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Infinity Armament – Book 2 Chapter 17

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Book 2 Chapter 17: Incoming Mass Attack


Taking the bridge did not mean the end of the battle, there were many other German soldiers on the other side of the bridge. However, the loss of the bunker meant that the German soldiers have been unable to resist the attack of the 2nd Paratroopers Battalion.


The 2nd Paratroopers Battalion crossed the bridge. Taking advantage of the opportunity after 12 hours of fierce fighting, finally, in the evening, the last three hundred German soldiers were defeated. About more than a hundred German soldiers were killed on the spot, while the rest were captured. Of which more than half were killed on the spot too, only a hundred people were lucky survivors. They were placed under the British paratrooper’s close watch and custody.


It was a pity that more than thirty German soldiers were killed by the local people, seeing that the British paratroopers successfully grabbed the bridge, they issued warm cheers. When the fighting broke out, the Dutch people disappeared one by one in the basement. When the fighting was over, the streets were full of people, and some people hung up their flags to celebrate the liberation from the British.


This time, the 2nd Paratroopers Battalion officers and soldiers have been fighting for four days and four nights, during which, they only had a very short time to rest, almost everyone was already tired. But they still could not rest at this moment.


Because Frost finally knew from a captive German mouth, that not long ago, the German 2nd Armored Division returned to repair, just passing through Arnhem. So, the Arnhem region had two tank divisions on standby, not an infantry regiment as they originally thought. The news almost made Frost collapse on the spot. He immediately spread his men out, collected weapons and ammunition, repaired the bunker, and at the same time, within half an hour, called support from headquarters. Requiring the ground forces to come earlier.


But at this time, the main force was still stuck on the hell road, fighting. The headquarters’ reply to Frost was, ordering them to stick and wishing them good luck.


Frost angrily cursed. A few armed adventurers came over as a man gave Frost a despised middle finger.


Their “disease” after the bridge was captured, all but disappeared.


Shen Yi rushed to those adventurers, “I’m warning you, do not use this attitude toward him.”


One adventurer tried to argue, “If it were not for this bastard battalion commander who insisted on taking the bridge now, we could have dragged it on for a few more days.”


The Spirit Flame Gun was immediately pointed to his forehead. Shen Yi said with a cold tone, “He is a soldier, obeying orders is his bounden duty! You’d better learn to respect the soldiers. Anyway, we have successfully delayed for three days, this is a victory! “

As the several adventurers went away, Shen Yi patted Frost’s shoulder, “I know you are in a bad mood, there is nothing we can do for what happened. However, I would like to remind you that although the Germans here have fully fallen, the closest German team is only four hours away. That is to say, in theory, we have only four to six hours to strengthen the defense. This isn’t even the worst. The worst is that we cannot defend on the bridge, we must hit them in the bridge. Frost, pick yourself up. The 2nd Paratroopers Battalion needs you, we also need you. At the next battle, we need your command!”


Frost was shocked. He was a superb soldier, but a series of bad news made him lose his calm. At this moment, Shen Yi’s reminder helped him quickly restore the military attitude he needed.


“Thank you for the reminder, Shen Yi. I needed your help and your partner’s’ help… but not the kind of performance of yesterday and the day before. It must like the first day.”


“Of course.” Shen Yi said very positively, “We’re here to help you, my partners and I assure you that we’ll follow your commands.”


Frost gratefully looked at Shen Yi. Shen Yi, in order to delay the seizing of the bridge, instigated the other adventurers to sabotage. He had also been annoyed with this guy. But now, Shen Yi gave him his guaranteed full support, giving Frost his unwavering support.


“Well, just now, how long did you say we have?”


“Four to six hours.”


“Then we’re going to have to drag it out first.” Frost spread out the map. “You see, in order to enter this area, the German army can only come from the south of the road, their tanks are too heavy. Only this road, it is able to withstand that weight. So we must first destroy the road to prevent the tanks from going into the town.”


“That’s a good idea.” Shen Yi eyes shined.


“We need to destroy at least one kilometer in length of the road. The destruction should be as thorough as possible, so as to not give the enemy time for repairs. But we don’t have enough explosives.”


