Infinity Armament – Book 2 Chapter 2

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Book 2 Chapter 2: The Last Reward


Bloody City was divided into five large rings, the most peripheral was the Slums District.

Each District was then divided into four Regions.

The vast majority of adventurers in the Eastern Region were Chinese, so the Eastern Region was also called the Chinese Region. The Southern Region contained other Asian nations. The Western Region were Europe and America, and the Northern Region were other areas.

From the vantage point of world order only, this division clearly had a big problem. But from the view of population distribution, this approach was quite appropriate.

National strength was the most meaningless existence in the Bloody City, only talent was fundamental. So maybe the Bloody City’s partition was based on the number of people. As the most populous country, China was the only one listed as a separate district.

Up on top of the small slope was a platform, where newcomers, after completing their first mission must appear. Among adventurers, it was also known as the rookie-birthing-area.

A large group of veteran adventurers would come here every day to blackmail newcomers. Because, including Hong Lang, when they were newcomers they were also extorted.

Shen Yi sat on the small slope. Taking out the last three chests he got from Van Helsing’s world, he first opened Verona’s and Aleera’s blue chests.

The Bloody Crest prompted: “You have killed the Vampire Brides Aleera and Verona. Based on your contribution, you get only the basic reward and not the additional reward for beginners. As you killed an the extra vampire bride, you will receive an extra reward for beginners.”

First were two consecutive: “You’ve obtained a Vampire Fang” prompt, and then:

“You’ve obtained Crystal Tears Pendant Reminiscence of Aleera: When Aleera was still a young girl she had a beautiful lover, and she turned her reminiscence of him into these crystal tears as a symbol of her eternal love. Can be used to record information about your important friend, so that no matter where he or she is, this crystal tear can provide you a specific position. Can only be used once in each Mission World, and can only be used for one person.”

“You’ve obtained Crystal Tears Pendant Slyness of Verona: Clever, suspicious and calm was the Vampire Bride Verona’s nature. Different from her two bride sisters, she voluntarily accepted the conversion to become a Vampire because of her love for Count Dracula. She put her feelings for Dracula into crystal tears to help Dracula find all potential enemies, and to guard Dracula against any possible fraud. Crystal tears can be used to record any designated stranger’s Information, to show if they are friendly or malicious towards you, so you will not be deceived by outside appearances. Can only be used three times in each Mission World, and only once on each target.”

“You’ve received the three vampire brides Crystal Tears Pendants, integrate into one: Yes or No? After synthesis, it will have all three crystal tear’s basic functions.”

“Confirm synthesis.”

The three Crystal Tears Pendants on Shen Yi’s hand released a mass of light and automatically integrated as a whole, forming a crescent-shaped crystal from the three.

Crystal Tears Pendant: A special pendant to find a friend, to warn user of an enemy, to judge friends and foes. It may not be able to bring you direct combat power, but it allows you to avoid harm from the dark. Please cherish it with your life.”

Looking at the short description, Shen Yi smiled a bit and put the pendant back into the Bloody Crest.

Bloody City had strict rules for equipments although in theory you could wear many necklaces on your neck, only one would take effect. However, the Crystal Tears Pendant was a non-combat equipment, so it could be used without hanging around the neck as a direct-use item; but such effects like guarding against an enemy could only come into effect after equipping.

In addition to these two basic rewards, the two Vampire Brides gave him two additional rewards: a low-quality non-ranked assassin’s knife and a pair of increased running speed boots.

The pair of boots didn’t add any attributes, it only had a dash skill.

“Item Skill: Sprint. After activated, increases user’s movement speed by 100%. Duration: 1 minute, Cooldown: 10 minutes, Cost: 2MP. Can only be used in Difficulty Level I.”

After opening the Vampire Bride’s chests, Shen Yi opened the purple chest belonging to Dracula.

Within his expectations, the Bloody Crest told him: “In the process of killing Dracula, you accepted the plot character’s help, evaluation will be affected. Comprehensive evaluation, your contribution in killing Dracula was 38%, therefore you will only get the basic reward and not the additional reward for beginners.”

“Completed the final Quest, you’ve received an additional reward for beginners.”

Vampire Touch High-quality Rank D dagger. Attack: 15-20, Lifesteal: 9%. Chance of causing Bleeding effect: 50%, causes target to lose 2HP/sec for 10 seconds. Can be integrated by Vampire Fangs. This weapon can be leveled up and upgraded. Skill Effect Priority: 18.”

