensive footsteps were moving forward steadily, every hour advancing forward.


In fact, it’s true that if they didn’t immediately win the bridge, the Germans counter-attack wouldn’t be too violent. But the reality on the battlefield was that they were watched the shells flying, fire scurrying the sky, the whole world turning into an inferno… you would feel nothing could be worse than it was now.


The adventurers in this environment could still control themselves, that was good behaviour already. Let alone control the rhythm of the battle, they could only try to work without effort, slowing down the pace of the victory in the battle.


Fortunately, the Germans desperate resistance was indeed not easy to deal with. In the night after, they finally blocked the 2nd Paratroopers Battalion’s attack.


Frost was greatly dissatisfied with this result but the adventurers had an excuse for fighting – fatigue, unable to launch their superpowers, they needed to take the time to rest – which made Frost helpless.


Succeeding in delaying one night, the next day the adventurers continued to slow down.


The level of their sabotage was more outrageous, they simply played the “I’m sick” excuse one by one, they had more excuses to take break than a novel author (!). Intestinal pain, stomach aches, or headaches were everywhere… even Shen Yi wrapped his two hands, claiming that this was the result of overusing his superpower.


Frost could only gaze at the adventurers. As he couldn’t say anything, he went back to call for support from the phone, “I need air support! I need air support!” As for the special operations’ team, he was reluctant to mention them.


However, no matter how the adventurers delayed, the balance of the fighting had begun to tilt toward the British paratroopers’ victory, unable to be changed by the adventurers’ will. Moreover, if the other adventurers could be lazy, Shen Yi couldn’t – he wasn’t able to look at the 2nd Paratroopers Battalion’s soldiers dying. From an emotional side, they were comrades in arms. Benefits side, they were both BP and fighting strength. He must save as many of them as he could.


The casualties were reduced, raising the 2nd Paratroopers Battalion’s morale. They had always been the British elite soldiers, they fought more and more tyrannically.


The adventurers never ever thought that one day, they would hate having allies as strong as they were now.


As the fighting continued for another day, the German soldiers retreated. When the war came to the third day’s noon, the 2nd Paratroopers Battalion had been able to take complete control of the entire bridge. But at the upcoming bridgehead, what awaited them was a reinforced concrete bunker, with an armored vehicle on the side.


There was originally another bunker of the sorts in the northern section of the bridge. Frost had to use his soldiers’ lives to take it. But this time, facing another bunker, he didn’t want to do it again.


“My friend, do you see that bunker? I need your kind of weapons that can fight tanks to help me bang it off!”


Shen Yi replied, “I’m sorry, I cannot agree to your request.”




“Because ammunition is running out, I must save it.” Shen Yi replied.


“What’s the matter? If we just pick up that bunker, then the bridge is ours! And then, as long as you can clear away the remnants of the opposite side’s soldiers, we’ll just have wait until the main force arrives!” cried Frost. He couldn’t understand why Shen Yi was so against winning the bridge, so secretly engaged in those little tricks. He thought I could not see it?


“I’m sorry I do not think so.” Shen Yi replied. Frost would never have believed that Montgomery’s main ground force had never reached Arnhem. In other words, the 2nd Paratroopers Battalion would never be able to wait for their main force.


Frost very seriously said to Shen Yi, “I know you still want me to suspend the takeover of the bridge, but my friend, as a soldier, the implementation of the command is our duty the battle is our glory. We are not afraid of the strong enemy and we are not afraid of the death that may come. Whatever obstacle stands in our way, we will summon the courage to crush it!”


“Do you know how many of my soldiers died in these two days? More than forty! And their deaths could be avoided if you and your partners were willing to do it, but they did not complain. Because killing the enemy or be killed by the enemy, it is our duty. “


Frost pointed to the distant bunker, “Now, I can let my people take that bunker by force. I’m sure I can win it, but a lot of people will die. You cannot stop my attack, but with you, we’ll have less casualties. I look forward to your decision.”


Frost’s words were sincere, earnest, and persistent.


Shen Yi stared at Frost. At the moment, he could see a firm determination in the eyes of the Colonel Battalion Commander.


This was a real warrior!


A soldier, but also loyal to the soldiers.


He could not have been so delayed.


Thinking, Shen Yi said, “My partners and I have been very tired. Fighting till now, we almost never rested. We need to sleep.”


“Take that bunker, you can get what you want.”


“I’m afraid at that time we will not have time to sleep. Frost, give me a day. Tomorrow I guarantee that you will win the bunker, this is the last condition!” Shen Yi firmly said, “One day!”


Frost watched Shen Yi for a moment, then he nodded, “Very well, I agree with your condition. But tomorrow, you and your partners must help us to win that bunker.”


Succeeding in delaying a day, Shen Yi inhaled a long breath, he ordered, “Everyone cease-fire, sleep on the spot!”


Although the 2nd Paratroopers Battalion soldiers didn’t know why they gave up attacking in the cusp of victory, they still complied with this order.


Shen Yi exhaled a long breath. He didn’t expect that after he had command authority of the 2nd Paratroopers Battalion, the first order would be to let everyone sleep.


The fourth day, early morning.


Shen Yi called the adventurer with flash boots. After he whispered a few words to him, he also called several 2nd Paratroopers Battalion soldiers. As he pointed to the front of the bunker, the soldiers and adventurers immediately understood.


A few moments later, several paratroopers wandered to the front to attract the attention of the Germans. The bunker was spewing flames, while the German armored vehicles also issued a relentless roar. Hails of bullets flew to the unshielded soldiers, with several soldiers responding quickly, instantly lying down and rolling back to the fortifications. At the same time, that adventurer used the “Blink” skill. He suddenly teleported to the top of the bunker. As he used a hand-held flamethrower to fry the bunker through a loophole, from the bunker came the terrified screams of the German soldiers.


At the same time, he pulled out a grenade and threw it into the next armored vehicle. With an exploding sound, the armored vehicles, and the bunker misfired at the same time.


Several of the German soldiers who were on the back came out from behind the bunker. The 2nd Paratroopers Battalion soldiers surrounded them, shooting them dead.


The last bastion that should have consumed at least dozens of lives to win, was easily overcome just like that.


Shen Yi said to Frost, “Congratulations Lieutenant Colonel, the bridge has been fully won.”


His face had no pride.

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