“Maybe my people can solve the problem, they should have a method.”


“There is no tank, what we have to face is a large number of German soldiers. We must arrange multiple lines of defense. As much as possible, using space in exchange for time, so that we have to start from the end of the road to set up ambush points, creating multiple layers of blocks.”


“I think we should have some people on the sides of the road, in the building, and in the woods,” said Major Ralph, “Here are some suitable hideouts for guerrilla tactics.”


“That’s right, we also must collect some firearms, as much as possible. Our ammunition stock is running out.” Frost said.


Ralph replied, “We’ve done it. We’re lucky we’ve got three complete 150mm self-propelled guns, but there are not a lot of shells, and there is a tank that is not damaged, except for the tracks.”


“Then we use the tanks as artillery and use the artillery as a tank.” Shen Yi replied. The three people laughed. The previous barriers between them, because of this laugh, completely collapsed.


Frost patted Shen Yi’s shoulder. Indicating to follow him, they went to an open area. From here, a person could see the distance of the road. Not far away, there was a tall church – it was the famous Arnhem Cathedral.


“Shen Yi, I need you to arrange a sniper in the clock tower of the Arnhem Cathedral. He must be able to find and clean up with the first shot at the most important goals.”


“No problem.”


“On the other side and over there, arrange a sniper to form a triangle fire.”




“Also arrange your two heavy firearms here.”


Shen Yi noted one by one down, and then he looked up and asked, “The others?”


“The others are forming a commando,” Frost pointed to a small fork in the roadway. “When the Germans attack from the front of the road, I need a mighty force to strike from their flanks. I can lend you forty soldiers. In addition to combating the enemy, you also have an important task, that is to snatch some heavy firepower weapons for us, as many as possible. It is best to snatch some tanks.”


Frost said this seriously.


Paratroopers, compared to the general infantry; the quality of personnel was much higher than the latter, but the equipment was far worse. There was a gap in their heavy firepower configuration. After all, no one could parachute with a cannon.


The reason why the 2nd Paratroopers Battalion was defeated in the Operation Market Garden, was not because of the number of disadvantages. The most important reason was that they lacked heavy firepower support. While the adventurers team‘s effective long-range strike suppressed the German’s heavy firepower, they let the 2nd Paratroopers Battalion show their power. In this regard, the two sides complemented each other.


Now, Frost needs Shen Yi to help them grab back more heavy weapons. They were preparing for a long battle.


Shen Yi looked at the article as if looking at the road leading to hell, he whistled, “Well, leave this thing to me.”


Shen Yi turned back to the group of adventurers. He first called out the adventurer with the AoE spell.


“We need to destroy at least one kilometer of that road, can your Heavenly Thunderbolt do it?”


The adventurer looked at the road, “A kilometer long? That ‘s too long. My skills are range attacks, not impact attacks. They cannot cover that length.”


“We have to block the enemy tanks from entering.”


“Why do we have to destroy the road in order to block the tanks?” Wen Rou suddenly said, “There are enough waste tanks. We can transport them to the side, then make a formation of obstacles to block the road.”


Shen Yi’s eyes light up, “This is a way, but the tank may roll over.”


“Then dig a hole behind the barrier, any tank that goes over it will get stuck in the hole, creating new obstacles,” King said. (Editor: King is one of the adventurers).


“You can also plant some mines.”


Everyone presented their ideas, a variety of ways to stop the tank attack. Fortunately, this was a team of adventurers. Many things others couldn’t do, for them, was easy.


Some of the tanks were forced to blow up on the road. Those adventurers who had enhanced Strength, at this moment played an important role. The explosives blew up the pavement of the highway one by one, and the adventurer who had the Heavenly Thunderbolt bombarded a larger ground traps behind the obstacles. Hong Lang, with his Strong Impact, cut down dozens of giant trees. But also all piled up on the road were a few landmines, placed in various locations on the road, they were hidden in some of the following trees.


Four hours later, this 1 km long road was fully occupied by trap pits and a steel barrier. When the German tanks came here, waiting for them would be a painful death-hell trip.


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