Shen Yi’s heart beat faster. He placed the three Vampire Fangs from the Vampire Brides on top of the Vampire Touch. The Bloody Crest immediately prompted: “Do you want to fuse the Vampire Fangs and Vampire Touch? Fusion requirement: 600 BP.”

“F*ck!” Shen Yi softly scolded. The fusion of the Crystal Tears Pendant didn’t require any BP, therefore he thought the Vampire Touch wouldn’t either, but he immediately agreed.

The three Vampire Fangs slowly melted into the Vampire Touch dagger. As a red light flashed, the Bloody Crest displayed: “Because these three fangs are from the Vampire Dracula’s wives, it can be perfectly fused with the Vampire Touch. Fusion Success Rate: 100%, Performance Rate: 100%.”

Vampire Touch Peak-quality Rank D dagger. Attack: 15-20, Lifesteal: 15%. Chance of causing Bleeding effect: 50%, causes target to lose 3HP/sec for 10 seconds. Can be integrated by Vampire Fangs. This weapon can be leveled up and upgraded. Skill Effect Priority: 30.”

The Vampire Touch was clearly was a close combat weapon. With the instructions of Hong Lang, Shen Yi now clearly understood that when the Bloody Crest didn’t give a certain BP value for an item, it meant that that item wasn’t being sold in Bloody City. So even though the Vampire Touch was only a Rank D weapon, its value couldn’t be calculated like other standard Rank D weapons.

This dagger obviously was Rank D, but it was as strong as a Rank DD weapon, let alone that it could still be leveled up and upgraded.

“Can be upgraded” meant that it could be upgraded up to a Rank DD or a Rank C weapon; “Can be leveled up” meant its attack damage could be increased.

In addition to this weapon, there were three other items rewarded.

Bottle of Dracula’s Blood: After using, the user can acquire the Vampire Bloodline. Requirement for usage: 9000 BP. Medium-level bloodline, can be leveled up.”

Medal of Undead Hunter: Wear on chest. This is the proof that you killed a high-level undead. After wearing you will automatically have the title “Undead Hunter”; damage inflicted on undead creatures increases by 10%, have a deterrent ability toward undead creatures, and weakens the undead’s defense. At the same time, it will also draw in high-level undead hatred you will be listed as priority target. Medal of Undead Hunter can automatically record the number of undeads you kill. When you achieve a more outstanding achievement, the title ability will be upgraded. This item belongs to the title items. Cannot be traded.”

“3 bottles of Intermediate Healing Potion Combat recovery item, restores vitality by 200 points, effective for any harm. Value: 500 BP/bottle.”

After seeing these things, Shen Yi exhaled a long breath.

This was the last of his rewards.

Even though his understanding of the Bloody City was still limited, Shen Yi knew that the return of this beginner’s mission should be regarded as very rich. In the future there won’t be such a high rate of return. This thought made him somewhat saddened.

For Shen Yi, the Bloody City has become a place worth looking forward to.

He was not afraid of the threats of death that may exist, but he was full of interest in the sweet returns for risking his life.

You could make yourself strong in this world, gain a variety of special abilities, and even obtain a special wish…

At the thought of this, Shen Yi couldn’t help but become excited.

“Qing Qing… wait for me!”

He called the name in his heart.

Regardless if the rumors about the wish was true or false, Shen Yi knew that he had a meaning of life and would struggle for that goal.

Suddenly a nice female voice sounded from behind him, “Hey, hello, is this the Bloody City?”

A newcomer?

Shen Yi looked back. That was the girl with big eyes who tried to follow him to during the beginner’s mission.

This beauty was really lucky. The moment when there was no one to guard in this place, was when she arrived. It was probably because they were stimulated by Shen Yi.

There was a submachine gun on her shoulder.

“Just got out of the beginner’s mission?” Shen Yi asked.

The beauty nodded.

She apparently also recognized Shen Yi.

Shen Yi laughed, “You are not bad, to be able to obtain a submachine gun.”

The beauty frowned, “I went to Resident Evil, this submachine gun was one of the rewards I fought to death to obtain.”

“So it is.” Shen Yi lied back down.

“Hey, can you tell me about the situation here?”

“OK, 50 BP.” Shen Yi lazily answer.

The good-looking woman stared with her beautiful eyes, “Are you blackmailing me?”

“Oh, right, let me remind you of one thing, in the Bloody City we can’t attack each other, even if other people were to place a small atomic bomb on your head, you still wouldn’t die. There is a bar here, you can go there to ask, may be cheaper. “

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