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Infinity Armament – Book 2 Chapter 18

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Book 2 Chapter 18: This Is Just The Beginning


Late summer night, still as hot as ever.


Hong Lang was lying in the grass, over his head were buzzing flies and flying insects.


This made him a little annoyed, making his already anxious mood more irritable.


“I say, it’s been already eight hours, why haven’t those German soldiers come?” Hong Lang quietly asked Jin Gang, “Didn’t Shen Yi say that the enemy would arrive, at the fastest speed, being four hours?”


“Receiving the news, building forces, developing operational plans… it all takes time. The enemy is coming to retake bridge, not to die.” Jin Gang, with half-squinting eyes, answered. Not far from him, Shen Yi was sleeping.


“He can still sleep,” said Hong Lang, and then suddenly whispered, “Guess what he’s going to do if I point my gun at his head and shout in German, will he be scared?”


“You can try.” Jin Gang encouraged him.


Hong Lang laughed, but did not act.


After having been observing with a telescope in the distance for a long time, it probably ached her neck… Wen Rou put down the telescope, rubbed her neck, and then said with a smile, “If you really have nothing to do, do sentry duty for me, I’ll rest.”


“Let me do it.” This turned out to be Shen Yi, he suddenly sat up and took the telescope.


Hong Lang was dumbfounded, “You kid…you didn’t fall asleep?”


As Shen Yi lifted the telescope to look in the distance, he replied while not looking back, “I especially like suddenly giving others a slap in the face when he thinks he was being smart… You should try what you said, so I have reason to hurt you.”


Several adventurers who were still awake muzzled their mouths.


Hong Lang got angry because of his embarrassment, “In melee, you can’t beat me.”


“So I said you should try.” Shen Yi leisurely replied, “Don’t blame that I didn’t remind you, I started learning karate in high school. In University, I was the Karate Association’s Vice-President, 3rd Dan in Tianjin-style, specialty in leveraging force.”


Hong Lang stunned, “You know kung fu?”


Shen Yi very seriously replied, “In the beginning, it was to flirt with girls, you can justifiably come into contact with their bodies or touch them in places, and later…”


Shen Yi didn’t finish.


Wen Rou lied in the bushes, her hands on her bowed head, “For killing?”


“Yes.” Hesitating, Shen Yi admitted.


“So you planned for a long time?” Wen Rou asked.


“Seven years.” Shen Yi faintly answered.


This sentence made everyone scared.


For a bloody massacre, he planned for seven years… In front of this man, they couldn’t help but feel like trembling.


Wen Rou ears suddenly moved, cute, like a frightened bunny.


She quickly sat up, “I heard a Tiger Tank engine sound!”


Enhanced Hearing, in this quiet night, the ears were more effective than the eyes.


The Germans finally came.




The roar of the motor broke the silence of the night… the German tanks were coming.


Wen Rou observed with the far-infrared telescope and reported, “A total of 13 tanks, 3 traction artilleries, and about 400 German soldiers… the incoming force is not small.”


Shen Yi quickly notified Frost by walkie-talkie as the 2nd Paratroopers Battalion soldiers began to get ready to fight.


The rumbling sound of the track was getting closer; seeing the damage on the road. Some German soldiers went from the back and tried to move the barricades. About sixty German soldiers were deployed around, guarding against the British paratroopers’ raid.


After all, after the training of regular soldiers, their actions weren’t rash, but orderly.


Frost looked at a hazy silhouette in the distance, an officer of the Germans slowly raised his gun.


BANG, gunshots.


The officer collapsed.


The gunfire was the command sign, all over Arnhem, it echoed with the sound of gunfire. Already prepared to ambush, the 2nd Paratroopers Battalion soldiers have poured hatred in the bullets for the Germans – In the night, it was bright, like a festival of fireworks in full bloom.


A large number of German soldiers jumped out from the car, shouted and went out from the road as they kept firing their guns toward the darkness. But in the night, the line of sight was greatly blocked, the hit rate was pretty low.


A German officer rushed up, his hands gestured when he called something.


“What is that guy saying?” Hong Lang asked Shen Yi. Most of the adventurers didn’t know German, The Bloody City was a very stingy existence. Adventurers could instantly understand other languages but needed 200 BP for a language. Fortunately, before entering the city, Shen Yi learned English and German.


“He is commanding his troops to seize the Arnhem Cathedral.” Shen Yi replied.


A group of German soldiers, under the command of that officer, marched to the cathedral. Rushing to the bell tower, after a little light flashed, a German soldier wailed down.


A large number of Germans began to fight back to the clock tower, bullets rained down from the clock tower, looking like a rain storm. Tanks, which couldn’t pass, simply stopped and fired from the distance; the dense shells made the British paratroopers not dare to raise their heads. Everywhere you were, it was rumbling with the sounds of explosions.


The sniper’s rate of fire was suddenly reduced a lot, allowing the Germans to take cover.


Hong Lang aimed his gun at the official, but Shen Yi held his gun and gently shook his head; indicating that this was not the right time.


The road’s sides became battlefields, from time to time someone was hit, issuing a mournful call.


With the help of the night and tank cover, not long after, a group of Germans rushed to the back of a few low cottages. They hid behind the wall while fighting back. More German soldiers followed up, with only a small number of soldiers staying on the road, continuing to clean up the obstacles for the tanks’ passage.


“It’s almost time. Get ready to start, grab as many tanks as possible.” Shen Yi said coldly.


“That won’t be easy.” Jin Gang muttered.


“We don’t have easy things to do,” Another adventurer replied loudly.


After the words fell, more than a dozen adventurers, with forty 2nd Paratroopers Battalion soldiers ran out of the grove at the same time, immediately attracting the Germans’ attention. At the same time, at the frontlines, the soldiers from the 2nd Paratroopers Battalion also increased their intensity of the counterattack. Two adventurers with heavy firepower, at the same time, fired, sweeping out like two huge fire dragons. Countless bullets tore the night, puncturing walls, hitting the German soldiers’ bodies and beating them into leaky sieves.


The surprise raid on the Germans caused a great panic, more than 10 tanks turned their guns.


As Shen Yi raised his hand, a rocket hit a tank with the fastest reaction. As the tank exploded, seven or eight German soldiers ran from behind the tank while screaming out. Jin Gang rushed, putting them all down.


“Grab the tanks!” Shen Yi shouted.


More than a dozen adventurers acted together. The adventurer with Flash Boots used Blink, instantly appearing on a tank. Killing the soldiers beside the tank, he opened the hatch and threw a grenade inside.


“Do not use grenades! You don’t understand what ‘grabbing’ means?” Shen Yi angrily shouted.


It was too late, the tank exploded in a large group of internal airwaves.


The adventurer shrugged apologetically, jumping toward another tank.


As the adventurers rushed to the scene, a shell exploded in the crowd. Jin Gang loudly shouted, “Get out!”


BANG, a British paratrooper was blown into the air with only half of his body left.


Several machine guns on the tank also opened fire, causing several adventurers to flash with white lights.


Shen Yi quickly turned the bazooka, firing at the tank. The tiger tank turret was sent flying, crashing on another tank’s cover. Whoever was inside mustn’t think about climb out.


The adventurer with the AoE spell raised one hand. Lightning came down from the sky, hitting two tanks at the same time.


Two machine guns that were sweeping immediately misfired.


Hong Lang rushed to a tank cover. Punching, he broke the hatch. After sweeping his gun around inside, he exclaimed, “Come out!”


Bang! Bang! As two gunshots sounded, Hong Lang’s body flashed white light.


Hong Lang got angry. Jumping into the tank, he activated Strong Impact, smashing a German officer’s head like a watermelon.


This fist scared the other two tank soldiers, they kneeled on the spot to surrender.


“Really f*****g damn! Making me receive two shots.” Spewing a curse, Hong Lang killed the two German soldiers.


As the 13 tanks lined up in a long queue, they were blocked in the front and behind. Once the commandos approached, they lost most of their power… the battle soon became one-sided.


The commandos quickly grasped the situation. After eliminating most of the tanks, they launched a fierce attack on the Germans. Facing an ambush from two sides, the German soldiers soon collapsed.


A perfect annihilation battle ended, only two hours passed.


At this point, the day was getting brighter.


Unfortunately, due to the fighting that was too intense, amongst the 13 tanks, eventually only three remain intact; there were two that could barely operate, while the others were scrapped.


Shen Yi stood on the tank captured by Hong Lang. He saw that inside was full of blood, but also mixed within was a human brain.


Spitting, he shouted at Hong Lang, “Can you please not hit the head next time? Look at what the tank’s inside has turned into? Damn nausea, find someone to clean it up!”


Hong Lang giggled, war scenes made the close combat ability difficult to shine. He finally gained the opportunity to use Strong Impact, he didn’t expect the consequences would be this.


This victory made the 2nd Paratroopers Battalion excited as they cheered. Frost strode to Shen Yi’s side, “Beautiful victory, my friend.”


“Don’t be too happy, Frost. This is just the beginning.” Shen Yi replied.


Yes, this was just the beginning.



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